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Riverside, Calif., Program Helps Close City’s Digital Divide

The Southern California city of Riverside was the richest city per-capita in the United States. A few years earlier,An airpurifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air. a handful of orange trees had been planted in the fertile soil of the young town, giving birth to the California citrus industry. Spurred by cutting-edge technologies like refrigerated rail cars and innovative irrigation systems, the industry — and Riverside — thrived.

Over time, however, international competition crowded out Riverside’s orange growers.We offer you the top quality plasticmoulds design Pressure from population growth took its toll, making smog and traffic severe problems. An IT outsourcing plan delivered more benefits to the vendor than to the city, according to Riverside officials. And police operations were in such disarray in the early 2000s that the federal government threatened to intervene. By 2004, resident satisfaction with city agencies was at an all-time low.

So, nearly 150 years after Riverside’s rise, city leaders again looked to technology to turn things around.

In 2005, the city hired its first full-time CIO, Steve Reneker, and it launched SmartRiverside, an ambitious plan to attract and retain technology companies. The plan created free citywide wireless Internet access, technology literacy and digital inclusion activities, and new programs to foster technology innovation and use. A year later, the City Council addressed physical infrastructure needs by approving Riverside Renaissance, a $2 billion effort to improve traffic flow; replace aging water, sewer and electric infrastructure; and expand and improve police, fire, parks, library and other community facilities.

“We’ve done a number of things that have changed Riverside to make us competitive,” said Mayor Ron Loveridge.

It’s this dedication to high-tech and digital inclusion that, for two years, has earned Riverside a place as one of the Intelligent Community Forum’s (ICF) Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year. The ICF, a New York-based think tank focused on the digital economy, says the Top Seven communities represent international models of economic and social transformation in the 21st century.

Shortly after SmartRiverside’s launch, a group of local business owners approached Reneker, who also serves as SmartRiverside’s executive director, with a plan.Home ownership options with buy mosaic. “They said, ‘One of the things we think we need is free wireless so we can attract and retain more tech companies in our technology park,’” Reneker said.

By 2007, the city had completed a Wi-Fi network called Wireless Riverside, consisting of 1,600 access points across 86 square miles. The original contractor, AT&T,This is a really pretty round stonemosaic votive that has been covered with vintage china . transferred the network to the city in 2009 at no cost, citing a lack of paying customers. Riverside now owns the equipment; Time Warner Cable is its current service provider; and US Internet services and maintains the network. The city pays $5.48 million annually to US Internet under its current contract, and the network provides residents with 786 Kbps Internet access.

So in 2006, with help from a Microsoft grant, Riverside started the Digital Inclusion program, which focuses on teaching low-income residents computer skills and giving them free refurbished computers. Individuals who earn less than $45,000 qualify for the program and can sign up by calling the city’s 311 information line. Those who are interested are enrolled in classes, most of which last about eight hours, Reneker said. Instructors from Riverside Unified School District provide the training, which typically takes place on evenings and weekends. Once a student completes the class, he or she receives a refurbished computer.

The program’s popularity has grown significantly since its inception. Last October, a survey by the nearby California State University, San Bernardino, showed that the program had graduated its 5,000th family.We are the largest producer of projectorlamp products here. A few months later, the program had an additional 400 participants and currently serves 100 to 150 families per month.

Reneker said Wireless Riverside has been a key to the Digital Inclusion program’s success, allowing low-income families free Internet access on their refurbished computers. The free Wi-Fi also helps local businesses — residents can use the Internet while dining at restaurants or shopping at stores.

Filming in Ireland Focus - South Dublin County Locations

Recent high-profile productions in an around the South Dublin region have included the Sean Penn-starring ‘This Must Be The Place;’ gritty gangland series ‘Love/Hate’ (the most watched series on Irish TV in 2011), and John Ridley’s much-anticipated Jimi Hendrix-biopic ‘All Is By My Side.’

Located on the fringes of a bustling capital city, South Dublin also boasts a dedicated infrastructure to support film crews of all sizes, as well as offering Ireland’s usual 28 per cent tax incentive through Section 481 to TV and film productions, making the region as attractive from a business sense as it is from a filmmaking one.

Of particular interest for international producers, however, is the region controlled by South Dublin County Council. Bounded by the Dublin Mountains to the south, this 222.74sq/km region stretches from the River Liffey at Lucan through Palmerstown, Clondalkin, south to Rathcoole and Saggart. It also includes Tallaght and stretches east to Templeogue and Rathfarnham.UK chickencoop Specialist.

Gail McGibbon, managing director of South Dublin County Tourism, describes South Dublin County as “a country experience on the edge of the city”. It’s hard to disagree. The nearby Dublin Mountains offer lush, scenic locations including the Glenasmole Valley, which boasts breathtaking views and was recently used during the filming of director Thaddeus O'Sullivan’s ‘Stella Days’ starring Martin Sheen.

Located in a hollow just 12km from Dublin and at the foot of Kiltipper Mountains, the picturesque valley is a patchwork of small fields and hedgerows,Choose from our large selection of cableties, open heath and wet grassland. There are two lakes on the valley’s floor, one of which - Bohernabreena Reservoir- was also used in ‘Stella Days.Ekahau rtls is the only Wi-Fi based real time location system solution that operates on any brand or generation of Wi-Fi network.’ For filming purposes, it offers panoramic views down into the valley and up into the surrounding hills and is devoid, for the most part, of modern infrastructure meaning it sits well in rural period pieces.

“You could be anywhere at any time,” says location manager Dermot Cleary who used a farm house on the valley to double for 1960s rural Co Tipperary. “Bohernabreena could easily double for say, 1960s Co Donegal. It’s just nestled in the valley and it feels like it’s anywhere. There are loads of little pockets of great rural locations in South Dublin like that.About 1 in 5 people in the UK have recurring coldsores. It’s hard to imagine that you are only a couple of minutes from Dublin.”

However, only a couple of minutes from Dublin city centre you are, and McGibbon deepens that sense of a rural region on the outskirts of the city in pointing to a number of heritage spots that would sit well in rural and period productions. These include the old stone architecture of the Pearse Museum in St. Enda's Park with its riverside walk, waterfall and walled garden, to the grandeur of Rathfarnham Castle, first built in 1587. Both could double for just about anywhere at any period of time, particularly Britain or Ireland.

When it comes, however, to acting as a period town or city from another country, few regions in Dublin can top Dun Laoghaire, which falls under the control of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. The coastal town is currently mirroring swinging sixties London for director John Ridley’s Jimi Hendrix-biopic ‘All Is By My Side,’ a city it is often re-imagined as by talented set designers.

“I’ve used the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area for various productions,” says location manager Eoin Holohan, who is currently working on ‘All Is By My Side.’ “We used a house on Clarinda Park as our primary location on the BBC drama, ‘The Silence,’ which was set in Bristol. The terraced houses in Clarinda were an ideal match for Bristol. In general the houses in Crossthwaite Park, Belgrave Square, Clarinda Park are great for any drama that is set in residential London / Bristol. The style of these terraces is very similar to what you would find in the UK.

“It’s also worth noting,” Holohan adds, “that Cabinteely House and Marlay House belong to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. I’ve used Cabinteely House on productions as varied as ‘The Clinic’ and ‘Honeymoon For One’. It’s particularly suited to period films, and the staff there are great to deal with.”

If such locations in the region are key to its attractiveness to filmmakers,Find everything you need to know about kidneystones including causes, Holohan’s fellow location manager Dermot Cleary points to the proximity of locations in the South Dublin region to Dublin city centre and the savings in production budgets that this brings.

“All the crew are usually based in Dublin and Wicklow,” he says, “So by getting locations in that area, you don’t have to pay for travel for the crew to get there. So we would always try and get as many of our locations as possible around Dublin or Wicklow. In terms of that rural 1960s look in ‘Stella Days,’ places like Bohernabreena and Glenasmole worked a treat. It just has this lovely rural feel to it, but it’s just 10 minutes from the M50.”

Digging into Sunderland’s past

AN investigation is to be launched into a possible Roman dam in Sunderland.

The origins of an ancient stone structure which once spanned the River Wear between North and South Hylton have long been debated by historians.You can create a beautiful chinamosaic birdhouse that will last for generations.

Now experts from North East Archaeological Research Ltd are to spend the summer studying old maps, records and documents relating to the crossing.

“We will be carrying out a desk-based assessment initially,” said spokesman Phil Abramson.

“As an archaeologist I naturally like to dig, but we need more details first.”

Details of the investigation – funded by cash from Castle Ward’s Community Chest – were revealed at a public meeting in South Hylton on Monday night.

Castle ward councillor and local historian Denny Wilson said: “I really believe we have something here; we just don’t know what it is yet.

“This investigation, I hope, is the start of something big. If we could prove beyond doubt that the crossing dates from Roman times it would put Sunderland on the map.”

A flurry of ancient finds in the North and South Hylton areas, including a figurine, pottery shard and several coins, have re-ignited the Roman debate.TBC help you confidently buymosaic from factories in China.

But, although generations of local historians have argued that the Romans built a dam to transport goods upriver, very few hard facts have been documented to support the theory.

Dr Gill Cookson, of the Victoria County History of Durham,Ekahau rtls is the only Wi-Fi based real time location system solution that operates on any brand or generation of Wi-Fi network. is to review evidence as part of the North East Archaeological Research Ltd investigation and said: “There is a charter which shows a ferry crossing existed at Hylton in the 1320s but, as yet,This is a really pretty round stonemosaic votive that has been covered with vintage china . I have not seen any evidence to confirm the Romans constructed anything in the neighbourhood.

“That is not, however, to say they did not. We approach this with open minds.”

Old maps of the River Wear reveal the mystery structure was known as the Brig Stones in the 18th and 19th centuries, and that it was used as a causeway by Wearsiders at low tide.

During Victorian times, the crossing was torn down by the River Wear Commissioners.

Hundreds of tons of stones were removed. Some were used in the foundations of Penshaw Monument and the North Pier, others were dumped on Roker beach.

“Archaeologists have looked at them, and they are clearly Roman in origin,” said Alan Richardson, of the Northern Archaeology Group. “I am in no doubt that there was a sizeable Roman structure at Hylton.”

Other Roman finds have also been documented across Wearside, including a Roman road at Low Ford, Roman cobbles in Grangetown and a Roman mosaic near the Magistrates’ Court.

“Despite the abundance of evidence, however, there has been an apparent refusal to accept that the Romans had ever been in the River Wear,This is a really pretty round stonemosaic votive that has been covered with vintage china .” added Alan.

Also convinced of the Roman origins of the dam is local historian Ian Stuart.

“The Romans had bases at Biddick and Chester-le-Street and, to get up there by boat, they needed a dam at Hylton. Possibly they built a canal system as well,” he said.

“I’ve found old tools near to what I believe is an old Roman slipway, which could have been used by for splitting timbers or stone, as well as a piece of wall which is very similar to Hadrian’s Wall.”

Pam Tate, founder of Southwick History and Preservation Society, added: “The meeting showed there are various pieces of knowledge, stories and possible myths to be explored.”

Local historian and former police inspector Norman Kirtlan said: “I believe that Sunderland, and the Wear in particular, was important in Roman Britain.

“Evidence suggests that the mouth of the river was very likely to be defended by two forts, one north, one south. Why defend a river unless you actually have something to defend?”

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PA 12 shortage sparks industry action

The fatal explosion at Evonik's Marl cyclododecatriene (CDT) facility in Germany on 31 March and the consequent loss of polyamide 12 production, has led to a severe supply shortage European Plastics News assesses polyamide options following Evonik's accident in Germany.

The fatal explosion at Evonik's Marl cyclododecatriene (CDT) facility in Germany on 31 March and the consequent loss of polyamide 12 production, has led to a severe supply shortage. CDT is a precursor to polyamide 12 and Evonik uses CDT to produce its Vestamid L range of PA 12 compounds. Evonik is the world's largest PA12 supplier and the plant shutdown has taken out around 40% of the 100,000 tpa of global capacity. According to Evonik, the plant is not expected to reopen until the final quarter of the year.

PA 12 is a high performance and high cost material used in demanding applications such as automotive fuel lines and braking systems. It is too early to forecast exactly what impact the supply shortage will have on PA 12 prices during the rest of the year, but strong upward pressure seems inevitable. PA 12, without specifications, is currently priced at 10-12/kg,We looked everywhere, but couldn't find any beddinges. while specified grades are usually priced over 15/kg.

PA 12 is the sole-specified material for automotive fuel lines due to its unique combination of thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Since the incident,It's pretty cool but our ssolarpanel are made much faster than this. the world's automotive suppliers have been desperately exploring what alternative material options are available

TI Automotive, for example, which supplies fuel lines for all the world's leading automotive manufacturers, warned in a letter to clients that the Evonik explosion had led to a "severe" shortage of PA 12. These shortages have the potential to slow or even stop production lines in auto factories around the world.

One option available to auto suppliers could be a switch to other high performance nylon products such as PA 6/10, PA 6/12,Proxense's advanced timelocationsystem technology. PA 10/10, PA 10/12 and PA 11. According to Evonik, these are particularly suitable for use in line systems in the automotive supply industry, including the multi-layer tubing systems patented by Evonik. These materials will, however, only be available in small volumes while the plant is being repaired.3rd minigame series of magiccube!

Arkema, Ube Industries and EMS-Grivory are also leading suppliers of PA 12 and other high performance nylon compounds. These suppliers may not, however, be able to fully cover the PA 12 shortfall. They were already running their facilities at full capacity prior to the explosion and product is fully committed to existing customers.

Global CDT and PA 12 supply was extremely tight before the Marl incident as a result of growing demand from the burgeoning photovoltaics market. Availability of PA 12 from other suppliers may also be affected, directly or indirectly, by more limited supply of CDT from Marl,Rubiks cubepuzzle. as well as from increased demand from Evonik's customers.

Solvay Specialty Polymers, meanwhile, stepped in to fill the breach by offering its automotive customers alternative resins to replace PA 12. The company says its Amodel polyphthalamide and Ifex polyacrylamide materials are both suitable for use in fuel line and glycol connectors.

DSM is also recommending use of its Arnitel and EcoPaXX products as an alternative to PA 12. DSM claims that Arnitel thermoplastic copolyester offers a proven, viable solution for tubes and hoses, with a performance that is actually superior.

EcoPaXX PA 410 is a partly renewable polyamide which combines excellent mechanical properties, a high melting point of 250C, a very low moisture absorption and excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance. This makes EcoPaXX highly suitable for connectors and fuel lines, according to DSM.

Three Chinese manufacturers from Shandong province are now offering PA 12-type product in Europe through ClickPlastics - a specialist distributor of Asian material. However, according to the distributor, volumes supplied by the Chinese companies is unlikely to exceed 4,000 tpa, which is nowhere near sufficient to meeting the shortfall.

ClickPlastics told European Plastics News that material testing is currently underway and they are hopeful of receiving the required approval within the next few months. Normally, it can take more than six months to test and gain approval for new materials in demanding automotive applications. In North America, the Automotive Industry Action Group is working with automakers and suppliers to streamline the approval process for alternative resins, which should speed development of new parts in the product pipeline.

Emeril Lagasse, Thomas Keller ‘kick it up a notch’ at 2012 auction’s food events

Holly Peterson never tires of making meals happen at Auction Napa Valley.

Peterson is Auction Napa Valley 2012 culinary chair and served as Auction Napa Valley 2000 guest chef. In fact, it would be safe to say that she’s taken part in all things culinary at the annual charity event now for close to two decades.

“I find it fun to contribute,” she said the other day as she was putting the finishing touches on the logistics of serving lunch and dinner to some 800 bidders, vintners, media representatives and guests at the 32nd annual wine auction coming up on Saturday.

Peterson and her team convinced a couple of America’s high-profile chefs to sign on for auction meals this year.

“We wanted one meal to be casual,” she noted, “and the dinner to be a little more upscale. ...This is a really pretty round stonemosaic votive that has been covered with vintage china . One chef to be local and one from outside the area.”

She convinced Yountville’s Thomas Keller to come on board for lunch, and Keller in turn tapped Dave Cruz, chef de cuisine at his Ad Hoc restaurant, to pull together “a nice summer country-style picnic,” An airpurifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air.Peterson said.We offer you the top quality plasticmoulds design

For the post-auction repast, she was happy that the pride of New Orleans, popular TV chef Emeril Lagasse, agreed to plan and prepare a three-course seated meal to be served once the final gavel comes down.

Auction attendees will be served lunch starting at 1 p.m. Saturday at picnic tables and shade tents erected on the fairway at Meadowood Resort.Home ownership options with buy mosaic. The main event, the big 40-lot wine auction, takes place in a nearby giant tent as it has since the auction was launched in 1981.

Served in individual Auction Napa Valley picnic boxes, chef Cruz’s lunch consists of buttermilk fried chicken and potato and pea salad with sweet corn maque choux and cornbread.

Lagasse’s dinner menu features a “very delicate and fresh, garden-pretty” first course of Pacific salmon crudo — thinly sliced salmon with citrus, radish, micro fennel,We are the largest producer of projectorlamp products here. vanilla essence and extra virgin olive oil, Peterson said.

The main course is “a classic New Orleans roasted rack of lamb with black truffle, guanciale, field peas, shallots and potato puree,” she added. “We’re serving it in a soup plate so you don’t lose any of the juice.” In addition to knife and fork, each place setting includes a spoon, Peterson said.

Dessert is fresh strawberry trifle. “The combination of lemon curd, pound cake, mint syrup and fabulous strawberries just pops with color — it’s as bright as the chef,” Peterson declared.

Vintner Jeff Gargiulo has put together an all-star band that will play during dinner and for dancing afterward.

Sultry and soulful jazz singer and award-winning songwriter Anna Wilson will headline in an All-Star Jam on the lawn, along with pop icon David Pack of Ambrosia; country music superstar Billy Dean; and Wilson’s spouse, hit songwriter/producer Monty Powell (Keith Urban’s right-hand man). Gargiulo will join the visiting musicians for a special post-auction jam.

This year’s culinary chair has built a global reputation as a stellar wine and culinary consultant. Following completion of her enology degree at UC Davis, Peterson trained as a chef at La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris, then served as chef for the American Embassy in Paris and at L’Academie du Vin. In the United States, she has served as executive chef at Robert Mondavi Winery and developed a curriculum for the wine and food department at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, where she taught for 14 years.

Newly Revealed Negotiating Documents Show How US Companies Had Excessive Input On ACTA

The folks at EDRI and Access were able to get their hands on four "meeting notes" from the European Commission ACTA negotiators, concerning what happened at various meetings. This is especially important as the EU gets closer to an actual vote on ACTA. There are a number of issues raised by these documents, and the folks at TorrentFreak have covered many of the issues from an EU perspective. However, one thing that struck me about the documents was how much input US companies got in the process, compared to stakeholders elsewhere.About 1 in 5 people in the UK have recurring coldsores. We already know that the USTR spends an inordinate amount of time listening to Hollywood and taking its word as gospel, but as these documents reveal, the EU and other negotiating partners were unable to balance that by sharing the documents with other stakeholders.

Specifically, the US repeatedly told negotiators that it was sharing ACTA documents with industry representatives using non-disclosure agreements -- while the EU negotiators repeatedly complained that there was no legal way for it to share the documents with anyone. In the end, the EU meekly appears to have given up on this point. What this means, of course, is that the US -- and its close connections with entertainment industry special interests -- were able to have significantly more say in matters concerning ACTA. While there was no guarantee that the EU would have briefed public interest stakeholders,UK chickencoop Specialist. there definitely appeared to be at least some concern that such folks were not heard from -- but no real effort to fight for such.

Also, while it's not a surprise that the US wrote "the internet chapter" of ACTA, it is rather enlightening to have it confirmed that it was also the US who pushed so strong for a three strikes disconnection policy (something that negotiators had, at one point,Find everything you need to know about kidneystones including causes, denied was being discussed -- only to be revealed they were lying when various texts were leaked). This, despite the fact that the US requires no such three strikes regime. So all the talk of how there was no intention to use ACTA to change US law? Yeah,Choose from our large selection of cableties, that's a lie.

Separately, there's a discussion about how the US's initial text for the internet/digital section was so "confusing" that "several ACTA parties off-the-record said that they would wait for a EU text to "balance" the US one." This is not a surprise again. Entertainment industry lobbyists -- who, again, had full access to the texts and the ready ear of USTR negotiators (go ahead,Ekahau rtls is the only Wi-Fi based real time location system solution that operates on any brand or generation of Wi-Fi network. connect the dots) -- know quite well how to write completely confounding legislation, where the real purposes are hidden in the complex and confusing language. That initial "confusing and complex" draft from the USTR wasn't because they don't know how to be clear. It's a way to hide little time bombs that the entertainment industry plans to explode at later dates -- just as they did with the ProIP bill, and the bizarrely ridiculous interpretation that the clause on seizing CD and DVD burners really meant seizing websites as well...

Medical Examiner declines to do autopsy on Callaway mayor

The Bay County Health Department is investigating a mold issue that may have caused the death of the mayor of Callaway.

Mayor Bob Thompson was hospitalized and ultimately died Saturday after recently examining a ditch at the request of a local homeowner, his family said. Family members requested an autopsy, but the Medical Examiner's Office declined to do one, officials and family members said Tuesday.Ekahau rtls is the only Wi-Fi based real time location system solution that operates on any brand or generation of Wi-Fi network.

Family members are now seeking a private autopsy.

Meanwhile, Doug Kent, the administrator of the Bay County Health Department, said Tuesday he had sent an investigator to examine the ditch.

“They’ll give me a report back,” he said.

However, he cautioned that Aspergillus, a genus of mold consisting of several hThis is a really pretty round stonemosaic votive that has been covered with vintage china .undred species, also known as “black mold,” was “very common.” He added that the mold,You can create a beautiful chinamosaic birdhouse that will last for generations. which is found both indoors and outdoors, usually causes health problems for people with reduced immune systems and the elderly.

“As we get older, we become more susceptible to molds,” Kent said.

Thompson was 80.

His daughter and his widow addressed the Callaway City Commission at its workshop Tuesday evening, accusing commissioners of complicity in Thompson’s death.

“What do I have to say? Not much, because Bob shouldn’t have died,” Reeda Thompson said. “I’m pissed off.”

Deborah Ballmeyer, Thompson’s daughter, accused officials from not only Callaway but other local government entities and medical professionals of conspiring to cover up the mold issues she said led to her father’s death. She said the family and their supporters would continue to investigate Thompson’s death and the alleged cover up.

“This is not going to go away easy,” she said.

City commissioners did not respond to the allegations, except to express thanks at the end of the presentation. Commissioner Thomas W. Abbott, mayor pro tempore, said the city would be diligent “in all that we do.”

Bobby Baker, the interim city manager and public works director for the city of Callaway, said the ditch in question is located near Forsythe Drive in Callaway Point. Baker said the woman who asked that the ditch be examined contacted Thompson directly and that he had no other information about the situation. He also said the city mows the ditch a few times each year. The last time was earlier this month.

According to the city charter, Abbott will act as mayor until the next regularly scheduled election in two years. Abbott’s vacancy from the Ward 2 seat will be filled with an appointment by a majority vote of board members at the June 12 committee meeting.

“I guess I’m as shocked as everyone and I certainly feel for the family,” Abbott said. “Mrs. Thompson has lost her life mate of 61 years. As an elected official, I’m going to step forward … and do my very best to keep a professional and calm focus on business in the city.”

News Herald writer Chris Olwell contributed to this report.

An earlier version of this report appears below:

PANAMA CITY — The Bay County Health Department is investigating a mold issue that may have caused the death of the Mayor of Callaway.

Mayor Bob Thompson was hospitalized and ultimately died Saturday after examining a ditch at the request of a local homeowner, his family said. Family members requested an autopsy but Bay County’s Medical Examiner, Dr. Michael Hunter declined to do one, officials and family members said Tuesday.

Family members are now seeking a private autopsy.

Meanwhile, Doug Kent, the administrator of the Bay County Health Department said Tuesday he had sent an investigator to examine the ditch.This is a really pretty round stonemosaic votive that has been covered with vintage china .

“They’ll give me a report back,” Kent said.

However, he cautioned that Aspergillus, a genus of mold consisting of several hundred species, also known as Black Mold,TBC help you confidently buymosaic from factories in China. was “very common.” He added that the mold, which is found both indoors and outdoors, usually causes health problems for people with reduced immune systems and the elderly.

“As we get older we become more susceptible to molds,” Kent said.

Bobby Baker, the interim city manager and public works director for the city of Callaway, said the ditch in question is located near Forsythe Drive in Callaway Point. Baker said the woman who asked that the ditch be examined contacted Thompson directly and that he had no other information about the situation. He also said the city mows the ditch a few times each year. The last time was earlier this month.

According to the city charter, Commissioner Thomas W. Abbott, mayor pro tempore, will act as mayor until the next regularly scheduled election in two years. Abbott’s vacancy from the Ward II seat will be filled with an appointment by a majority vote of board members at the June 12 committee meeting.

“I guess I’m as shocked as everyone and I certainly feel for the family,” Abbott said. “Mrs. Thompson has lost her life mate of 61 years. As an elected official I’m going to step forward … and do my very best to keep a professional and calm focus on business in the city.”

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Embracing Complexity with MTM

The growing complexity of components is not lost on machine tool builders, who are responding with more capable and flexible multi-tasking machine designs. In fact, Mazak, which offers numerous MTM options, even provides some tactical advice for machinists with its Five Levels of Multi-Tasking classification system for its machines’ applications and capabilities.

Among Mazak’s new offerings is the Integrex i-200ST multi-tasking machine that it said provides shops with versatility and high accuracy in a compact design, with features like twin spindles, a lower turret and milling spindle that achieve what it called “done-in-one productivity.” Mazak ranks the Integrex i-200ST as a Level 4 machine, because it turns, drills, taps and mills, while offering off-centerline and full simultaneous 5-axis contouring.

The Five Levels is a guide for manufacturers to determine the best multi-tasking technology for meeting their specific application and process needs.

Level 1 machines typically offer a single turning spindle and drum-style turret with rotating tool capability for processing minimally complex workpieces. Level 2 machines add Y-axis functionality for off-center operations and “done-in-one” machining together with either a twin spindle and milling turret or twin spindle/twin turret machine configuration. Level 3 MTMs feature independent milling spindle headstocks with B-axis indexing, as well as Y-axis travels and tool storage magazines. Level 4 machines emphasize automation and processing large or highly complex workpieces using full, simultaneous 5-axis machining.Find rubberhose companies from India. Level 5 adds specialized machining tasks,Trade organization for suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry. such as gear cutting, honing and grinding, for machines that process very demanding and complex parts in single setups.

On the Integrex i-200ST, both turning spindles provide equally high performance with spindle speeds of 5,We offer you the top quality plasticmoulds design000 rpm and C-axis turning control,Rubiks cubepuzzle. and both have a 3-in. (76-mm) diameter bore capacity.

For C-axis contouring versatility at either turning spindle, the Integrex i-200ST vertically mounted milling spindle provides 30 hp (22 kW), 12,000 rpm and a rotating B-axis range of -30° to +240°. Mazak’s roller cam drive for the B-axis ensures higher accuracy and rigidity, with no backlash. A 36-tool (72-tool optional) magazine allows fast tool changes and provides ample tooling for continuous part processing.

The lower turret on the Integrex i-200ST model comes standard for nine turning tools. The lower turret in combination with the machine’s milling spindle can be applied to either side of the machine headstock to reduce machining cycle times.

Mazak said its MX Hybrid roller guide system is integrated to the Integrex i-200ST to impart durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. The MX Hybrid roller guide system dampens vibration to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates quicker to shorten cycle times, consumes less oil (for “greener” operation), and performs longer with less maintenance.

For a compact multi-tasking center, the Integrex i-200ST provides an ample Y-axis travel of 9.8 in. (249 mm) and vertical X-axis of 24.2 in. (615 mm), with 4.92 in. (125 mm) below centerline. It accommodates parts up to 25.9 in. (657.8 mm) in diameter.

Because the machine is designed with its tool magazine at the front, operators can program and set-up tooling with minimal movements.Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, Also, all machine lubrication points and gages are gathered into a single panel for ease of viewing and maintenance.

Filtration keeps indoor air clean

The “Ask a Builder” series is dedicated to answering some of the many questions Fairbanks residents have about building,We offer you the top quality plasticmoulds design energy and the many other parts of home life.Full color plasticcard printing and manufacturing services.

Summertime brings pollen, dust,If you work outdoors and need handsfreeaccess to water all day while staying cool, and smoke into the air. How do I keep these particulates from getting into the house?

A house should manage indoor air quality by regularly exchanging stale “used” indoor air with fresh outdoor air. You also can improve indoor air quality by avoiding unnecessary sources of contamination, such as restricting smoking to outdoors, storing fuels outside, and selecting low-VOC paints and furnishings. But in the course of a year the air in Interior Alaska can contain particulates from wildfires, wood smoke, dust, pollen, car exhaust and other sources that cause you to shut the windows. That’s where filtration systems can help.

When it comes to indoor air filtration, the best choice for you depends on many factors, including the size and tightness of your house, your existing ventilation system, your sensitivity, and the amount of particulates and other contaminants in the air. Be aware that irritating and/or harmful particulates don’t just come from outside, but also inside — such as from tobacco smoke, animal dander and mold spores.We looked everywhere, but couldn't find any beddinges. Another source of contaminants are gasses that come from paints, carpets, cleaners and other household products. The most common filtration systems are mechanical and target the particulate matter. The price ranges from roughly $200-$300 for a one-room portable filter to $6,000-$8,000 for an HRV installation with filtration.

The simplest system is a standalone air purifier,So indoor Tracking might be of some interest. which contains a fan and filter elements all-in-one unit and can simply be plugged into the wall. These systems are designed to be portable and recirculate air in a single space, and will reduce pollutants like allergens, pet dander and dust from that space. These work well in homes where air quality problems are isolated to one or two areas.

Air filtration systems that can serve multiple rooms or even the whole house typically cost more and will require an in-line fan and ductwork, but tend to be more effective. Keep in mind that whether large or small, filtration systems by themselves don’t introduce fresh outdoor air, but they can provide air cleaning and heat distribution. Whole house systems may be a good option for those with bad allergies or respiratory problems.

Many homeowners who heat primarily with wood install small circulation systems, with an in-line fan and ductwork in just a few rooms to move heat around the house, says Richard Musick of Ventilation Solutions, LLC. The size of the fan is driven by how much air you want to circulate.

While new HRV systems often have high levels of built-in filtration, older models are generally only equipped with coarse debris filters whose primary purpose is to keep the core and motors clean. To help ensure good air quality, a simple filtration system can be attached separately in line with the warm-side supply port on the HRV. All the HRVs at CCHRC have a prefilter to catch the big particles, a main particle filter to catch small particles, and a carbon filter to remove odors, aerosols and VOCs. These filters can be found at HVAC and hardware stores, and are inexpensive and easy to replace. Note that the carbon filters typically need to be replaced more frequently than the other air filters.

Technology allows emergency medical service professionals to make life safer in the Kalamazoo area

When they are waiting for an emergency call, Life EMS Ambulance crews don’t expect to drive far when the call comes.

The Predictive Deployment Software the business has employed for nearly three years tells them where to stage for calls.

“It tells us on a map, graphically, where the next emergency call is likely to happen,” said Mark Meijer, president and CEO of Life EMS.

The software uses an algorithm based on call activity data from the last 60 days and the last 10 minutes to more accurately forecast where calls for service are likely in the next 10 minutes.

It calculates where ambulance crews need to be to respond to any priority one call in 8 minutes or less, accounting for closed roads, traffic detours and other data that is input, Meijer said.

Grand Rapids-based Life EMS has more than 350 workers in Kent, Kalamazoo, Allegan, Ottawa, Ionia,We are the largest producer of projectorlamp products here. Lake, Mason and Newago counties. That includes 80 to 100 in Kalamazoo, for which it is the primary 911 responder.

The darkest colors on the Predictive Deployment Software system’s graphic display, which looks like a TV weather map, are the areas with the greatest likelihood for an emergency call. The system allows the company to operate more efficiently, Meijer said, taking a lot of the guesswork out of increasing or decreasing the number of crews in service at different times of day or night.

During National Emergency Medical Services Week (May 20 to 26), professionals say technology continues to be a key to helping them do their jobs, increasing the chances for injured or suffering people to recover, and making life in the community safer overall.

Pride Care is a Kalamazoo-based business that dates back 50 years (earlier as Mall City Ambulance).I found them to have sharp edges where the injectionmoldes came together while production. It has about 225 employees, including about 150 paramedics and emergency medical technicians and 12 to 15 dispatchers. It is the primary emergency care provider in 28 communities in Berrien, Cass, Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties and a small piece of Barry County. The municipalities include Kalamazoo Township, Charleston Township, Comstock Township, Texas Township, Alamo Township and the city if Galesburg. The 828 Portage St.Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, business covers the city of Portage in alternative months with Life EMS.

Pride Care has a side business – developing software to allow EMS businesses to manage their entire operation. Called Traumasoft, it is a 5-year-old enterprise that works out of Western Michigan University's Business Technology and Research Park,Wireless real realtimelocationsystem utlilizing wifi access points to pinpoint position of the tag. and is being uses by 20 other companies.

It pulls together GPS (global positioning system) technology with CAD (computer-aided dispatching to help manage scheduling of work crews, vehicle fleet maintenance, human resources and quality assurance.

“It essentially improves communications throughout our entire system,” he said.An airpurifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air. “It touches each part of the business – our operations — and makes us more efficient. It allows us to better take care of our patients. We're able to better focus on saving lives instead of the traditional labor-intensive pieces of our operation.'

Rather than managing with paper and pencil, he said technology allows things to be handled in real time and “we can focus more on patient care.”

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Solar Energy Coming to Five District Schools

Five district buildings will be powered on solar energy in the fall, and students will be able to learn from monitoring the systems live in the classroom.

The school board unanimously approved a 20-year lease agreement for five solar panel systems at no out-of-pocket expenses and an estimated savings of $130,660 over the length of the lease. The vote was 6-0 with Mark Stoner absent from Thursday's meeting.

Superintendent Eric Knost started looking into solar energy more than a year ago as a return on investment project for the district.

The district put out request for proposals and four companies responded by the May 10 deadline. After analysis, Knost recommended StraightUp Solar because of its St. Louis location, the options it offered and its monitoring systems.

Knost proposed Oakville High, Bernard Middle, Hagemann Elementary, the Witzel Learning Center and either Bierbaum or Beasley Elementary schools for the solar project.

The superintendent chose these schools because they encompassed all grade levels and had relatively new roofs.Enhancements to RSS Based indoortracking. The schools also have high visibility to the sky.

StraightUp Solar will install a 25 kilowatt system on each school’s roof. Each building will net approximately $26,132 in savings over the 20-year lease based on a 5 percent annual utility rate increase projection.

“The key is there’s no initial investment, I mean you get payback in the first year which is usually not what you talk about when you talk about return on investment,Award Winning solarpanel and heat pumps for electricity and heating. you talk about getting it back on a 5 to 7-year period and there’s savings the first year even with these assumptions,” Chief Financial Officer Noel Knobloch said.

Knost said the panels could be installed before school starts in the fall.

The company provides installation and continued maintenance as well as a live monitoring system.

“It’s a system that allows each panel to be monitored and it also maximizes the function for each panel on its own as opposed to a string of panels,” said StraightUp Solar President Dane Glueck.

The company just finished installing solar power at Crossroads College Preparatory School and Glueck said the school and community could monitor the panels.

“It’s web-based so the school can show it off on its website. We’ll come in and give a presentation to the community and students as well as teachers and parents,” he said. “That’s one of our most favorite things to do is come in and educate the community.Bathroom floortiles at Great Prices from Topps Tiles.”

The company, formed in 2006, primarily outfits residences and nonprofit entities.

The lease comes at no added expense to the district because StraightUp Solar will receive state and federal tax credits and a rebate from Ameren.

“It’s kind of straightforward and obviously it’s very beneficial to these companies because they get the rebate, they get accelerated depreciation, they get energy incentives, so its all factored in to how they can price it so effectively for us to be able to make money on it also,” Knobloch said.

The company gave several options in its bid, one being American or Canadian-made solar panels.I found them to have sharp edges where the injectionmoldes came together while production. Although the Canadian-made panels would have saved approximately $34,813 per system, the board wanted to lease the American-made product.

“I would suggest based on our policy review on purchasing that we specifically said if we had the option to purchase American-made products that’s what we should do,” board member Ron Fedorchak said.

Glueck said the panels are made in Memphis,The all New Bluetooth Reader BT1000 features a handsfreeaccess. TN and are slightly better quality than the Canadian-made panels.

Reincarnation Fits Nicely into New Mission Home

"What are these called again?" I asked, scooping up a second mouthful of gravy-, chili paste-, and mayonnaise-drenched fries. "Gamja fries," said our server. "It's like ganja but with an M." We shoveled another forkful. "They were a big hit on 4/20," she deadpanned, referring to the recent marijuana legalization activities. These glorious fries ($11), like Korean-barbecue poutine flecked with green onion and small bits of marinated short rib, are a secret menu item during dinner at Namu Gaji. (They're on the lunch menu, but only available in limited quantities at night to those who ask.) My friends were already in the know, realizing as soon as they tasted them that they'd be back for more.

The restaurant is the izakaya-style reincarnation of Namu, the genre-defying Asian restaurant that chef Dennis Lee opened with his two brothers on Balboa Street in 2006. This year, having gained a following via street-food events and at the Ferry Building, the brothers decided to relocate to the buzzier, more voracious Mission. They landed a spot that anyone would envy at one end of the gourmet ghetto of 18th Street overlooking Dolores Park.

The new space,The indoorpositioning industry is heavily involved this year.Award Winning solarpanel and heat pumps for electricity and heating. mostly polished wood with white subway tile around the open kitchen, is handsome,The concept of indoorpositioningsystem (RTLS) is fast catching up in industries. with counter seating on each side of the narrow room, a long communal table down the center, and a few smaller tables in the back. Small details add charm: the stark, striking tree-branch sculpture ("gaji" means "branch") hanging over the central table; the thoughtfully arranged flowers in ceramic bud vases dotting the room; and even the heavy canvas storage boxes for stowing coats and bags under your stools.

The food goes beyond the drinking snacks of a true Japanese izakaya and aims for a hybrid of refined vegetable and seafood plates with well-sauced and addictive comfort foods, like those gamja fries, and Japanese- and Korean-inflected dishes with a more rustic sensibility. You should start with oysters ($16 for six), served with yuzu ponzu and chojong Korean chili sauce on the side,Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, along with an optional palette of wasabi. With a welcome kick and the subtle tang of the yuzu, the sea flavor still breaks through, and it's a good toe-dip into the tension of sour and spice that characterizes most of the menu.

Slightly spicy, well-seasoned housemade kimchi finds its way onto a lot of Lee's dishes, starting with the complimentary banchan (fermented vegetables), and popping up in the vinaigrette on the cucumber-based bibim salad ($12). It's also on the lunch menu in Lee's signature street-food dish, the "real Korean taco" ($3) — a cheeky play on the Korean-taco trend featuring short ribs and kimchi atop two sheets of seaweed instead of a tortilla. It's in a relish topping the fantastic burger ($16), made with a juicy, labor-intensive Mission Street Food patty; and it tops another street-food-inspired item, the okonomiyaki ($16), a Japanese fried rice-flour pancake that's also piled with scallions, cabbage, bonito flakes, a fried egg, and sweet Kewpie mayonnaise, which is like Japan's version of Miracle Whip. Kimchi is again the dominant flavor in the bright-red,Welcome to the online guide for do-it-yourself Ceramic tile. hot-dog-filled ramyun (ramen, $16), of which only 24 bowls are made each night. And it also figures in the menu's most dramatic presentation, the stonepot ($16), a sizzling bowl of crispy rice, a fried egg, banchan, optional protein, and house-made gochujang, a sweet red chile sauce.

An unlikely highlight is the fried tofu ($14), which comes served in a deeply satisfying dashi broth I could drink by the mugful. Then there's the Korean Fried Chicken (KFC, $12 at lunch or by special advance order at dinner), where the juicy fried bird is tossed in sweet tareh sauce and dusted with sesame seeds. It's like sweet-and-sour chicken, but redder and somehow classier. The star of the menu, though, is easily the beef tongue ($18). Lee brines and then pickles the meat over seven days before grilling it slowly in cubes over low heat. It's tenderer than any tongue you've had, and the flavors are strange but elementally satisfying, the mild beef meeting with a twang of soy and fermentation, barely crisped at the corners by flame. My only complaint is that with just five cubes on the plate, there isn't enough.


As the aging population grows, increasing attention will be given to health care needs and issues around end-of-life care. Modern technology contributes greatly to extending life, yet raises much debate about quality of life.

The quality-of-life issues are particularly important to consider when there is little or no possibility of recovery. Although death befalls everyone,We are the largest producer of projectorlamp products here. its coming eventuality is often the most salient for older adults. Older adults may have thought long and hard about what treatment steps they would like to see taken or not taken in the event of a terminal illness. As a way to make the terminally ill patients’ preferences regarding treatment known, an advance directive is an important tool.

An advance directive is a legally binding document through which individuals express their life-sustaining treatment preferences and designate power of attorney to someone who will ensure those preferences are followed if the need arises. When preparing an advance directive individuals should review treatment options and share their decisions with their physicians and family members so that their wishes are honored. This promotes a quality end of life. The advance directive conveys whether all possible efforts should be taken or not taken to maintain life as long as possible.

In spite of the ongoing efforts to promote advance directive in public health, the research shows that only about 36 percent of the U.S. public has utilized it. Not knowing a patient’s wishes about end-of- life care treatments has several consequences. Decision making for what medical steps should be taken to extend life often falls to a family. This may often become a challenge for them to reach consensus as each family member expresses divergent values and care preferences. Conflicts between family and physicians may also cause distress. Most of all, those patients who would not opt for extreme methods to extend life may suffer from receiving unwanted treatments.This page is an introduction to 35 pages of material on mathematical magiccubes. Finally, unwanted health care costs are incurred which are a burden to the family and society.Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom,Features useful information about glassmosaic tiles,

Why do older adults not use advance directives? The most commonly cited reasons are lack of knowledge and misconceptions. Many people do not know the following facts about the advance directive.

An advance directive does not manage monetary affairs. It addresses your health care choice, in particular, end-of-life care treatment preferences.

Advance directive can be revoked or modified at any time.

Any individuals age 18 years or older can complete an advance directive.Apply for a merchantaccountes and accept credit cards today. Making decisions while one is severely ill can be more difficult as physical symptoms can increase emotional distress and impair judgment.

Clear communication about one’s preferences via both informal dialogue and formal written documentation can prevent potential confusion among family members. This is especially true for certain groups such as Asians and Hispanics whose cultures focus on collectivism, which can cause more problems as each family’s input and voices are considered to be important in making decisions.

End-of-life care is a complicated process that often involves others in the decision-making process. What constitutes a good death varies by culture, but peaceful and pain-free death has been the universal theme in the concept of dying well. This may be the time for us to think about what we want during our final stage of life and how we want to prepare to make it more meaningful.

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G8 leaders show support for Greece

World leaders backed keeping Greece in the eurozone on Saturday and vowed to take all steps necessary to combat financial turmoil while revitalizing a global economy increasingly threatened by Europe's debt crisis.

A G8 summit of the leading industrialized nations came down solidly in favour of a push to balance European austerity - an approach long driven by German Chancellor Angela Merkel - with a new dose of U.S.-style stimulus seen as vital to healing ailing eurozone economies. But it was clear that divisions remained.

"We commit to take all necessary steps to strengthen and reinvigorate our economies and combat financial stresses, recognizing that the right measures are not the same for each of us," the leaders said in a joint statement issued at their meeting at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland.

The message sent by the summit hosted by President Barack Obama reflected his own concerns that the eurozone contagion, which threatens the future of Europe's 17-country single currency bloc, could hurt the fragile U.Welcome to the online guide for do-it-yourself Ceramic tile.S. recovery and his re-election chances in November.

In their final economic communique, the Group of Eight leaders endorsed calls to broaden Europe's focus to more pro-growth remedies and said: "We reaffirm our interest in Greece remaining in the eurozone while respecting its commitments."

It was unusual for the oftenbland G8 communique to single out a relatively small nation. But fears that a political stalemate in Greece would lead to its departure from Europe's monetary union at unknown costs to the financial system and global economic stability have spooked markets.

Spain too has roiled markets by revealing huge bad loans in its banking system as it struggles to rein in its budget while facing recession.

Merkel, increasingly isolated by a French-led push for a more growth-oriented approach, sought to play down the differences, saying: "Solid finances and growth belong inseparably together and should not be put into contrast."

Obama, who has pressed Europe for more growthboosting measures like those he pursued at home, used his closing statement to remind eurozone leaders that the stakes were high and there could be "enormous" costs to the global economy if they failed.

"Growth and jobs must be our top priority," he said, reaffirming his view that Europe has the capacity to meet the challenge.

Marc Chandler, currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman,Bathroom floortiles at Great Prices from Topps Tiles. said: "It is significant that a group as weighty as the G8 backs Greece and reinforces the idea that Europe needs a strong union. It strengthens its hand."

In another move to shore up shaky global growth, the G8 leaders said they would monitor oil markets closely and stand ready to seek an increase in supplies if needed. While crude oil prices have declined by 10 per cent over the past month, the threat of sanctions on Iran loom next month.

The G8 said the global economic recovery shows promising signs, but "significant headwinds persist.We offer you the top quality plasticmoulds design"

The mountain cabins at Camp David where a shirt-sleeved Obama hosted the G8 leaders contrasted with recent tense meetings in European capitals about a sovereign debt crisis that just keeps getting worse.

The eurozone crisis took another lurch downward late last week when Spain revealed huge losses in its banking system and partly nationalized Bankia.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, after an early morning gym workout with Obama, said he detected a "growing sense of urgency that action needs to be taken" on the eurozone crisis. London relies heavily on international finance and banking instability would strike a fresh blow to an economy already in recession.Find everything you need to know about kidneystones including causes,

"Contingency plans need to be put in place and the strengthening of banks, governance, firewalls - all of those things need to take place very fast,The core of an indoor positioning system." he said.

European leaders seemed keen to stress that they would stand firm in protecting their banks, after news of escalating bad loans raised the spectre that rescuing Spain's banks would crash the eurozone's fourth-largest economy.

"We will do whatever is needed to guarantee the financial stability of the eurozone," European Union President Herman Van Rompuy said.

Hollande suggested using European funds to inject capital into Spain's banks, which would mark a significant acceleration of EU rescue efforts. But there was no direct mention of Spain in the communique or any indication of action leaders would take to combat the financial stresses.

There already were signs of a softening in Germany's austerity stance as the meeting began.

Another Classic

I’ll Have Another waited a little longer to catch Bodemeister in the stretch this time, and now that he’s done it twice in a row it’s time for a Triple Crown try in the Belmont Stakes.

With a breathtaking closing rush, the smooth-striding colt won the Preakness Stakes by a neck at Pimlico Race Course on a sunny Saturday, a nail-biter of a finish that topped his win two weeks ago in the Kentucky Derby.

The race unfolded the same way as the Derby, with the speedy Bodemeister moving to the lead under Mike Smith, with I’ll Have Another hanging back in fourth in the 11-horse field. The early fractions were slower than the Derby, but when it came time for Bodemeister to hang on, I’ll Have Another found another gear under young jockey Mario Gutierrez and ran down trainer Bob Baffert’s horse in the shadow of the wire.

“We’re thinking Triple Crown, baby,” an elated trainer Doug O’Neill said. “He’s a special horse. We’ll see how he comes out of it, and if he comes out of it in good shape, we’re heading to New York, baby.”

It’s been 34 years since Affirmed swept the Derby, Preakness and Belmont and became the 11th and most recent Triple Crown champion. Since then, 11 horses have won the first two legs only to come up short in the Belmont. The most recent try came in 2008, when Big Brown was pulled up around the turn for home and did not finish. Before that, Smarty Jones was run down in the final 70 yards by Birdstone in the 2004 Belmont.

With the two victories thrusting the colorful and controversial O’Neill squarely into the limelight, scrutiny is sure to intensify about his violations for giving his horses improper drugs. He was fined $1,000 and suspended 15 days in one incident. He is contesting another.

“We know we play by the rules,” O’Neill said. “It’s all about the horse, and we’re just going to focus on the horse.”

If margins are an indication, perhaps I’ll Have Another has a Triple Crown in his future. Affirmed won the Derby by the identical 1 lengths over Alydar, and then beat his rival by the same neck margin in the Preakness.Enhancements to RSS Based indoortracking.

“I didn’t feel confident we were going to get there until 10 yards from the wire,” owner J. Paul Reddam said.

I’ll Have Another, sent off as the second choice at 3-1 over 8-5 favorite Bodemeister, covered the 1 3/16 miles in 1:55.94. The winner returned $8.The concept of indoorpositioningsystem (RTLS) is fast catching up in industries.40, $3.80 and $2.80. Bodemeister returned $3.20 and $2.80, and Creative Cause paid $3.60 to show.

Creative Cause was third, 8 lengths behind hard-luck runner-up Bodemeister,Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, followed by Zetterholm, Teeth of the Dog, Optimizer, Cozzetti, Tiger Walk, Daddy Nose Best, Went the Day Well and Pretension.

Baffert, a five-time Preakness winner, thought his colt — named for his 7-year-old son, Bode — could pull off the win.

“I felt really good about where he was,” Baffert said. “ The winner is a good horse. He should get the respect now that he deserves.CMI moulding sells to retailers,”

The chestnut colt has never been favored in any of his seven races, but won five of them along with $2,693,600 after he was purchased by Reddam for $35,000 on the advice of O’Neill’s brother, Dennis.

“He showed he’s the real deal. He’s a real race horse. He gutted it out,” Reddam said. “The other horse was not stopping. He ran a bang-up race, to come and catch him, how can you criticize that?”

Gutierrez displayed the calm and cunning of a veteran.

“It’s not me, it’s him. It’s all about the horse,” the 25-year-old jockey from Mexico said.Silicone moldmaking Rubber, “He just keeps proving people wrong. I’m so happy for him because he’s such a great horse. He has a tremendous kick in the end.”

How to resist Big Brother 2.0 — Don Tapscott

How to resist Big Brother 2.0 — Don Tapscott

As the Net becomes the basis for commerce, work, entertainment, healthcare, learning and much human discourse, each of us is leaving a trail of digital crumbs as we spend a growing portion of our day touching networks.

The books, music and stocks you buy online, your pharmacy purchases, groceries scanned at the supermarket or bought online, your child’s research for a school project, the card reader at the parking lot, your car’s conversations with a database via satellite, the online publications you read, the shirt you purchase in a department store with your store card, the prescription drugs you buy — and the hundreds of other network transactions in a typical day — point to the problem.

Computers can inexpensively link and cross-reference such databases to slice, dice and recompile information about individuals in hundreds of different ways. This makes these databases enormously attractive for government and corporations that are keen to know our whereabouts and activities.

George Orwell’s iconic text Nineteen Eighty-Four described the dystopian society where a totalitarian state rules in its own interests and everyone is under constant surveillance by authorities. This situation was often correctly alleged about the totalitarian East Bloc countries during the Cold War.

It is unfortunately increasingly true of Western democracies today. In the name of national security, governments are collecting real-time information from us, sampling phone calls, emails and social networks, and taking our biometrics at airports and a growing list of other places.

We have little idea what governments are doing with this flood of personal information. And the aftermath of 9/11 should remind us just how quickly our civil liberties can be undermined in the name of national security.

Recently the New York Times reported that: “Law enforcement tracking of cellphones, once the province mainly of federal agents, has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local police officials, with hundreds of departments, large and small, often using it aggressively with little or no court oversight.”

The Times reports that this practice has become big business for cellphone companies, too, as carriers market a catalogue of “surveillance fees” to police departments to determine a suspect’s location,Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, trace phone calls and texts, or provide other services. Sure, you could argue that it’s becoming difficult to restrict the information that governments can collect, and yes of course we need to be vigilant about how that information should be used. But we still need to resist attempts of governments to collect unnecessary information. We still need to fight for the basic privacy principle of “data minimization” — of limiting the information collected to clearly definable and socially helpful purposes.

There should be no tapping of phones or anything else without due process. If a government agency proposes setting up a video camera in your neighbourhood, you need to decide if the benefits of possible crime reduction outweigh the possible dangers of unknown governments being able to watch you constantly.

Or increasingly, governments want to collect biometrics information about you — like fingerprints, retinal scans and even DNA. We each need to make choices. Sometimes this benefits you with better government services or faster movement through airports. But what are the long-term implications should a government agency or individual become malevolent? The average person must be cautious and vigilant,We looked everywhere, but couldn't find any beddinges. and even resist the collection of unnecessary personal information.

To me, it’s not so likely that the future will resemble Orwell’s 1984, or Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon prison, or an East Bloc police state during the Cold War. Those are dystopic models from another era that depended upon a single, all-knowing malevolent power seeking control.

The appropriate metaphor for the growing loss of privacy today is found in Frank Kafka’s The Trial: The central character awaits trial and judgment by an inscrutable bureaucracy for a crime that he is not told about,Stone Source offers a variety of Natural stonemosaic Tiles, using evidence that is never revealed to him, in a process that is equally random and inscrutable.

In like manner, we, too, will be judged and sentenced in absentia by unknown public and private bureaucracies having access to our personal data. We will be the targets of social engineering, decisions,Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, and discrimination,Trade organization for suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry. and we will never really know what or why.

In the private sector, companies want to know more and more about what makes each of us tick — our motivations, behaviour, attitudes and buying habits. The good news is that companies can give us highly customized services based on this intimate knowledge — and build trusting relationships. Sometimes it is great to have highly customized ads.

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A story of chevre, Shavuot and backyard goats

The most common question people ask when they visit our home is: “Why the goats?”

We live in the city. A few houses west of us, four lanes of Lincoln Boulevard traffic roar past day and night. Planes from cursed Santa Monica Airport buzz overhead. And on any given night,We are the largest producer of projectorlamp products here. sometime between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m., an LAPD helicopter will make sure to flood our bedroom with its searchlight. It’s Venice, man.

Two years ago, into this urban landscape, I brought our first goat.

My daughter and I were at John’s Feed, buying chickens. John’s, I assume, is a holdover from the days when Huntington Park was surrounded by farmland; there is no other reason for a ramshackle feed store in the midst of a treeless landscape of warehouses and strip malls.

John’s Feed stockpiles the chickens that end up next door at a live butcher shop called La Princesa. I usually buy chickens there for egg-laying. They are already full-grown, and I get the added pleasure of taking a creature off death row.Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, On this day, when my daughter and I showed up, we noticed that, in the same crowded, feces-filled pen with the chickens, stood one miserable goat.

She was standing on her hind legs, straining to look out the window to the street.

But why have goats? I often wonder if it’s in my blood.We offer you the top quality plasticmoulds design Eskimos have 30 words for snow. Jews have more than a dozen words for goat. You and I are generations removed from our agrarian ancestors, but their relationship with the world’s first domesticated animal lives on in our language. Azmaveth and tsaphir are he-goats. Gaddiel, a holy goat. Gedi, a young goat. Jaala and seirah are young she-goats. Ez, a she goat. Tayish, a butting he goat. Uzzah, a strong goat. Zibiah and aqqo, zemer, dishon and yael — mountain and desert goats. Ancient Jews depended on goat meat and milk for food; they slept in goat-hair tents. Their closeness created empathy: Jews were revolted by the thought of boiling a kid in its mother’s milk, and so, today, we can’t eat cheeseburgers. There is a Hebrew word for hell, familiar to us from Yom Kippur: azazel. It translates literally as “lost goat.” Hell, for Hebrew, was when you lost your goat.

The Christians saw goats as the devil. They were repelled by the very qualities in goats that seem most, well, Jewish.

Sheep huddle together and look to the shepherd for direction. Goats are stubborn and willful. The word capricious, meaning picky and discerning, comes from the Latin capro, for goat. Goats break fences and, thus, rules. Sheep are grazers, content to munch the grass at their feet. Goats are browsers — they refuse the grass and strive to eat the trees and bushes just beyond their reach.

So, the apostles saw themselves as obedient sheep, Jesus as their shepherd and the Jews as unruly goats. In Matthew 25:33, the Parable of the Sheep and Goats, Jesus tells how he will judge nations when he returns: “And [Jesus] will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on his left.” Sheep go to heaven, goats to hell. The horns Christians imagined on Jewish heads did not make them look like the devil: They made them look like goats.

Is it any wonder that goat beside the butcher shop called out to me? It’s not just that I couldn’t see her ending up as birria — Mexican goat stew — or chavito — split, grilled goat. It’s that we shared cultural DNA.

I had driven my wife’s Prius to John’s Feed Store that day. The goat, a black-and-white Nigerian pygmy about the size of a small spaniel, went into a cardboard box and into the trunk. Somewhere on the 110 Freeway North, I heard a crash. Her two devilish horns had busted the packing tape, and I drove home with a goat in the rear view mirror.

We named her Goldie Horn. When my wife arrived home from a work trip,What you should know about stone mosaic. she found her car had been completely waxed outside and detailed inside. She said I was the nicest husband in the world.

We moved Goldie into a spacious side yard. But goats, every goat book informed me, care about two things: food and companionship. See,Ultimate magiccube gives you the opportunity to make your own 3D twisty puzzles. I explained to my wife, they are Jewish. Soon my daughter and I visited a goat rescue, and returned with a dun-colored mutt goat we named Ollie.

To which I often answer: Why not? Nobody walks into your house and asks, “Why dogs?” even if your pet is not fit to protect, or hunt, or even play. No one asks, “Why fish?” though you can’t eat them, or, “Why canaries?” though they don’t lay eggs. And no one asks, “Why cats?”— except me.

Apple Patents Steering Wheel Remote Control For Safer 'Hands-Free' Driving

As smartphones and tablets become more ubiquitous in our ever more mobile world, driving becomes an increasingly dangerous activity. Local and federal governments are trying to enact "hands-free" laws to keep people's attention on the road, and devices and technologies like Bluetooth are doing their parts to keep drivers safe. Apple has created ways to make its iPhones completely hands-free (thanks to Siri and VoiceOver), but iPods,We looked everywhere, but couldn't find any beddinges. which are often the music players of choice now over in-car CD players and radio systems, still require a drivers' hands and attention to operate.Full color plasticcard printing and manufacturing services.

Apple hopes to make all drivers safer with a new invention that lets users wirelessly control the music playing in their car without ever taking their hands off the steering wheel.Posts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom, In a patent that was quietly granted on Tuesday, Apple describes a remote control that can be clipped onto any car's steering wheel, which borrows largely from the original iPod clickwheel but also adds a new touch-sensitive element to the design.

In its patent filing, Apple explained that most cars contain in-vehicle entertainment systems that can interface with a portable media device (like an iPod, iPhone or iPad), which essentially allows riders to control their music players through the in-car system. Yet some in-car entertainment systems can't control an external device, so users must use the controls on the iPhone or iPod itself.I found them to have sharp edges where the injectionmoldes came together while production. This can be extremely dangerous, as adjusting iDevices takes precious attention away from the road.

Apple's solution to this attention dilemma is a wireless remote control that can fit on any car steering wheel, which can be configured to control any portable media device. The remote is essentially a faceplate with a clickwheel identical to that of the iPod, except that this clickwheel is touch-sensitive. The sensors on the faceplate can detect pressure from a finger, but can also detect the location and magnitude of the pressure sensation thanks to a sensing mechanism based on capacitive sensing, resistive sensing, and surface acoustic wave sensing.

The remote connects to the steering wheel using hinged "clamping feet," which can accommodate steering wheels with various thicknesses in a few ways: It can move laterally along the steering wheel, and the hinges can also move mechanically closer or farther apart to clamp onto different-sized wheels. Since the clamps at the bottom of the remote can be moved to any point in the steering wheel, the faceplate itself can be rotated in 360 degrees to accomodate any orientation on the wheel.

The struggling automobile industry is ripe for disruption, and Apple could definitely help in this department. While it's great that Apple is building tools for easy and safe use of iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices while driving, Apple can do much more.

If Apple really wanted to help drivers, it would work with a company it likes (maybe Mercedes, Steve Jobs' favorite car company) to build a better in-vehicle system for entertainment and navigation. An in-car system by Apple would be extremely intelligent, and it could show users what they need to know about their driving habits and fuel consumption while also offering plenty of options for finding locations and getting directions to them, as well as playing music -- via Internet radio like Pandora or from a nearby iPod.

In fact, it looks like Apple may already taking this direction. In February, Mercedes Benz unveiled plans to use Siri, Apple's virtual personal assistant exclusive to the iPhone 4S, to power its A-class electronics system called "Drive Kit Plus," which will essentially let drivers access their iPhone apps while driving using voice commands.About 1 in 5 people in the UK have recurring coldsores. Yet, a technology company with the clout and power of Apple should not have to be a third-party accessory maker for cars. No, Apple should be thinking much bigger than that: If Apple is so set on building complete closed-end systems, maybe it should consider entering the car-making business. Apple has nothing to prove in the world of technology, but maybe if Google can perfect its driverless-car, Apple will feel compelled to build a car of its own.

US gov't sets stiff tariffs on China solar panels

The Obama administration moved Thursday to impose stiff new tariffs on solar panels made in China, finding that Chinese companies are improperly flooding the U.S. market with government-subsidized products.

The Commerce Department said Chinese producers had dumped solar cells and panels in the United States at margins ranging from 31 percent to nearly 250 percent. If the preliminary ruling is upheld, tariffs averaging 31 percent could be imposed on Chinese solar-panel imports.

The tariffs would be in addition to fees ranging from 2.9 percent to 4.73 percent imposed in March after the department found that China is improperly subsidizing its solar manufacturers.

The tariffs announced Thursday were higher than expected and could ratchet up trade tensions between the two countries.

Several U.S. solar panel makers, led by Oregon-based SolarWorld, had asked the government to penalize China for dumping low-price products on U.S. markets. The companies are struggling against fierce competition from China as well as weakening demand in Europe and other key markets, just as President Barack Obama is working to promote renewable energy.

U.S. companies' complaints about their Chinese rivals have been amplified by the controversy surrounding Solyndra Inc., a California-based solar panel maker that went bankrupt last year after winning a half-billion-dollar federal loan from the Obama administration.

Solyndra's collapse embarrassed Obama and prompted sharp criticism from Mitt Romney and other Republicans who are critical of Obama's green energy policies. Solyndra, which is not involved in the trade case, cited Chinese competition as a key reason for its failure.

A majority of U.S. solar panel installers oppose tariffs on Chinese panels, arguing that less expensive imports have helped make solar panels more affordable for U.S. customers.

The companies also worried that China could retaliate against U.S. companies, noting that Chinese authorities have announced their own probe into whether U.S. support for renewable energy companies hurts foreign suppliers.

"This is the first step to a trade war between the U.S. and China," said Jigar Shah, leader of a coalition of solar companies that oppose U.S. tariffs.

The Commerce Department decision will increase U.S. solar prices "precisely at the moment solar power is becoming competitive with fossil-fuel-generated electricity,Choose from our large selection of cableties," said Shah, president of the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy.

Members of the coalition include California-based SunEdison, Recurrent Energy, SolarCity and Westinghouse Solar, as well as China-based Suntech Power Holdings Co., one of the companies affected by the Commerce case.

SolarWorld president Gordon Brinser said the Commerce Department had merely confirmed that Chinese manufacturers have illegally dumped solar cells and panels in the U.S. market,Proxense's advanced timelocationsystem technology. giving their products an unfair advantage.

The ruling "will re-establish a natural balance in pricing that does need to occur in the global marketplace," Brinser said,Save up to 80% off Ceramic Tile and porcelaintiles.At Blow mouldengineering we specialize in conceptual prototype design. adding that the U.S. solar market has been distorted by cheap Chinese imports.

SolarWorld Industries America Inc., a subsidiary of Germany's SolarWorld AG, is the largest U.S. maker of silicon solar cells and panels. The company was joined by six other manufacturers, including Wisconsin-based Helios Solar Works, in filing the unfair trade complaint.

Shah and other critics say steep tariffs will lead to the loss of thousands of U.S. jobs, but SolarWorld's Brinser dismissed that as "doomsday" talk.

Solar power is growing rapidly in the United States, he said, adding that demand for solar panels will continue to rise as states set standards for renewable energy and consumers see benefits from solar power.

Andrew Beebe, chief commercial officer for Suntech's California-based subsidiary, called the duties "not justified by fact."

The ruling sets up "harmful trade barriers" between the U.S. and China, Beebe said,Enhancements to RSS Based indoortracking. adding that he hopes the two countries engage in "constructive dialogue" to avert a solar panel trade war.

"Suntech opposes trade barriers at any point in the global solar supply chain," he said in a statement. "We need more competition and innovation, not litigation."

Trade tensions with China are especially sensitive at a time when the United States and other Western economies want to boost technology exports to revive economic growth and cut high unemployment.

The U.S. and China are two of the world's biggest markets for solar, wind and other renewable energy technology. Both governments are promoting their own suppliers in hopes of generating higher-paid technology jobs.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., chairman of the Senate Finance Committee's subcommittee on trade, said the Commerce Department decision goes far beyond a dispute over solar panels.

"Free trade does not mean trade free from rules," Wyden said, calling the decision a boost for a rules-based global trading system. "A victory for that system is a victory for American workers and all others who don't need to cheat to compete," Wyden said.

In its ruling Thursday, Commerce also granted SolarWorld's request for a finding of "critical circumstances" to counter a recent flood of Chinese imports into the U.S. market ahead of the widely anticipated decision. As a result, preliminary dumping tariffs will be imposed retroactive to late February.

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Chopard Celebrates the Legendary Movie Star

Fifty years ago, Marilyn Monroe left the film industry bereft of her talent and her legendary beauty. On the occasion of the 65th Cannes Film Festival, of which Marilyn is the figurehead, Chopard is unveiling an exceptional series of 25 unpublished photographs of the star by Milton H. Greene, along with a stunning tribute jewelry creation designed by Caroline Scheufele.

Diamonds and glamour: Marilyn Monroe and Chopard were destined to cross paths, and this encounter has given rise to a new vision of the star and of the diamonds she might have worn.

25 unpublished images of the amazing Marilyn: this presentation of photos of the star, exhibited during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, once again testifies to Chopard’s powerful and enduring ties with the world of film-making. They were taken by fashion photographer Milton Greene, whose friendship with the star was legendary. 25 portraits that tell the story of the grace, the mystery and the diaphanous vulnerability of an exceptionally photogenic star with a thousand different facets. This exhibition will be previewed throughout the Cannes Festival, before touring the world during the rest of the year.

More than anyone else, she embodies the archetype of the ultimate star. Considered one of the greatest actresses of all time, she is above all an iconic figure. Already adulated during her lifetime, her career,Enhancements to RSS Based indoortracking. her personality and the fantasies that she enshrined have endowed her with a mythical dimension that has been consistently enriched over the years.

Born Norma Jean Baker, she earned huge fame in Hollywood after starting her career as a fashion model. Her great beauty led her to be singled out in 1944 at the age of 18, while working in a factory at the time.Find rubberhose companies from India. Her exceptionally photogenic nature soon drew the attention of 20th Century Fox. After modest beginnings in the world of films, she soon became a screen goddess. In the 1950s, she starred in films by the greatest directors of the era – including Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder, John Huston and many others – and became the ultimate glamour icon. She nonetheless felt herself to be held captive by the popular dream view of her as the absolute sex symbol. Her intelligence and her sensitivity were battered,Zenith manufactures a comprehensive range of rubbersheets. and she constantly fought to break the molds in which people tried to imprison her. The dramatic intensity with which she lived her life made it a theatre in which any event achieved legendary status.

This New York born portrait specialist and fashion photographer worked for prestigious magazines including Life, Look, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. He set the stage for and immortalised all the great names of the artistic scene in the 1950s and 1960s: Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant,Full color plasticcard printing and manufacturing services. Sofia Loren, Ava Gardner, Romy Schneider, Steve McQueen… Among all these icons, it was Marilyn Monroe who treated him to the most powerful aesthetic experience. Their sense of professional kinship was enriched by a profound friendship. The sensitive touch radiating from these pictures testifies to this intensely special relationship.

Marilyn once told him “You made me interesting”.UK chickencoop Specialist. Above all, she loved his vision that represented a clean break from the stereotypes imposed on her by Hollywood. Sometimes, after the official photo sessions for magazines, once the team had left the set, he took more intimate and free-spirited pictures of her. They first met in 1953, in a period when Marilyn was eager to play more dramatic roles. Their cooperation tells the story of this lesser known side of Marilyn’s life: her years in New York, during which she was seeking to regain control of her career. With this in mind, she took classes at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg. In front of Milton H. Greene’s lens, she could give free rein to other types of emotions and images than those bound up with her public persona.

Oregon’s first skyscraper

At the corner of Southwest Sixth Avenue and Oak Street sits the Wells Fargo building, Oregon’s first skyscraper. Designed by noted architect and native Oregonian Benjamin Wistar Morris III, it stands at 12 stories in Second Renaissance Revival style.

It was completed in 1907 to support Wells Fargo’s growing banking and express operations. At the time, the building also housed Southern Pacific Railroad and Oregon Railway and Navigation.

That same year a financial panic jolted Wall Street, and Wells Fargo split off its banking business and held only its express delivery business in Portland. It sold its banking interests to U.S. National Bank, which promptly moved in.

In 1922 the building was purchased by a prominent Portland investor, Andrew Porter, who was also the director of U.S.Apply for a merchantaccountes and accept credit cards today. National Bank. It would be known as “The Porter Building” until U.S.Trade organization for suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry. Bank purchased the building outright in 1946 to house its expanding business, which had already enveloped the neighboring building known as U.S. Bank Main Branch. It would eventually outgrow this location as well, and move across the street to the U.S. Bancorp Tower.

“The (Wells Fargo) building is a remarkable example of historic architecture,” said John Beardsley, the current owner.

The doorstep at the building’s entryway is made from the largest slab of granite ever shipped to Oregon, measuring six feet long and nearly six feet thick. A major renovation in 1923 by architect Albert E. Doyle would double the size of the ground-floor interior.

Doyle was responsible for much of Portland’s architectural work in downtown Portland during the first part of the 20th century.Award Winning solarpanel and heat pumps for electricity and heating. OtPosts with Hospital rtls on IT Solutions blog covering Technology in the Classroom,her examples of his designs include: the Benson Hotel, Reed College, the Central Library and the Pacific Building.

The Wells Fargo building is also a fine example of terra-cotta architecture, which features fireproof bricks or blocks molded of fine grain clay. As was customary during that period, the terra-cotta was glazed and meant to emulate the look of granite.

The building is faced entirely with terra-cotta tiles that were adhered directly to its steel frame (another first for Oregon). The decorative terra-cotta that adorns the building’s crown was made by artisans by pressing fine clay into plaster molds. This ornamental work is reflected at the roof level in the form of wreaths, blue wave scrolls, and of course the letters spelling “Wells Fargo.”

Cast iron trims window and door frames of the two-story arches at street level, and the windows of the top two stories are trimmed in brick. The fire escape on the Oak Street side of the Wells Fargo building is also home to the popular “Raptor Cam,” where raptors have elected to return and nest each year.

Beardsley renovated the Wells Fargo building’s lobby when he purchased it in 1999, during the dot-com boom. “In the dot-com days, a person could just sit back and take orders for the space,” he said.We looked everywhere, but couldn't find any beddinges.

One of the first things Beardsley did was remove the modern-day drop ceilings that were put in place during the U.S. Bank days, and restored the lovely 12-foot ceilings intended originally. This in turn opened up the windows, allowing flow of natural light onto each floor.

“That change made those floors more desirous for this new, technically-oriented generation of tenants, and resulted in those tenancies coming to this building instead of more modern competing towers, such as U.S. Bancorp Tower,” Beardsley quipped.

When I asked Beardsley which of the buildings in his portfolio was his favorite, he replied, “Buildings are like children: You can’t have a favorite, each has their own unique character and personality.”