2011年3月31日 星期四

Sleek New Phillippe Starck Speakers Not For Hi Fi Stores

Peter George Country Manager for Parrot believes that the majority of Hi Fi dealers are still locked in "yesterday's world". As a result he is selling his new speakers that are Wi Fi and Bluetooth enabled via selected department stores such as Myers and consumer electronics retailers.

"We are currently expanding our retailers and we are looking at the specialist channel. The only problem is that the traditional Hi Fi dealer is a dying breed and I doubt whether they can deliver the volume or even the market that we are looking for with these speakers".

The new Zikmu wireless speaker range, which come in a multitude of colours have room for an iPod dock in one speaker while the other speaker is wireless and Bluetooth enabled.

According to Christina Sanz Oritz, the global VP of marketing for Parrot the development of the speakers was a battle between the technology engineers and designer Phillipe Starck, due to the difficulty of combining "sleek functional design" with the latest in networking technology and Apple content systems.

"It was difficult and at times we almost gave up. We wanted the best design with the best technology and sometimes that is very difficult when you are dealing with two different cultures, one functional and the other aesthetic ".

The Zikmu Parrot speakers designed by Philippe Starck look like works of art with their bright colours and aerial curves.

The speakers allow users to dock an iPhone, iPod, or iPod Touch and recharge it while controlling the music through a remote.  Additionally, you can stream audio wirelessly from your Mac, iPhone, smartphone, PC or MP3 players via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Finally, an analogue Hi-fi input enables you to connect your CD players or TV set.

The Zikmu concept is based on a unique combination of various acoustic technologies, made possible by means of sophisticated signal processing (DSP). Flat panel, NXT technology uses a different principle from a conventional loudspeaker.

According to Zikmu, a honeycomb membrane structure is vibrated by a set of exciters located in carefully defined positions resulting in uniform energy distribution through the room. The bottom part of the loudspeaker contains a sub-woofer placed in the down firing position.

The unit is essentially a bass-reflex system. Bass reproduction is amplified by placing the housing as close as possible to the floor and the driver is equipped with a neodymium magnet for maximum power in a minimum space.

2011年3月30日 星期三

Calvin Klein Home Bedding for Spring 2011

Vibrant luxury blended with subtle modernity. Introducing Calvin Klein Home Bedding for Spring 2011. Polished, refined, and inspired by nature. Classic silhouettes complemented with detailed prints and weaves. A cohesive assortment of organic forms layered with textured graphics.

Thistle. Airy and sophisticated. Painterly floral vines in hues of olive and purple, diffused on a cloud like, watercolor ground. Wave patterned Heath sheeting lends a muted geometric edge, in shades of gulf and dusk.

Aster. Simple, earthy. Loosely rendered blossoms cascading atop a cream-colored backdrop, printed in luxurious autumn shades of almond, blush, and deep teal. Mulberry sheeting provides a sand-colored base for rhythmic, mauve-colored buds.

Marin. Layered florals, in shadowy hues of peat, stone, and sky shown are on a textured hatch ground. A chromatic fusion of prints are grounded on a mineral sea green fabric. The whimsical feel is enhanced by checkered square Mosaic sheeting in muted, neutral hues.

Graphite. Architectural and masculine. Inspired by woven menswear fabrics from the men's Calvin Klein Collection runway. Horizontal bands in an array of tonal greys are paired with Fresco grey percale sheeting for a simple undertone to the textural statement.

2011年3月29日 星期二

Bedding execs pay tribute to leadership of Hertz

Longtime bedding executives lost a friend and colleague when Walter Hertz, president of Sealy Mattress Co. of New Jersey, died earlier this year. Hertz, 78, joined Sealy Mattress Co. of New Jersey in Paterson, N.J., in 1957 and worked with his father there until his father's death in 1982. Walter Hertz headed the company, Sealy's only domestic bedding licensee, for 53 years. The business remains in the ownership of the Hertz family.

The obituary that we ran on Hertz in our March 7 issue said he is remembered as a modest, insightful leader whose words carried great weight with the many industry figures who turned to him for counsel on a regular basis. I've received a number of tributes to Hertz since I prepared that obituary, and share them with you this week.

When Gary Fazio joined Sealy Inc. in 1981, Walter Hertz was the first person to come up to Fazio at his first national meeting and to welcome him to the Sealy family. "He didn't have to do that," Fazio said, "but he did, and I felt much more comfortable inside of that large and impressive group of professionals. I will never forget that."
Fazio, now CEO of Simmons, remembers Hertz as "purely a quality and class man. He will be sorely missed by his family and his extended family in the bedding industry."

"Walter was a fine gentleman who really enjoyed the bedding business," added bedding veteran Kevin Toman, president of Englander. "People were surprised that he did not sell to Ohio Mattress after the settlement with Sealy. But Walter wanted a place to hang his hat and keep control of the family business."

Bedding veteran Gerry Borreggine knew Hertz as a supplier to 40 Winks, the Philadelphia-based sleep shop that Borreggine ran with his father, Frank.

"My Dad worked with him when he was a department store buyer, and we worked with him at 40 Winks," said Borreggine, now president of Therapedic. "Walter Hertz was a fine gentleman, as is his son, David. Working with Walter Hertz and his family personified the very finest attributes of a national brand, combined with the flexibility of a local entrepreneur. It was a personal relationship forged between the local entrepreneurial factory and the local entrepreneurial retailer."

The industry lost a quiet, respected leader with the death of Walter Hertz. Ours would be a better industry if we had more executives cut from his special cloth.

2011年3月28日 星期一

Bedding, Camera Seized In Teacher Sex Investigation

Police seized bedding, recording devices, calendars and other items from a former teacher's home during their investigation of alleged sex acts with students.

Stacy Schuler is accused of having sexual relations with five male students from Mason High School at her home.

Officers said the teens provided specific details about Schuler's bathroom or master bedroom, where police said the sex acts took place.

Some of the students said they saw inappropriate photos of Schuler on her cell phone or laptop computer.

Police executed as search warrant at Schuler's home, where they collected a digital camera, two memory cards and a card reader, personal planners, sheets, pillow cases and carpet samples.

Schuler is scheduled to stand trial May 5 on 16 counts of sexual battery, but her attorneys have asked for more time to prepare.

Officers said the sexual relations took place last fall, and Schuler resigned from her job as a physical education teacher the day she was arrested.

Schuler remains free on bond and is on house arrest at her parents' home.

2011年3月27日 星期日

Many products claim to reduce allergens

Many allergy and asthma sufferers try to rid their homes of the pollen, dust, dander, mold and other triggers that make their eyes water, noses run and lungs fight for air.

They might vacuum frequently, buy air purifiers or install filters or dehumidifiers.

There's an entire industry making asthma and allergy products catering to sufferers who want to clear the air.

The Internet is full of companies that claim that their air purifiers remove animal dander, dust mites and mold spores and that their cleaning products neutralize allergens in carpets.

"There are a lot of companies making a lot of money on our paranoia," said Dr. Don McNeil, an allergist and immunologist at Midwest Allergy & Asthma Clinic. "What I tell patients is, generally speaking, the more money you spend, the less benefit you get from it."

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Americans spend $10 billion a year on products such as special floor coverings, washing machines, bedding and toys.

To help consumers, the foundation tests products to determine whether they can be certified by the group as "asthma- and allergy-friendly."

"Along with medications, allergen reduction is the second-most-important part of managing the disease," said Angel Waldron, a foundation spokeswoman. "Everything says it's hypoallergenic, so how do you know what to purchase?"

Physicians warn their patients not to be swayed by claims that products will improve air quality and remove allergens.

McNeil said people can do a lot on their own, such as keeping basements dry to get rid of mold, getting rid of cats or dogs if they're the problem, and removing carpet from bedrooms. Doctors say hardwood floors are better than carpet in limiting dust.

"But there's nothing to suggest that, if you rip your carpet out ... that that's worth the investment," said Dr. Princess Ogbogu, an allergist and immunologist at Ohio State University Medical Center.

She recommends vacuuming once a week to keep the dust down and leaving the room for 30 minutes afterward to let everything settle.

Whole-house air purifiers that use HEPA filters can be costly and ineffective depending on how much people come and go, allowing allergens in.

"I tell patients if they want to purchase an air filter, they may want to put it in their bedroom and shut the door," Ogbogu said.

She also suggests limiting outdoor time during allergy season, especially between 5 and 10 a.m. when pollen counts are high.

If you're outside most of the day, change your clothes and take a shower before going to sleep so pollen in your hair and skin doesn't stay with you.

Dr. Roger Friedman, an allergist with Buckeye Allergy in northeast Columbus, said people with dust allergies should remove stuffed toys and books from their bedrooms. If the toys must stay, put them in plastic bags in the freezer overnight to kill any dust mites, Friedman said.

So what is worth the money? Doctors say covers for pillows, mattresses, box springs and bedding help combat dust mites.

"The better ones are breathable and made of more synthetic fibers that don't get too hot," Friedman said.

For asthma sufferers, doctors say to stay away from cigarette smoke, Friedman said. "The single worst thing for children with asthma is to be in a home with smoking."

2011年3月22日 星期二

Style Girlfriend: Guide to bedding

Let's talk bedding. Because the sheets you put on your bed say as much about your style as the clothes you put on your back. Assuming you've upgraded from your childhood twin race car bed, there's a full, queen or even king size bed making a statement about you - good or bad - in your bedroom right now. If there's not already a woman in your life ... collaborating ... on your bedding, you're hoping there will be at some point. You want you and your bed looking good when that day comes. Below are some pointers for helping along the latter.


This is not the time to get fancy. You want a set of sheets that will see you through any bedroom redecorating (a new wall color, a new bed frame), so go for neutral colors. Think gray, khaki or, yes, even white. It's not boring, it's practical - and classic.
Click here to find out more!

But please, no black sheets. Using black sheets on your bed is like installing those ultraviolet lights the contestants used on "Room Raiders," as light bulbs. Everything shows. All the time.


Let's get one thing out of the way - satin and silk sheets are never an option. Yes, they're soft; they're also ridiculously tacky. Any self-respecting woman who sees a bed outfitted in the faux-romantic fabric will look at you like you're Deuce Bigelow, then leave.

Since we already agreed on neutral colors, we know these sheets will be around a long time. So go ahead and spring for the good stuff - 100 percent cotton. Yes, poly blends are cheaper, but nothing beats cotton for a good night's sleep. It's super soft and "breathes" better than a blend - like the Under Armour of bedding.


When it comes to sheets, we've been conditioned to think, "It's the thread count, stupid!" Thread count is the number of threads running horizontally and vertically in one square inch of fabric, and conventional wisdom says the higher this number, the more luxurious the fabric. To a point, that's true, but thread count also can be misleading. That's because some manufacturers artificially inflate their numbers by using 2-ply thread, letting them double their thread count without actually improving the quality of the fabric.

It's sort of like a sunscreen's SPF; above a certain number, it's really not worth the extra cost. Aim for 250-300 thread count, and you should be set. (And yes, I expect a "Dateline" special report exposing this 2-ply scam any day now...)


More important than thread count is the weave of the fabric. Look for a long weave, which feels softer and will wear better than a basic plain weave (which just means it's made from an equal number of vertical and horizontal yarns). Sound complicated? Just search out words like "pima," "supima" or "Egyptian long-staple" on the label, and you won't go wrong.


Now for the master class: A comforter versus a duvet. Much like the defining features of a skirt versus a dress, it's come to my attention that many guys don't know the difference between these two sheet toppers. So here goes. A comforter is the big fluffy bedspread you put on top of the bed. A duvet covers a down comforter, almost like a pillowcase.

You can, of course, get a comforter that doesn't need a duvet (think those "bed in a bag" combos sold at Linens 'n Things), but then you'll have to wash the whole comforter when it's dirty, as opposed to slipping off just the duvet. To me, that seems like an unnecessary hassle. Plus, a duvet is easier to replace when you get sick of it than a patterned comforter.

For the design, it's up to you what strikes your fancy. You don't need to play to the female audience with pastels or florals, but also know that if you go super masculine (pinstripes, paisley, naked ladies), it may turn some off.


Wash often.

Sheets should be washed every week to two weeks (and that's pushing it). A comforter or duvet cover should get laundered every month to two months. Seem like a lot? Two words: Night sweats.

2011年3月20日 星期日

Love Royal Caribbean's bedding? Now you can buy it

Add Royal Caribbean to the list of hotel and cruise companies that will sell you the bedding they use in their rooms.

The Miami-based line this week launched the Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection, which includes the same mattresses, pillows, duvets and sheets found on Royal Caribbean's 22 ships.

"The new bedding collection offers consumers a little Royal Caribbean cruise vacation at the end of every day," Royal Caribbean senior vice president Lisa Bauer said in making the announcement.

Royal Caribbean says the bedding is made exclusively for the line in Italy by Matermoll & Emmebiesse. Full size mattresses cost $999; king size mattresses cost $1,499 (or $1,799, if you want a king size version of the mattresses found in Royal Caribbean suites).

A complete bedding set including 230-thread-count sheets with a Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor logo start at $360 for a full size bed.

More information and pricing is online at RoyalCaribbeanBeddingCollection.com.

Royal Caribbean is following in the footsteps of such lines as industry giant Carnival and Holland America, which have been selling bedding for several years (visit carnivalcomfortcollection.com and shophollandamerica.com for more information and pricing). Major lines that have yet to begin selling bedding include Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises and Princess.

Cruise Loggers, are you interested in buying a mattress and/or bedding set from a cruise lines on which you've sailed? Take our quick poll below and then tell us why you voted the way you did in the comment area.

2011年3月14日 星期一

'Stalker touched Madge's bedding'

A SUSPECTED stalker accused of raiding Madonna's London mansion allegedly rifled through her bedding, it emerged yesterday.

And it can be revealed a man was arrested ten months ago for breaking into the star's former country home and trying on ex-hubby Guy Ritchie's clothes.

Grzegorz Matlok, 29, is said to have used a rope to reach the balcony of the ten-bed Georgian townhouse in Marylebone, West London, at 5.30am on Saturday. A window was smashed with a stone.

Polish Matlok had arrived in the UK hours before the raid carrying a rope, it is claimed.

Frank Doran / Rex Features
He allegedly disturbed bedding in the singer's bedroom and selected items belonging to her.

A map showing the house's location was found, it is said. A Red Bull energy drink was also taken.

Grieving Madonna, 52, is in the US after the death of her gran Elsie Mae Fortin, 99.

Matlok, of no fixed address, went before Westminster JPs yesterday, charged with burglary. The stocky accused, with short-cropped blonde hair and glasses, was remanded in custody while psychiatric reports are prepared.

The country home raid last May has never been revealed before. Ritchie's staff detained the intruder at 18th century Ashcombe House, near Salisbury, Wilts.

2011年3月13日 星期日

Simple pleasures of pond fishing

There's something about fishing a pond, whether it's from the bank or maybe aboard a simple

john boat, that appeals to the angler's most basic instincts. Quite possibly it's because

that is how so many of us got our start and caught our first fish -- sitting on the shoreline

or a boat seat and waiting for a bobber to bounce.

While fishing ponds and small lakes can be great fun at any time, for the next couple of

months it is especially appealing. Ponds warm up well before large reservoirs, and that

translates to excellent fishing opportunities in March and April. Add to that bedding bream

in May, and you have three months of pure pleasure.

If you have always dreamed of landing a true trophy bass -- once ranging upwards of eight

pounds -- there's no time like right now. After the lean times of winter bass are hungry and

the spawning urge is triggered by warming waters as well. On top of that, you are much more

likely to catch a genuine wallhanger in a pond than in a large lake.

At this time of year, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. One is wind

direction. If there is much at all in the way of a breeze, it pushes the warm surface water

against the shoreline of some part of a pond. Check out the prevailing breeze and fish where

it works in your favor. The warmer water draws small baitfish, and that in turn attracts


Of course you may not be interested in bouncing a spinnerbait along the shoreline, and if so,

that's just dandy. In fact, do yourself and a youthful companion or two a great favor. Get

out in the yard or garden, spend some time digging up a can full of worms (right now there

must be fifty robins doing just that in my yard), and use this most traditional of all

natural baits beneath a bobber.

For starters, a kid thoroughly enjoys the process of getting bait, and you can't beat the

price (or the effectiveness of garden hackle). Beyond that, you never quite know what will

bite a worm. It is most likely to be a bluegill or shellcracker, but catfish, bass, and

crappie will, at times, take worms as well. In fact, never quite knowing just what might bite

adds a bit of fun and mystery to the whole process.

Another appealing aspect of pond fishing with kids is that these small bodies of water offer

an excellent opportunity for some nature lessons. You can pretty well count on seeing or

hearing frogs if air temperatures are moderate, and should a big old bullfrog tune up, it's

something which always gets a kid excited. Similarly, there's every chance you will see

swirls as bass chase bait, schools of minnows in the shallows, maybe some polliwogs, and

cattails are always interesting to examine. You might even point out that cattails are edible

(both the starchy roots and the tender new shoots of spring growth) as well as being a highly

functional plant working as a filter and pond stabilizer.

Don't forget to keep a few bluegills, if the fishing is good, for a simple feast. You always

do a pond a favor when you keep panfish, because they have a pronounced tendency to

overpopulate. Also, if you are teaching a youngster, you want to give him the whole picture

including cleaning and eating the catch. Perhaps if will even be possible to use the entrails

as poor man's fertilizer for a plant, and I know from personal experience that a kid loves

having a tomato plant, blueberry bush, or row of some vegetable designated as "theirs."

Pond fishing is about as uncomplicated as sport can get, and for me at least that gives it a

great deal of appeal. Almost everyone can gain access to a farm pond somewhere -- there's no

lack of them in this part of the world -- and a few hours spent probing such waters is a time

of enduring wonder.

2011年3月9日 星期三

American Textile Company Introduces New Products to Provide Total Protection for Your Bed

Retailers who enter the American Textile Company showroom during Market Week will be

introduced to the main focus of the company and its products – the consumer. ATC is using

consumer research to incorporate consumer trends, shopping habits and product preferences to

enhance their line of basic bedding products.

Focusing on providing affordable solutions that address a variety of consumer needs, American

Textile Company has focused its product development efforts to update the basic bedding

category. Having implemented many of the trends currently being seen in other retail

categories, ATC has incorporated stylish design, new fabrications, and innovative packaging

designs across all product categories. 

The new products being featured under the Company's flagship Aller-Ease brand bring fashion

elements to provide total allergy protection with an element of style for consumers who use

allergen barrier products that are traditionally available only in white. Bed bugs

infestations continue to be top of mind for many retailers and consumers as the rise in cases

continues to escalate. ATC has broadened the Aller-Ease Bed Bug line with new items and

fabrications to provide a more comfortable and stylish sleeping environment, while

maintaining protection from bed bugs. Bed bug travel items have also been developed as travel

continues to be a key area in the spread of infestations.

"Understanding the consumer, her shopping habits, and what influences her purchasing

decisions has become a major focus of our marketing strategy," said Mette Odom, Vice

President of Marketing for American Textile Company. "Our products provide smart, simple

solutions to make her life easier and provide a healthy sleeping environment for her and her


American Textile Company continues to focus on cost effective and innovative products for

both retailers and consumers based on the Company's "sound science, sound sleep" philosophy. 

2011年3月7日 星期一

Study examines sand bedding as source of infection for calves

Can calves contract mycoplasma from mycoplasma-contaminated sand bedding?

Probably not, according to research from Utah State University and reported in the

March 2011 issue of the Journal of Dairy Science.

During the 105-day trial, veterinary researchers exposed six calves from a commercial

dairy farm that was found free of mycoplasma to sand bedding that had been naturally

contaminated with the Mycoplasma bovis organism on a second dairy farm. They assigned

six other calves to a control group, which were housed on clean sand bedding. All

calves were housed in calf hutches, bedded at least twice daily.

The researchers cultured bedding sand from both groups weekly. They also collected

nasal swabs, ear swabs and blood serum samples weekly. Tracheal swabs were collected


Culture results showed that the concentration of mycoplasma in the contaminated sand

bedding was 14,200, 1,400, 32,000, 600, 200 and 3,000 colony-forming units per gram

during six of the 15 weeks of the trial.

However, all serum samples, tracheal swabs, nasal swabs and ear swabs from all calves

were negative for mycoplasma. Necropsy test results also showed none of the calves

had lesions indicative of mycoplasma infection. Tracheal, lung and lymph node samples

taken at necropsy also were negative for M. bovis.

The researchers say the repeated testing methods used to detect infection resulted in

a low probability of false-negative results. "Any infections with mycoplasma had

approximately 99 percent probability of being detected under the conditions in this

experiment," says David Wilson, veterinarian at Utah State University.

Wilson and colleagues concluded that sand bedding contaminated with M. bovis was not

a source of infection for young calves under the conditions of this study. However,

the possibility of infection through the teat ends of lactating cows, and perhaps

pre-fresh heifers housed on sand, needs further investigation.

The Dairy Calf & Heifer Association's Gold Standards I recommend that calves, from

birth to 6 months, be placed in an environment that is safe from adult animals and

adult animal diseases, including mycoplasma.

2011年3月2日 星期三

E-Commerce Retailer Deck My Dorm

Peace, Love & Decorating Acquires Leading Girl's College Dorm Bedding And Dorm Decor

In addition to offering unique home accessories, designer home lighting, stylish home

decor, high-end boutique jewelry, teen girl's bedding and girl's decor, and a wide

selection of gift ideas for women, Peace, Love and Decorating now includes custom

college dorm bedding for girl's and college dorm decor from sister-site Deck My Dorm.

"Peace, Love & Decorating currently offers a wide selection of designer girl's bedding

from top manufacturers such as Davenport Home Furnishings and Karma Living so adding

our custom girl's college dorm bedding and college dorm decor line from Deck My Dorm

expands the Peace, Love & Decorating customer's selection when decorating for the teen

or college girl," says co-founder Jana Contardi. "Plus, Peace, Love & Decorating

carries vintage-inspired wall decor and fashion accessories from specialty designers

like Papaya Art that are stylish and affordable when decorating for the fashion-

forward teen girl or trendy college girl," adds co-founder Jennifer Cook.

Contardi and Cook have also expanded their line of girl's custom twin extra long (twin

xl) college dorm bedding to include twin, queen, and king bedding sizes for their top

-selling college dorm bedding designs such as "We'll Always Have Paris", "Audrey", and

"Mademoiselle." The sophisticated designs and affordable price make the custom bedding

designs the perfect choice when decorating a teen girl's room. The new 2011 custom

girl's college bedding collections from Deck My Dorm are now available in twin extra

long (twin xl), and these new 2011 dorm bedding collections will include custom girl's

designer bedding in all bedding sizes. The stylish new 2011 collections feature the

latest fashion colors such as black and white, turquoise, and pink as well as a

collection of new zebra bedding.

In addition to girl's bedding, Peace, Love & Decorating continues to expand its

decorating offerings for the teen girl and college student in all areas including wall

decor, home furnishing, rugs, and affordable home lighting from top manufacturers such

as Currey & Company. Peace, Love & Decorating and Deck My Dorm also offer tips and

ideas for decorating college dorm rooms, and the boutique jewelry and fashion

accessories make great gift ideas.