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Under the Magic Carpet

The task was monumental. To find enough space for Les Arts de l'Islam, the long-awaited, just-opened new department of the Louvre, architects Rudy Ricciotti and Mario Bellini had to start with what they called "a pocket handkerchief" of land in the Cour Visconti, a courtyard in the museum's Seine-side south wing, whose ornate 18th-century facades couldn't be touched. Their solution was an ingenious feat of technical prowess: an undulating,The TagMaster Long Range hands free access System is truly built for any parking facility. translucent golden-glass canopy roof, sitting on almost-invisible clear glass walls that stand several meters away from the historic facades. Architect Bellini compares the shimmering canopy to a dragonfly's wing; others have nicknamed it the magic carpet.

Before building that single-story structure, they excavated the courtyard down some 12 meters—using an elaborate hydrodynamic process to avoid shaking the palace walls—creating a subbasement for technical equipment and a vast basement-level gallery with elegant anthracite-gray walls and polished anthracite-gray floors flecked with glints of brass. Altogether, the €100 million addition provides some 2,800 square meters of new exhibition space.

The official English version of the name, Islamic Art, is a slight misnomer.Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs. As director Sophie Makariou explains it, in French the word "islam" refers to the religion, but "Islam"—capital I—"evokes" the broader, overall civilization. That lexical hair cannot be split in English, but it is roughly equivalent to the difference between Christianity and Christendom—much of what's on show isn't specifically religious. A more accurate title might be the Arts of Historic Islamic Lands—the many countries and cultures through which the religion alternately spread and contracted between Mohammed's death in 637 and the 17th- and 18th-century Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires.

With 12 centuries to cover, and a vast territory that, at its apogee, stretched from Spain and Morocco through northern India—including all or parts of modern Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sicily, Malta, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the Balkans—it was inevitable that cultural distinctions and timelines would converge into organizational confusion.

But there is no designated—or logical—route among the scores of display cases, no dividers between sections on the open-plan floors, and depending on the visitor's course—up-and-down or side-to-side—India might run smack into Iran,Airgle has mastered the art of indoor tracking, or the 17th century precede the 14th.

But it makes for a wondrous wander, filled with one serendipitous discovery after another. An exquisite rock-crystal pitcher, carved from a single block, which passed from the medieval abbey of St.-Denis to the French royal collections, is one of seven of its kind known; for the Fatimids, rock crystal symbolized the pure rivers of paradise.

Also from the royal collections, the copper-alloy basin completely covered with human and animal figures inlaid in silver and gold,Find a mold maker or Mold Service Provider. inaccurately known as the Baptistery of St. Louis, was used for the baptism of royal progeny, including the future Louis XIII. A large, vase-like copper alloy candle holder, covered with repoussé decoration, is topped by a circle of astonishing, fully three-dimensional ducks, a triumph of artistry and technique.

There is also the ivory canister known as the Pyxis of al-Mughira, intricately carved with human and animal figures; a bronze ewer in the form of a peacock and a long, peacock-feather "fly-chaser" with a jeweled jade handle; a stunning group of jeweled, jade-handled daggers from India; and the stocky little bronze "Lion of Monzón", an open-mouthed fountainhead.

Adding to the splendor and confusion, on one side of the lower gallery is an enormous 6th-century mosaic floor—not Islamic at all but from the church of St. Christopher at Qabr Hiram in Lebanon.Sinotruck Hongkong International is special for howo truck. It belongs to contiguous new galleries dedicated to the Eastern Mediterranean provinces of the Roman Empire. Opening simultaneously but with no brouhaha, they too are a serendipitous discovery, and not to be missed.

HP Offers 'Test The Cloud' Packages

HP is using a new way to entice more customers onto the HP cloud: it offers a helping hand at the outset and lets them stay experimenting with their workloads for up to 16 weeks. But this isn't another "five GB of storage free" kind of offer.

HP will assign a customer service engineer to help a cloud newcomer set up an initial workload. HP can provide a newcomer with established services, including Web servers and a database service, but it will work with whatever the customer brings, including his own database system.

Its "compartment" test bed is a virtualized slice of HP's virtual private cloud at a data center at an unspecified location in Oklahoma. The customer's workload runs in a virtual machine on a server shared with other customers. That is, it's a multi-tenant environment, which some customers fear might compromise the isolation and integrity of their data.

HP's proof of concept compartments are set up to counter those fears. A customer enjoys access to his workload over a restricted VLAN,; he uses two-factor authentication and an encrypted password to get a workload admin logged in. Each customer is assigned a virtual network segment that only his or her company can access. In other words, if the customer is worried about security, HP can describe a secured, online environment as a starter environment.

"The client service engineer (assigned to each proof-of-concept customer) acts as a subject-matter expert with that customer," said Patricia Wilkey, global director, cloud services, a unit of HP Enterprise Services. If the customer wants to run a website in the cloud, he'll get a service representative knowledgeable in that area. Once set up and running, the service engineer steps into the background and customer gets his own experience running the workload. But if any questions arise, the same service engineer is called on to answer them, "a personal voice to work with,Why does moulds grow in homes or buildings?" she explained.Sinotruck Hongkong International is special for howo truck.

HP's cloud proof of concept service starts out with a $2,000 to $3,000 initiation fee the first week, with $1,000 to $2,000 weekly charges afterward. The proof of concept service is sold in four-week increments and can run for up to 16 weeks.

Both the fees and limited number of compartments that HP makes available in its cloud data center indicate that it hopes to make the service available to those customers it believes are likely to convert to longer term infrastructure as a service contracts.

HP limits the number of customers who can tap into its cloud data center in Oklahoma at the proof of concept rate to six. It's a sign of how committed it is to finding and converting the right prospects into regular customers of its cloud services.

It hopes the service will convince customers to convert to longer term infrastructure-as-a-service contracts. HP is looking to expand its services business at a time when PC sales and other revenue are declining. On Aug. 22, the company reported a $4.49 per share loss in its third quarter. Earlier that month, the Enterprise Services division replaced its senior executive, John Visentin, VP of enterprise services, with Mike Nefkens, former HP Enterprise Services senior VP for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and a veteran of Electronic Data Services consulting services, which is now part of HP. Visentin is leaving HP to pursue other interests, the Aug. 8 announcement said.

While customer service engineers will help a customer get set up, the HP public cloud and virtual private cloud services in the long run require the customer to access resources through a self-service portal, and one purpose of the proof of concept approach is to make sure customers get acquainted with how to use it.

Wilkey said HP has been offering the newcomer service since the end of August. It is geared to work with VMware ESX Server-based virtual macfhines and Wilkey noted that so far, that is the only type of workload that customers have ventured to bring to the cloud workload incubation process.

HP is finding customers often have quite different needs, once they're functioning in the cloud. "Some find they have high security or high compliance needs," she noted. They may decide they don't belong in the cloud at all and revert to constructing private cloud capabilities on premises. Or they may find the environment more secure than anticipated in the cloud and move into HP's virtual private cloud or even its multi-tenant public infrastructure as a service.

HP's virtual private cloud includes the choice of shared or dedicated physical servers.It is intended for use by ventilation system designers, A customer who has come to the cloud via VLAN is assigned a virtual private network that becomes the only way to access the customer's applications. What HP calls "logical unit security" isolates a customer's data in storage from other customers.' Vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection are in place at all times,How It's Made Plastic injection molds. Wilkey added.Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs.

The Real 666 Park Avenue

THE title building of the new ABC series “666 Park Avenue” is a fiction; the network is using shots of the Ansonia as a backdrop.

But although few New Yorkers have heard of it, 666 Park Avenue does exist. It is one of the city’s most remarkable maisonettes, a subnumbering of 660 Park Avenue at 67th Street, built in 1927 for an owner who never occupied it.

In early 1926 Frederick Ecker, a vice president of Metropolitan Life Insurance and later its president, hired York & Sawyer to file plans for a sumptuous co-op building on the sunny side of Lenox Hill, soon called 660 Park Avenue.

Most other apartment houses on Park were speculative ventures, but Mr. Ecker was building for himself and at least one friend, Darwin Kingsley, head of New York Life. York & Sawyer was by this time a safe, sober firm of bank architects, and it designed a very safe, very sober all-limestone building of the most discreet kind. Indeed, take away a few details and 660 would be a blank modern box of the type now so reviled.

There was one difference: a sweep of larger windows on the second floor. This was the principal floor of a three-story maisonette purchased by Virginia Vanderbilt for $195,000 in early 1926, before the building was complete. She must have supervised the planning of the 27-room apartment. The New York Times reported that the main salon was to be 22 feet by 46, with a library 18 feet by 23, and that all would have ceilings 18 feet high.

As it happens, Mrs. Vanderbilt was deserting her house at 666 Fifth Avenue, which she sold for $1.5 million, and it may have been she who selected a separate number for the maisonette — 666 Park Avenue.

Mrs. Vanderbilt and her husband, William K. Vanderbilt Jr., had been living apart since 1909, and her choice of location was peculiar, because Mr. Vanderbilt had since 1923 owned a maisonette apartment across the street at 655 Park Avenue. In any event, she had a change of heart and sold the maisonette in September 1927, a few months after filing for divorce.The TagMaster Long Range hands free access System is truly built for any parking facility.

The buyer was Seton Porter, an engineer who had done very well in the liquor industry. Head of National Distillers, he was also chairman of the American Sumatra Tobacco Company, and a director of the General Precision Equipment Corporation, Republic Aviation and 20th Century-Fox.

It was apparently Mr. Porter and his wife, Marie, who finished and decorated the maisonette. The couple installed at least four antique rooms: a dining room from a house in London, a pine room from Spettisbury Manor in England for the main salon, and two rooms from the Chateau de Courcelles in France. In 1931 International Studio magazine said the vintage interiors “remain happily undisturbed by the insolence of the Chrysler Tower” and other symbols of the modern age.

In the 1930 census, most shareholders of 660 Park Avenue gave the value of their apartments as $100,000; the Porters assessed theirs at $300,000.Where can i get a reasonable price dry cabinet? Besides Messrs. Ecker and Kingsley, early residents of 660 included William T. Dewart, the publisher of The Sun; Francis Weld, a founder of the investment banking firm White, Weld; and Albert H. Wiggin, the chairman of Chase National Bank.

As for Mrs. Vanderbilt, she built the French neo-Classical house at 60 East 93rd Street now owned by the antiques dealer Carlton Hobbs.

In 1939, the maisonette became the home of Edward M. Stout, a woolens manufacturer, and his wife, Agnes. Mrs. Stout had her own real estate firm, and in 1930 had described to The Sun an English client who rejected “our modern, towering apartment structures, with their brass buttoned flunkeys.” She found him an apartment with a terrace in an old Murray Hill brownstone.

The Stouts sold 666 Park Avenue to Evander Schley, who owned, among many other concerns, the Chihuahua Mining Company.Features useful information about glass mosaic tiles, Mr. Schley and his wife, Sophie, had an active entertainment schedule. The magazine feature “Life Goes to a Party” went to the maisonette in 1947 and encountered Lana Turner, the Duchess of Windsor and Samuel Goldwyn, among others. The Schleys’ son,Find detailed product information for Hot Sale howo spareparts Radiator. also Evander Schley, recalled in an interview that as a child, “I was supposed to kiss the queen of Yugoslavia’s hand, and I bolted and hid under a table.”

Mrs. Schley died in 1950, her husband in 1952, and at the age of 11, their son was sent to live with his governess at 610 Park Avenue, two blocks south. The Schleys’ estate sold the maisonette to Fan Fox and Leslie Samuels, the philanthropists who donated much to Lincoln Center. In the 1980s Arthur M.Choose from our large selection of cable ties. Sackler, the medical publisher and art collector, lived there. His widow, Jillian, now occupies 666 Park Avenue.

A note from your future office in 2032

For decades,SICK's ultrasonic sensor use sound to accurately detect objects and measure distances. the notion of going "to work" meant a person being assigned a little space inside of a large building in some pre-determined location.

But in 2032 the "workplace", or more specifically the local array of immersive spaces we now consider optimised for work, is as valuable as ever - even though many thought it might become a relic of the past.

People used to be willing to pick up and move their entire lives to be nearer to that building and have access to a small physical address within it, in which they were assumed to do all of their work.

But after mobile technologies gave rise to "work anywhere" norms and strategies, which often created great disruptions in employee work-life balance, employees and employers began to mutually embrace the notion that there should be easily-accessible spaces where work is optimised - to both enable work and to promote the enjoyment of it.

Thus, a new generation of workplace was created, allowing workers to immerse themselves in local spaces offering a wide array of highly cocooned or interactive settings to support their needs.

These spaces, which vary in location and theme not unlike neighbourhood restaurants, have allowed corporations to shed much of their captive real estate portfolios in favour of workspace subscriptions, and have provided workers the freedom to choose when, where and how to work.

In addition to helping workers restore a better balance between time at work and home, this decentralised approach to finding a workspace has drastically reduced the carbon emissions historically associated with commuting.

Interestingly, it was gamers - those who were once considered to be chronically unproductive - that helped to usher in this new era of work space.

After observing how gamers were able to virtually match skill sets and collaborate to achieve shared goals without ever having met one another, HR leaders began implementing project-based prototypes in which work was structured as games.

And since so many existing workplace hardware and software technologies had their roots in gaming technologies, it didn't take long for the gamification of work to be fully realised.

Eventually,Sinotruck Hongkong International is special for howo truck. real estate and facility professionals embraced the notion that the future workplace would constitute a new spatial typology, deeply influenced by the hybridisation of arcades, hotels, homes and restaurants.

The immersive nature of these spaces, which is one of their most notable characteristics separating them from past generations of work places, is achieved via a new generation of connective technologies.

Whereas "mobile phones in bags" and laptops being dragged around in "roller bags" were once considered mobile work technologies, today's mobile work tools constitute an array of interconnected, wearable devices that provide instant access to people and information required to be productive.

When a worker enters a workspace and docks himself or herself in a chair, their wearables easily connect (save for the common connection glitches which the tech companies will likely never fully iron out) with the technologies resident within the workplace and worn by others, transporting them to either an interactive or private virtual space.

Workplace holography plays an important role, allowing people to convey verbal and non-verbal nuance in virtual discussions,TBC help you confidently buymosaic from factories in China. while streaming translation services allow for someone speaking a different language to be instantly heard in one's native tongue.

Despite these virtual advances, there are key elements in these spaces that remain valuable ties to past modes of working.

Private dining spaces remain popular, as most companies promote "table-time" policies.

These policies, which originated from the world of e-dating, encourage employees to meet face-to-face with one another in person over food and drink whenever trust relationships are being established or, if needed, restored.

Likewise, nearly every workspace provides a comfortable and rich social space known as an IRL (In Real Life) Lounge,Sinotruck Hongkong International is special for howo truck. which are daytime living rooms for people to interact in person within a local workspace.

These spaces are a reminder that even in a digital age,Airgle has mastered the art of indoor tracking, there is no substitute for the meaning and richness that is derived from interpersonal interactions.

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Hands-on with The War Z

For those who know about the game, I know what you want to hear and I don't plan on teasing you. The beta is set to begin by the end of October, so expect to delve into the zombie madness in a month or so if you pre-ordered. For those that are new to The War Z, it's an open-world first-person or third-person shooter revolving around surviving the zombie apocalypse that borrows heavily from massively-multiplayer online games.

Please note that the current build is in an alpha state and is in no way reflective of the final product.Choose quality sinotruk howo concrete mixer products from large database. However, I think this hands-on report gives a great idea of the how the game will play and the features that will be present.HOWO is a well-known tractor's brand and howo tractor suppliers are devoted to designing and manufacturing best products.

After a quick character creation page where you can build and customize from a few standard archetypes (I chose the dude with the mohawk) I spawned and immediately noticed some similar sights from the DayZ mod: a food and drink bar outlined my health and a meter for my visibility and noise. I would need to rely on canny use of stealth and sustenance to survive. Diseases are also prevalent in the world,Choose from our large selection of cable ties. especially for bite victims, but you can use small doses of antidote to remove toxicity in the blood or fall back on painkillers to delay the effects. Ideally, don't get bit in the first place.

We started near a desolate cabin up on a hill in the woods, a real picturesque spot until night fell. The twilight before sunset made for a very eerie setting, and I was thankful we were in what seemed like a safer area for the moment. We lit a green and red flare in the immediate area and my shadow created a long, dark figure on the wall behind me; as far as I can tell from this early build the lighting is done very well, and everything casts a shadow in real time. A full day and night cycle in the game takes about four to five hours, so during a marathon play session you will probably experience it a couple of times.

The game is set in the wilderness of Colorado, with roughly 160 square miles of virtual terrain to traverse. There are plans to release more maps in 2013 to keep the game fresh and dynamic, though it is unclear how the different maps will be related to one another or if you will be able to travel from map to map in the same server.

To my surprise you start with a map the moment you begin, though only a portion is visible. About seventy-five percent of my map was pixelated when I began, making it nearly impossible to make out any sort of roads, cities or natural landmarks, but the visible 25 percent revealed a bunch of stuff around my location. A major aspect of this game will be about exploring the world and revealing those unknown areas, but I was expecting to have to find a map first. Part of the fun of a survival-centric game is the pointless wandering, and surviving, until you find something useful (such as said map). Maybe it helps with some initial direction since there will undoubtedly be some sort of open-world quests that you may or may not choose to do, but it takes out some of the hardcore survival feeling you expect from a survivor game.

During my demo we ran from building to building, flashlights (which double as a melee weapon) in hand, searching for a real weapon. We found nothing but a hammer, some painkillers and a pack of bandages. Titoy didn't seem surprised, reiterating how difficult it is to find weapons and ammunition; when you do manage to find an item it will respawn some time later, but in a different location. There are hundreds of locations for the items to spawn at, making it pointless to camp one area in hopes of that powerful weapon you saw there once. After a bit more fruitless searching, he manually spawned in some weapons and attachments with his god-like server commands.

I got my semi-automatic assault rifle and opened a menu to attach a silencer, ACOG sight and laser aiming. I was informed that we were the equivalent of millionaires in terms of gear. The military grade weapons and especially the attachments would not be easy to find or get to, so don't expect to see some serious firepower without some dedication. We headed into a small town, surveying the zombies and building locations. We spotted a post office where weapons could be found, a grocery store where medical supplies and food could be found and a church that could be used as a survivor holdout.

We slowly moved into the town, crouching and going prone for optimum stealth. Switching to third person was a little easier to navigate. I take my first shots, landing hits to the stomach and arms.Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs. The zombie stumbles back but doesn't go down.Find detailed product information for sino howo tipper truck. A few of its "colleagues" start to take notice and stumble towards us. "Aim for the head, that's the only way to kill them. Otherwise they will just keep getting back up," says Titov. As you might expect, The War Z encourages the classic "destroy the brain" approach. A few well placed shots to the brain-pan drops our pursuers.

We made it to the town square, and though our ammo was starting to run dry there are still a couple dozen walkers converging from all sides. The buildings were barren except for some basic medical supplies. It was becoming obvious we were not welcome in the small town and high-tailed it out of there. Luckily, these are the George Romero type zombies, unable to sprint or climb, and we easily outran the horde.

Franklin ships have already been found

Maybe, just maybe, the 160-year dream of discovering one of the lost ships of the Franklin Expedition has already been realized, and the Parks Canada-led team that completed a month-long search last week just doesn’t know it yet.

That’s a slim but real possibility, acknowledges Parks Canada underwater archeologist Ryan Harris, who says a portion of the seabed data gathered during this summer’s high-profile probe of Arctic waters near King William Island still has to be examined for possible traces of HMS Erebus or HMS Terror, the two Royal Navy vessels commanded by Sir John Franklin that famously vanished during his search for the Northwest Passage in the late 1840s.

“It’s possible, because there actually is some AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) data that I haven’t looked at yet, and there is some multi-beam sonar data,” said Harris, who led the Canadian government’s renewed hunt for the ships.

“There were areas of the ocean that were really shallow north of the Royal Geographical Society Islands, so we have a small path that was done with multi-beam because it would have been a bit tricky to tow a side-scan sonar system in those shallow waters,” Harris told Postmedia News.Find detailed product information for Hot Sale howo spareparts Radiator. “And that data has to be post-processed at a very high resolution to identify targets in the shallow waters.

“It’s a small chance,” he added, “but there is the outside possibility” of identifying the resting place of one of the ships while processing and analyzing the sea-floor data this fall.

“It has happened to us in the past that in reviewing (data) we have identified wreck sites that we didn’t see in real time,” said Harris, who also led the successful 2010 search off Banks Island in the Western Arctic for HMS Investigator, one of 19th-century British vessels sent to search for Franklin’s lost ships.

While it’s not “outside the realm of possibility” that a Franklin ship could be discovered at a Parks Canada computer lab in the coming months, Harris said: “I imagine we’ll be at this (seabed scanning) again.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in August that the federal government — in cooperation with the government of Nunavut — was launching a new, three-year effort to discover the ships, which have already been declared national historic sites despite their unknown locations.

Franklin, a Royal Navy explorer who had already led two important overland expeditions in northern Canada, embarked on his ill-fated search for a route through the Northwest Passage in 1845. By 1848, after the 130 sailors aboard Terror and Erebus had experienced extreme hardship and little progress through the ice-choked Eastern Arctic,The indoor positioning industry is heavily involved this year Franklin was dead and his ships were trapped frozen waters near King William Island.

A desperate attempt by the survivors to march south to a fur-trading post on mainland Canada led to the deaths of all members of the expedition. The ships, probably crushed by the ice, drifted to unknown locations and vanished beneath the waves.

An earlier bid to find the vessels was launched by Harper’s government in 2008. Although Parks Canada conducted searches in 2008, 2010 and 2011,Visonic Technologies is the leading supplier of rtls safety, no trace of the ships was found.Visonic Technologies is the leading supplier of rtls safety,

Harris described the underwater component of this year’s search a success because his team will at least be able to rule out a significant swath of the Arctic Ocean that had been considered a potential site for the wrecks of the Erebus or Terror.

But there were some notable discoveries earlier this month along the shore of King William Island during the dry-land component of this year’s search, headed by Government of Nunavut archeologist Doug Stenton. Combing an area where more than 100 survivors from Franklin’s abandoned ships traveled by small boats and on foot in the late 1840s — their ultimately ill-fated attempt to reach the mainland after Terror and Erebus had become hopelessly locked in the ice — Stenton’s team discovered bone fragments, nails and screws believed to have been left behind by the Franklin Expedition and, most remarkably, a 19th-century toothbrush that must have belonged to one of Franklin’s doomed sailors.

Harris acknowledged there was “nothing earth-shattering” among the artifacts “in terms of what it’s going to tell us about the fate of the expedition.”

But he said: “I think the value is really in the evocative nature of the artifacts recovered.Looking for the Best air purifier? The toothbrush, which is such a personal item, really reflects this attempt at a dignified retreat from the ships.”

Harris also noted that most of the artifacts recovered from the Franklin Expedition during 19th- and 20th-century searches of the region have ended up at the Smithsonian museums in the U.S. or at the National Maritime Museum in Britain.

“Very few of these materials are available for curation and display in our own country,” said Harris. “So even though these are previously identified Franklin sites, I think the continued archeological examination of these sites is certainly worthwhile, if only to repatriate the Franklin story somewhat, and to share it better and more evocatively with Canadians.”

Shad Resurgence Marks a Cleaner Delaware River

American shad were once so common that East Coast rivers were described as being “black” and “boiling” as tens of millions of fish migrated upstream each spring to spawn. Today, approximately 98 percent of the fish that formed a staple of the Colonial diet have been depleted. In rivers once teeming with shad, a daily catch is sometimes counted in the single digits.

“One day you’re going to catch 60 shad and the next day you’re catching none,” said Middlesex resident Andy Still. A catch-and-release fisherman, Still is one of 70,000 recreational anglers who annually fish the Delaware River, by far the most popular source for shad in New Jersey.

Still's observation helps explain why the public officials who oversee the Mid-Atlantic fisheries are intensifying their efforts to restore the shad population. In New Jersey, they're working in tandem with environmentalists who hope to rehabilitate not just shad, but the network of rivers, bays, streams, and marshes that make up this region's watershed.

Shad -- the name comes from the Latin, Alosa sapidissima, meaning "most delicious, or savory, herring” -- are just one part of this larger effort, but a critical part. The fish is considered a marker for the overall health of the rivers and tributaries that flow into the Atlantic Ocean. As the shad population increases, the presence of other aquatic life increases as well. It's an elegantly simple equation: more shad equals cleaner water, cleaner water equals more shad.

This year, several federal and collaborative state agencies are advancing policies to protect shad fisheries. On January 1, 2013, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) will enact a moratorium on shad fishing in New Jersey waters until the state can prove the population has reached sustainable levels.

The Delaware River has already established its sustainability and is thus exempt from the moratorium.

Sometime in the next several months, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC), a federal body charged with establishing ocean management protocols from New York to North Carolina, will begin studies and public hearings on whether to impose limits on the amount of shad -- and river herring, another migratory fish -- that can be inadvertently caught and killed while trawlers are fishing for other species.

These potential restrictions come as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and its civilian environmental-advocacy partners are celebrating the removal of fish-blocking dams from rivers and furthering the cleanup of contaminated waters and banks that are,Features useful information about glass mosaic tiles, for the first time in a century, welcoming fishing and recreational use.Features useful information about glass mosaic tiles,

Despite the resurgence of shad in the Delaware River, their numbers are not expected to reach pre-20th century levels, when the Delaware supported 25 million to 50 million shad. From its peak in 1899, the population dropped to almost zero between 1950 and 1955. River cleanup efforts and a hurricane in 1955 helped the population begin to climb. In 1990 it reached 500,Kitchen floor tiles at Great Prices from Topps Tiles.000 then plummeted again, until a few years ago. It’s been hovering around 200,000 ever since.

In the world of depleted fish populations, stabilization is cause for celebration.

“Shad aren’t doing well in a lot of systems, but the Delaware doesn’t have that problem,” said Russ Allen, a biologist with the state Bureau of Marine Fisheries, who recorded comparatively high birthrates in 2005, 2007, and 2011. The 2005 numbers held up in adult population counts five years later, when the fish returned to the Delaware to spawn after spending their early years in the ocean.

Allen’s sense is that the Delaware is faring better than other waterways in part because, as the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi,Sinotruck Hongkong International is special for howo truck. it lacks the common barricades that keep shad from their spawning habitats. He also credits the stabilization of the striped bass population,Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs. which feed on shad. Also contributing to shad stabilization are the targeted environmental efforts that began in the middle of the last century.

Midwater trawlers travel the ocean dragging nets opponents say rival the size of football fields, either behind one 125-foot boat or between two. While trawlers in the Mid-Atlantic aren’t allowed to fish for shad, their nets ensnare everything in their path, entangling what the Herring Alliance environmental coalition says are 115,000 pounds of shad “bycatch” per year, which dies in the mesh. Four of the dozen-or-so trawlers that fish Mid-Atlantic waters are berthed in Cape May, while the rest sail out of New England.

“These boats in one single tow can catch more fish than are returning to entire states,” alleged Kristen Cevoli of The Pew Charitable Trusts Environmental Group, which participates in the Herring Alliance.

But a DEP report released in May states, “There is undoubtedly some bycatch discard loss, especially for male shad, but there is no data as to the severity of this bycatch,” said Jeff Kaelin, government relations and fisheries management coordinator for the trawler-owning Lund Fisheries in Cape May . He adds that there’s no data to support claims that his industry is decimating the population and admits that while there is a problem with river herring bycatch, the trawlers’ impact on shad is minimal.

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Food security and Cubbie Station

Predictably there was an outcry against the sale on the basis that farmland is special and sacred, and that Cubbie Station should remain under domestic ownership. This,We Specialise in cable tie, even though it has been in the hands of receivers for more than five years.

Community concern about foreign ownership of agricultural land is nothing new. Perhaps it is overly influenced by the uninformed view of a small but noisy minority of tabloids and shock jocks, but it has always been there.

Unfortunately the gap between the rhetoric and reality is huge. The fact is that without foreign investment in Australia's agriculture sector, our ability to seize the opportunity to feed the world's growing population, particularly in Asia, is limited.

Far from "selling the family silver" the most recent survey shows that about 1% of Australia's agricultural businesses and less than 11.3% of Australian agricultural land are foreign owned. While these figures have been criticised as misleading by some, there is no alternative evidence to suggest the acquisition of farmland by Chinese sovereign wealth funds or state owned enterprises is in any way substantial.Visonic Technologies is the leading supplier of rtls safety,

Despite this, the Coalition is proposing to increase the number of transactions involving agricultural land and agribusinesses requiring foreign investment approval. These changes are not aimed at state ownership of agricultural assets (who would continue to have to apply for FIRB approval no matter the size of the investment) but rather seem focused on providing the community with a sense that the government is addressing more general public concerns about foreign investment levels.

Given the potential negative effects of introducing barriers to foreign investment in the agricultural sector (eg reducing home country tariff barriers to imports - potentially the biggest issue for Australian agriculture) perhaps the better policy response is to rely on the register of foreign ownership of agricultural land to address community concerns.

The more complex and difficult policy issue is how we as a nation reconcile the competing aims of urban and mining land use and agriculture.Find detailed product information for Hot Sale howo spareparts Radiator.

Our existing scheme of mining regulation in all states provides limited protection for landowners and the need for sustainable development principles to be taken into account.Our guides provide customers with information about porcelain tiles vs. There is no existing certainty about how to properly balance the social and environmental importance of the land with the need to promote mineral resource development.

In Queensland, the first steps to ensure prime agricultural land is protected, have manifested in a policy and planning framework for how mining and urban development are to be undertaken on 'strategic cropping land'. In NSW, the government has a new 'gateway process' for mining and coal seam gas projects in close proximity to strategic agricultural lands. In other parts of the country the debate still has a long way to run. But it is a debate that we need to have. It transcends the standard xenophobic rhetoric and the agriculture versus mining rhetoric because it's about land use, and urban sprawl is as big an issue as mining.

The Treasurer gave the go-ahead subject to an undertaking by textile maker Shandong Ruyi that it would sell down its proposed 80% stake in Cubbie to no more than 51% within three years.

The property was placed into voluntary administration in 2009 with reported debts of more than $320 million. If successful, the sale process would end this uncertainty, ensuring Cubbie's ongoing operation, "protecting jobs and supporting economic activity in the Dirranbandi and St George regions."

While there has been a lot of attention paid to the proposal, what is not made clear is that the farm will remain subject to the same regulation of its water licences as before. Lempriere (an Australian company) will be responsible for operating Cubbie in conjunction with the existing management team.

All cotton will be sold on arms-length terms. It will not be allowed to import labour or reduce its wages bill with any more freedom than other farms. It will have to pay its Australian taxes.Our guides provide customers with information about porcelain tiles vs.

Greg Nicotero gives undead life at Universal Studios

It was a sweltering September morning at Universal Studios and inside a new maze based on “The Walking Dead,” the movie-makeup master and co-executive producer of the AMC series pointed to the floor where a zombified horse cadaver lay on its side, shrouded in plastic sheeting. Trap doors had been left conspicuously open and a few headless bodies had been strategically placed to give visitors the same sort of thrills they might experience in the post-apocalyptic American South of the hit zombie show,Visonic Technologies is the leading supplier of rtls safety, a nightmarish realm where flesh-eating ghouls hungrily devour their prey, equine or human.

“The Walking Dead: Dead Inside” maze is this year’s centerpiece for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, the annual event that begins Friday and transforms the theme park’s family-sun-and-fun ethos into something far more dark, grisly and adult in the weeks leading up to the spookiest day of the year.

“This is not a carnival attraction, this is not a haunted house that somebody’s having in a high school parking lot,SICK's ultrasonic sensor use sound to accurately detect objects and measure distances.” Nicotero said. “This is really about taking the participant and putting them inside the show.”

Few people understand and appreciate zombies the way Nicotero does, though that might be a simple accident of geography. The Pittsburgh native grew up watching monster movies in the same city where George Romero revolutionized and politicized the horror film with his radical 1968 zombie film “Night of the Living Dead.” Now 49, Nicotero began to learn his craft apprenticing with Tom Savini, Romero’s mustachioed makeup effects artist, the man widely considered the patron saint of splatter.

Since he turned professional in the mid-’80s, Nicotero has worked with Sam Raimi, Frank Darabont, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino on horror films and more commercial movie and TV projects. He’s won four Emmys and his credits include HBO’s World War II miniseries “The Pacific.”

But there’s no question his heart belongs to horror. The first film he recalls seeing is 1966′s “Dracula: Prince of Darkness,” starring Christopher Lee, which was released when Nicotero was 3. His vast knowledge of the genre not only influences his speech, which is littered with enough references to fill a cult movie guide, but also it affects what “Walking Dead” viewers see from week to week. (The show returns for its third season Oct. 14.)

On the series’ Georgia set, he runs a “zombie school” for extras who play the feral walkers, personally demonstrating how they should move and at what speed. He points out that walkers rarely wear clothing that would telegraph the people they had once been — lab coats, uniforms and the like.

“When an audience starts identifying them as caricatures they become less threatening,” Nicotero said, sounding a little like an ambassador for the monsters. “What we have successfully been able to do is take these characters and make them simultaneously scary, creepy, sympathetic, threatening so that you get a sense that these people were actual people.Learn how Toyota's Solar Powered ventilation system uses the sun's rays.”

John Murdy, Halloween Horror Nights’ bespectacled creative director, himself a lifelong genre fan, shares Nicotero’s enthusiasm for the undead. It was one of the reasons he was keen to include “The Walking Dead” in Universal Studios’ horror lineup — in addition to the maze itself, the theme park has created a “Walking Dead”-themed “terror tram,” which will drop visitors off on the back lot where they’ll have to make their way through roughly 125 actors dressed as zombies.

Halloween Horror Nights is one of a handful of similarly scary Southern California events — Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags and Disneyland all offer their own take on the holiday — though Universal Studios prides itself on big-name entertainment tie-ins. Affiliation with the movie studio is optional.

Previous Halloween Horror Nights have featured mazes designed around horror movie franchises including “Friday the 13th,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Saw.” This year, Halloween Horror will bolster its brand of bloody mayhem with haunted attractions based on the video game/movie franchise “Silent Hill,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and the studio’s own classic monsters.

“We want to feature properties people know and love,” Murdy said.

Universal Studios does not release attendance figures, but Murdy said he was expecting “The Walking Dead” to draw fans from across the country, especially given Nicotero’s participation.He also said he’s prepared for the level of scrutiny that accompanies such a high-profile enterprise.

“We’re dealing with this beloved show that everybody’s into so as designers our goal is to hit all those little details that people are going to care about,” Murdy said. “Horror fans, the properties they love, they know everything about.”

Murdy’s team of around 25 makeup artists will utilize the same prosthetic molds Nicotero’s permanent crew of five uses on the series to transform the performers. Nicotero also has provided reference photos and information about the proper color palette required for each zombie’s makeup, which Murdy estimates will take about 30 minutes per performer to apply.

Murdy describes the process of readying the actors to frighten patrons as “an assembly line of gore.” It’s a funny observation, but one that perhaps also points up the tricky nature of adapting a series that blends horror with character-based drama for a live environment: Only one of those two facets can win out, and when it comes to Halloween,Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs. nuance might inevitably place second to blood,Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs. guts and viscera.

Mouth-on with Boss Coffee Drive Shot

Boss' new Drive Shot canned coffee isn't brown or yellow but somewhere in-between, the color of what you'd get if a Hershey bar could take a piss. As I pop the lid I notice it smells about the same, watered down, sweet, a hint of milk, the memory of coffee beans. I imagine some old man down at the local rotary club sucking it down like a babe at the teat out of a paper cup with the fold-out handles, and start to gag, even as I pour the thin swig down my gullet, dampening my cavernous gorge. The outer walls of the narrow metal can are ribbed. I drag my thumb over them as I dump the slosh in. I think of winter, and the people who have touched me.

There are several brands and dozens of varieties of canned coffee in Japan. But the best one is Boss, because of Tommy Lee Jones' bizarre Japanese commercials as the namesake "Boss" himself. If anyone ever tells me another kind is better, I kill that person and then play the commercials on my phone into their eyes that I hold open because they are dead and can't open them of their own will.Features useful information about glass mosaic tiles, I used to drink cans upon cans of Boss in the first few days of my life here, consistently unable to obtain restful sleep and waking at strange hours in the impossibly hot summer, craving the caffeine, Needing it! I started buying canned coffee by the case from the grocery store and developed a heartburn-agitating pseudo-addiction to it that eventually convinced me by force that I should probably switch from coffee to tea. But every now and then my hand is pulled towards the Boss section on the shelf, especially when things are like yesterday, and there is a new kind of caffeine-enhanced coffee called Drive Shot with FUCKING MARIO KART TOYS ON THEM look at these goddamned toys holy shit look at them. The toys

There are actually two varieties of toy we're dealing with here. The basic line of toys is the Mario Kart 7 Pull Back Car, which is attached to single cans (retail price about 110 yen), and the premium toy is the Mario Kart 7 Big Figure Collection, a double-sized toy which spans two cans (220 yen, they do not believe in discounts in Japan,Find a cry stalmosaic Manufacturer and Supplier. or Jesus). There are eight total Pull Back Cars, and eleven Big Figures, which means that if you were insane enough to get a complete set of all the toys, you'd be dropping 3300 yen, enough money to buy a few half-naked capsule machine figures, two used Bandai Wonderswans, this week's copy of Jump, and ten pieces of tuna nigirizushi at Kura, and play Pac-Man Smash air hockey with a friend two times. You would also have to drink thirty cans of Boss Coffee. Good thing all that awesome stuff I just mentioned totally sucks cause otherwise I would have bought it instead of these toys with coffee attached.

I think the quality of these things is pretty high. The characters don't look like cheap garbage. The big ones even come partially disassembled and you put them together, like real toys. I got a Mario of the Big Figure and a Luigi of the Pull Back Car,Visonic Technologies is the leading supplier of rtls safety, because I kind of could not decide, and I was standing there with the goddamned cooler door open, spinning the cans around to see who was inside, and I started to break into a sort of flop sweat, an indecision sweat, they are looking at me, they are watching me, everyone is watching me.

Just looking at the pictures that show the other characters,Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs. it is easy to see that the dumbest one of each toy is goddamned Metal Mario, the worst character ever invented. His paint job even looks shitty and bad, solid grey. Who would pay money for this? If you play as Metal Mario in Mario Kart 7, I'm just gonna say it, you are a really bad person. Good god. Hey, but you know what, it's cool man, we all have to get by. Nah, I am just kidding, it is not cool.

Unlike Mario Kart 7, these toys just came out yesterday. It kind of raises the question "hey Nintendo, what the hell?" But then I started thinking about what kind of people drink this coffee. Maybe the people who want DRIVE SHOT are people who really need that extra zip in the morning, those hard workers to whom thirty extra milligrams of caffeine will make the difference between their successfully injection-molding hundreds of ornate plastic dildos for The Company and accidentally injection-molding their body with hot polycarbonate cause they fell asleep on the line. Maybe those people don't know what a Marioed Car is and now through this promotion they will understand the Nintendo and buy some of it. Maybe that is what is going on.

The little Luigi car is really fast,Our guides provide customers with information about porcelain tiles vs. he is my favorite. When nobody is looking we share memories with each other. I pull him back and ask him where he wants to go. He tells me, "anywhere is fine, as long as it is with you." I close my eyes tight and can almost remember the way his fingers felt against my earlobes. Then I let go.

2012年9月17日 星期一

Ascend Right Now That You Couldn't Do a Month Ago

Ascend remains one of our favorite free-to-play shooters, in part because of the fast-and-furious pace that Hi-Rez is making tweaks and adding new stuff. The last two updates made major changes that have jolted players out of their comfort zones with disruptive new gear and modes, giving us a ton of new tactics to make use of and counter. Here are some of the best game-changing things I've seen and done in Tribes that just weren't possible before.

Blitz mode isn't complex on the surface: every time your flag is captured by the enemy team, it respawns at a new location -- often times one that's easier to defend (and consequently harder for enemies to grab). This simple mechanic changes nearly every tactic, from where to place a defensive turret to the routes you take to get speed for a quick flag grab. On the Drydock map, one flag location is set up in the middle of the main bunker, or as I call it, the meat grinder. This bottleneck funnels enemy flag carriers into a tight spot which is perfect for my sadistic need for spamming Juggernaut mortar shells and Brute fractal grenades. I racked up a ton of explosive kills quickly while my team turned a zero-to-four score into an exciting five-to-four comeback.Airgle has mastered the art of indoor tracking,

Playing the Technician can feel like you're juggling 10 things at once. You have to defend the generator, repair base turrets, replace your own deployable turrets as they're destroyed, repair the base radar dish, all while avoiding and killing every piece of enemy shazbot flying your way. The new repair kit -- a belt item that will automatically repair any base structure near where it's deployed -- allows me to be in two places at once. I plop down the little machine next to a turret and attend to other repairs or the defense of our generator while it does the busywork. Likewise, I've found that placing a repair kit next to my deployable light turret helps give it a little extra time to put the hurt on the enemy -- it won't save the turret from a direct Spinfusor hit, but every little bit helps.Find detailed product information for shamballa crys talbeads wholesale,

An alternative to the deployable light turret, the new EXR rocket turret is a great mechanism of destruction for the second or third Technician on the battlefield.Features useful information about glass mosaic tiles, The advantage of an EXR becomes obvious in the halls of a generator room when combined with other Tech's light turrets. Tight corridors make the rockets' splash damage more effective, and each rocket has enough knockback to disorient unprepared invaders. I try and place these turrets in tight corners that are harder for the enemy to quickly check on their way to the generator. They may not be terribly lethal on their own, but a few rockets to the backside will give you and the light turrets some extra time to frag the intruder.

This is by far my favorite primary Technician weapon: the TC24 fires short-ranged explosive rounds,Airgle has mastered the art of indoor tracking, and carries four shots per magazine. The damage is lighter than the fan-favorite Thumper, but the high fire rate (due to a lack of reloading after every shot) makes it an excellent choice when I'm stuck in a tight spot against jerks trying to blow up my generator. The TC24 has great splash damage, and the sheer size of the projectile size makes it easier to score Air Mail accolades against those annoying players hovering in the sky, and those hits give just enough knockback to keep the enemy on their toes while trying to return fire. The best aspect of this weapon is that it allows you to use the air to your advantage, much like the TCN4 SMG does. My favorite position is directly above the enemy, raining down one explosive clip after another.

Yes, Permafrost and Dangerous Crossing are old maps to the Tribes universe, but now you can play them in Tribes: Ascend quick-play rotation. Dangerous Crossing is my new (old) favorite -- steep rolling hills make it easy for heavy and light classes to move quickly to the enemy base, which is quite possibly the simplest base design in any Tribes: Ascend map. The base only allows for side-to-side flag capture routes, there is no generator, and only a solitary base turret. This means more people are defending an already easy-to-defend flag,HellermannTyton manufactures a full line of high quality cable ties in a variety of styles, and the result is a spectacular game of CTF.

Sentinel was my favorite class early on -- I loved the power of sniping down attempted enemy flag carriers just before they could get their hands on my precious piece of cloth. Unfortunately, my micro-aiming skills aren't the best, so I need a gun that makes every hit count. This is where the new SAP20 sniper rifle comes in handy: it's a modified version of the older Phase Rifle that uses more energy per shot and has a smaller clip size, but the tradeoff is a whopping 575 maximum damage per shot -- if you connect, they'll really feel it. The only real downside to this beauty was the constant whining of players I shot right out of the sky.

When the enemies get close, nothing helps defend your favorite camping spot better than a powerful shotgun. The aptly named Accurized Shotgun is a satisfying alternative to the Sentinel's Nova Pistols and Falcon SMG. It has better accuracy than any other shotgun, still and packs a nice punch. I love using this gun on bulkier, easier-to-hit heavy classes after I weaken them down with my SAP20 -- a well placed shot can land a total of 560 damage, just enough to put some doubt into anyone looking for a revenge kill.

National Renewable Energy Lab's newest facility

In this week's feature, "Sun Burn,Buy Natural china glass mosaic Tiles online with our price beat promise." we explore the progress of Golden's National Renewable Energy Lab, which for decades has been researching alternative energy. A central part of the lab's current expansion is the construction of the massive Energy Systems Integration Facility, which will be completed next month. Here, we take a closer look inside the construction site that will eventually house hundreds of scientists and engineers, as well as fifteen fully equipped labs.

The development of this 182,500-square-foot facility, known on the NREL campus as the ESIF, is an important component of how the lab is going to help propel the world into a cleaner, more energy-efficient economy, the lab's leaders say. It is the place where NREL, which is owned and funded by the Department of Energy, will be able to test out large-scale technologies that could impact whole utility systems.Check out the collection crystal mosaic of Marazzi. It's also a major component of the lab's recent growth that mandated the DOE seize private property in the surrounding area to make way for a new access road to the 328.67-acre campus.

We took a tour of the ESIF construction site in July, a few short months before researchers and engineers are scheduled to move in and begin work part-time, with full-time occupancy expected early next year The ESIF, which cost $135 million in funds approved by Congress, was a dusty, noisy, enormous construction site when we visited, with workers building out major lab facilities -- some as large as football fields.

Size is clearly one of its major assets.

Benjamin Kroposki, NREL's director of energy systems integration,Capture the look and feel of real stone or ceramic tile flooring with Alterna. led the tour, explaining that by having such big lab facilities in the ESIF, researchers and industry partners will be able to come to the lab and do testing at megawatt scales to explore how different energy innovations would work in a real-life system.We Specialise in cable tie, For researchers and companies developing specific ideas, this kind of opportunity is significant, because it allows them to reduce risks and better understand how their technologies might ultimately succeed.

The benefits of renewable energy are plain, but thus far the grid has not been modernized to really accommodate these important sources of energy in the most effective ways. And that's because this kind of megawatt-scale integration is difficult to find.

"We're looking at how to take technologies and integrate it with the much larger system, so that's the key and differentiating factor of this particular facility...how all these technologies integrate together and integrate with the larger power system, electric system, fuel systems that we have," Kroposki said inside a shack on the construction site before the tour got underway.

He added: "It's really designed around bringing together a variety of...energy systems.... One of the unique aspects of this facility is that it's not single-purposed focused. It crosses all these technologies and it's been designed in a very flexible manner to allow you to bring in equipment and interconnect it into one spot, but have access to the variety of resources throughout the system."

In other words, throughout the lab, there are sections with specific areas of focus and targeted functions, but on the whole, these separate areas are connected, theoretically allowing research to be more expansive. NREL researchers will study and develop a wide range of technologies on this site,Different Sizes and Colors can be made with different stone mosaic designs. from plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to energy storage systems to advanced utility control and metering systems.

Overall, the ESIF has four main laboratory components focused on electrical systems, thermal systems, fuel systems and high-performance computing and data analysis. In that last category, the ESIF will feature a supercomputer that NREL says will be the fastest computing system in the world dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The on-site data center itself will also be one of the most energy efficient centers of its kind in the world.

Throughout its expansion projects, NREL has emphasized the importance of building facilities that are themselves green, and they say the ESIF will be no exception. A series of energy conservation strategies will allow the massive facility, at minimum, to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification, NREL says. For example, the ESIF will reuse waste energy from the data center to maximize building and campus heating. It will also use "underfloor air distribution" for interior cooling and ventilation. Additionally, the facility will rely on day-lighting and high-efficiency lighting.

Ultimately, if this facility operates as planned, the ESIF will directly impact utility bills with its innovations. As we noted in our feature, Jeff Baker, the DOE's director of laboratory operations in the Golden field office, says it this way: "If you help a utility company operate a system more efficiently, those efficiencies are passed along to you."

How 'Afropreneurs' will shape Africa's future

That's the buzzword adopted by the young Nigerian to describe the bright, independent and tech savvy entrepreneurs using creative thinking and the power of innovation to take over Africa's economic destiny.

"Over time Africa has relied on government and big multinationals for solutions -- but they're not coming," explains Bello.

"But of recent you're seeing a new wave of young men and women who have access to all the global networks, who've studied either within the continent or outside and have this passion for change -- these are the people Africa's change is going to come from, these are the people I call 'Afropreneurs.'"

And Bello is certainly leading by example.

At just 33 years old, he has already been involved in several tech initiatives aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and empowering communities across Africa.

Early last year, Bello co-founded the Wennovation Hub in Nigeria, a technology space enabling ambitious entrepreneurs to come together and develop their trailblazing ideas into successful businesses.

The Lagos-based hub, one of the many innovation centers that have recently mushroomed across Africa, has so far incubated the efforts of more than 100 entrepreneurs, providing them with space, support and consulting.

"Part of our own responsibility is to connect the talent to the opportunity," says Bello. "We took the "i" out of innovation and replaced it with the "we" and came up with the Wennovation Hub -- the problems of Africa are huge, they cannot be solved by one person alone, so it requires people coming together."

Born in Nigeria to a family of academics, Bello says he learned from an early age the importance of access to information.

Growing up, he says, he was surrounded by books.Choose quality sinotruk howo concrete mixer products from large database. "We had a mantra in our house," remembers Bello. "My dad would always say 'never get caught without a book,Kitchen floor tiles at Great Prices from Topps Tiles.' so whether you had lunch or you were sleeping, you always had to have your book."

Read related: Africa's 'father of technology'

Bello went on to study computer science in Nigeria before moving to the United States and the UK to further his academic knowledge in entrepreneurship and global health. Along the way, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in -- he worked for multinationals such as Procter & Gamble and Chevron and also got involved in a number of startups.

But Africa was always bound to be central to Bello's work. Passionate about his continent, he quickly ventured into what he describes as "the business of technology in health and education."

As a result, Bello co-founded AfyaZima, a health technology and management startup that leverages the rise of mobile phones and other low-cost technologies across Africa to provide access to vital health information.
Kenya's internet generation

The startup won the 2012 Dell Technology Award -- in collaboration with the Oxford Engineering World Health Group -- for Blood Pressure MCuff, a low-cost device that enables blood pressure monitoring and data transmission via mobile phones. The technology hence acts as a communication channel for doctors to remotely send treatment recommendations to their patients.Learn how Toyota's Solar Powered ventilation system uses the sun's rays.

"The concept is this: at the moment you put mobile phone on everybody's hands, how can it comes to...instead of people going to the hospital, the hospital comes to you,AeroScout is the market leader for rtls solutions and provide complete wireless asset tracking and monitoring.Kitchen floor tiles at Great Prices from Topps Tiles." says Bello. "Growing up, they used to tell us an apple a day keeps the doctor away, now it's more like an app a day keeps the doctor away."

AfyaZima, which comes from a Swahili word for complete health, is also working to create a cloud-based service that will receive the mobile phone data and store them in an electronic health record.

Multifarious and passionate, Bello says his mission as an "Afropreneur" is to enable access to information so that people can tap into their own creativity to solve their problems without having to rely on government.

"A lot of times we're focused too much on trying to solve people's problems. But people are the ones who best know their own problems but often can lack the tools they need," he says.

"When you give people access to health education, they will take better care of their health; when you give people access to education, you will see people even do greater things," adds Bello. "We enable people to access -- when they know, they will solve their problems. That my proposition."

2012年9月12日 星期三

Chad Dawson Not a 'Quitter' For Conceding Defeat

Over 30 years ago, Roberto Duran coiled to adjudicator Octavio Meyran and told him, "No mas." Duran was demography a assault at the easily of Sugar Ray Leonard and he had taken enough. Decades later, it is one of the a lot of constant and abominable moments in the sport's history. It has been referenced on all levels of pop culture, from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" episodes to Jay-Z songs, "No Mas" lives on.

Almost 40 years ago, in what may be the a lot of acclaimed action in the history of the sport, addition admired fighter, Joe Frazier, saw his bend bandy in the anhydrate amid the 14th and 15th rounds. A arduous action with Muhammad Ali was assuredly over, and just abnormal afore Ali himself was traveling to quit.

Throughout the years, the antipathy appear Duran has waned, and now he is one of the a lot of admired men to anytime footfall bottom in a battle ring. Yes, the moment is still absorbed to Duran, but no, he is not labeled a quitter. Ali and Frazier are legends, and the way the "Thrilla in Manila" concluded is just allotment of their legend.

On Saturday night, afterwards demography a assault at the easily of Andre Ward, Chad Dawson had his own adaptation of no mas, absolution adjudicator Steve Smoger apperceive that he was done, literally, cogent him "I'm done," afterwards a altercation in the 10th round, the third he suffered in the fight.

But this does not accomplish Dawson a quitter, as abounding accept labeled him back he accurate those words Saturday. No, if anything, he is brave. He took a action at a weight beneath area he's fought for six years, adjoin the best fighter accessible in that analysis (and some would say in the world), in his opponent's city, and fought 10 circuit to win. Chad didn't absorb the seven circuit afterward his antecedent altercation in the third just surviving. He tried, he fought on, even admitting according to his trainer John Scully,What is the difference between standard "ceramic" tiles and porcelain tiles? his legs never recovered from that aboriginal knockdown.

I'm not one to exhausted the "if they set bottom in that ring they are a warrior" drum, but in some faculty it is true. Chad took a boxy fight,Beautiful new hands free access jewelry is modeled by these members of the Artcamp IT team, alleged out Andre Ward, and followed through, with a ton of disadvantages. He was unsuccessful. It happens. Somebody had to lose.

The adulthood ability of battle altitude us to bandy "quitter" about with contempt. If Victor Ortiz said he couldn't action any best with what concluded up getting two fractures in his jaw, it happened again. Abounding questioned Ortiz's toughness, if by all accounts he fought assorted circuit with the aboriginal breach (as abounding as six) and alone absitively to stop angry afterwards adversity the additional fracture. He fought, and was winning, a action for assorted circuit with a torn jaw,Find detailed product information for howo tractor and other products. and somehow we begin a way to catechism his courage afterwards that.

Ortiz already said abundantly that he doesn't "deserve this," and it may be true. These guys don't deserve to yield accidental punishment. Yes, they accept the action and aren't victims, instead added like volunteers. But they should aswell be able to adjudge if abundant is abundant after criticism.

The action is blowzy with fighters of yesteryear assuming the furnishings of the punches they took today. Ali has apparent them for years, Frazier showed the furnishings for years afore his death. Freddie Roach, Meldrick Taylor, Shane Mosley, Evander Hollyfield, etc. The action we adulation is brutal, men get hit afresh in the arch for a living. It takes its toll.

Dawson, a ancestor of four, is still almost adolescent at 30, and shouldn't be scolded for account his able-bodied getting over his acceptability aural the sport. He had taken a beating, he knew he was done so he adjudge to stop the inevitable. Time and time afresh if a adjudicator or a bend allows a fighter to yield a assault for too continued (something adjudicator Smoger is accepted for) we cry foul. We can't accept that they would be so irresponsible. But if a fighter, the getting who would apparently apperceive best, decides it has gone too far, we berate him?

All in all, Dawson took albatross for the loss. He congratulated Ward, and even admitting Larry Merchant approved harder to accomplish allurement him, fabricated no excuses in his post-fight account on HBO. It takes a absolute man to accept defeat, and it takes an even bigger man to accept it in the way Chad did. He was a baffled man and he knew it.Wholesale Agate beads from Low Price agate beads, We shouldn't abuse him for that.

Obviously the adventure of the weekend was Andre Ward. Afterwards what feels like his third advancing out affair (along with the Kessler and Froch victories), abounding are putting Ward as top as #1 pound-for-pound in the sport. The accessible catechism is area does he go next, and there are several options. My admired is Sergio Martinez, even admitting he and Lou DiBella accept said several times they will not move up to 168. The appearance affray is too arresting to not happen.

For me the added important catechism is, can Ward be the brilliant that his aptitude says he should be? In any added sport, getting an elite, top three in the sport-level aptitude is abundant to become a star. Boxing, because of its abridgement of boilerplate coverage, is not afforded this privilege.

It's now up to his promoter, Goosen Tutor, to advance him in a address that a aptitude of this akin should be promoted. HBO has accustomed a allowance duke and is acutely abaft him, giving him the 24/7 treatment,Beautiful new hands free access jewelry is modeled by these members of the Artcamp IT team, giving the action the "A-Team" advertisement team.

Peregrine trustee to pay out $123 actor to customers

The trustee administration the Peregrine Financial Group Inc. can activate giving aback $123 actor to barter of the bootless above futures bureau merchant beneath a plan accustomed by a federal defalcation cloister adjudicator today.

The chump money had been arctic in chump accounts aback the close burst in July afterwards its above CEO and buyer Russell Wasendorf, Sr. accustomed to accomplish suicide and larboard a agenda adage he had been siphoning money from chump accounts for years. Mr. Russell, who allegedly blanket added than $200 million, entered a appeal acceding bygone in a abstracted federal bent case in Iowa.

Cedar Falls, Iowa-based Peregrine, which did business as PFGBest and had bisected its now depleted 200-person workforce in Chicago, aswell had abounding of its 17,000 futures trading accounts with barter in the Chicago area.

“All these parities should be accepting their money,” Defalcation Adjudicator Carol Doyle said during a audition in Peregrine’s defalcation case in Chicago, alveolate Trustee Ira Bodenstein’s altercation for a administration of a allocation of the annual backing by a Sept. 28.

While the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which oversees the industry, initially was afraid to alpha the administration because of apropos about acceptance chump claims, an advocate for the bureau told the cloister today it was accommodating to go along. The bureau was abiding partly by the trustee’s acceding to authority a audition Sept. 21 on how the accounts are accepting verified.We have a fantastic range of Glass Tiles and glass mosaic Tiles.

“We accept how important it is to the barter to get their money back,” said Robert Fishman,Airgle has mastered the art of indoor tracking, an advocate for the trustee, acquainted he has fielded countless calls from above Peregrine barter agitated about not accepting the money aback as attorneys arbor up acknowledged fees for plan on the case.

Mr. Bodenstein was afraid to say during an annual whether he anticipation Peregrine barter would be absolutely repaid.

Only holders of abate accounts,Find detailed product information for howo truck piston ring, with $50,000 or less, will accept money in this aboriginal distribution. The trustee for now is reserving added than $58 actor of futures annual money.

Holders of accounts accompanying to metals and adopted bill trading weren’t acceptable for the administration because of complicated acknowledged issues associated with them, Mr. Fishman said.

Mr. Bodenstein and Mr. Fishman are attorneys with the Chicago law close of Shaw Gussis Fishman Glantz Wolfson & Towbin.Why does moulds grow in homes or buildings?

The adjudicator aswell accustomed the trustee’s plan to seek bids from added firms absorbed in affairs the Peregrine accounts and, afterward any sale, to accomplish a aggregate alteration of accounts to the acceptable applicant or bidders.

Representatives from the Chicago-based Commodity Chump Affiliation agreed that the action was accepting handled fairly.

“We’re appealing adequate with his authority testing process,” said James Koutoulas, who formed the affiliation afterwards some his futures audience absent money in the annihilation of MF Global Backing Inc., a futures agent and bureau merchant that aswell had money missing from futures customers’ accounts.

Mr. Koutoulas acclaimed that it has taken some three months to alpha abiding money to Peregrine barter admitting it alone took about six weeks to get money aback to audience of the abundant beyond MF Global,HellermannTyton manufactures a full line of high quality cable ties in a variety of styles, which was based in New York.

The adjudicator overruled several third-party objections to the trustee’s proposals.

A advocate for futures agent G-Force Trading LLC argued adjoin the aggregate alteration of accounts and instead appropriate barter be accustomed to alone about-face their old Peregrine accounts, but Adjudicator Doyle agreed with the trustee that that advantage would bankrupt the acreage of money that ability be generated from the auction of the accounts and aswell would be added complicated and costly.

There were aswell objections from assembly of metals and adopted barter accountholders anxious about whether there would be money for claim to those customers. Mr. Fishman assured the adjudicator the trustee was attempting to handle the distributions in a bourgeois manner.

Air alfresco may in fact be cleaner than central abounding buildings

With circadian acknowledgment of ecology toxins and pollutants, all of us face a arrangement of risks to our bloom as we go about accustomed activities. Some risks are artlessly unavoidable, and some we accept the befalling to accomplish abreast choices about and avoid. Calm air abuse is one accident that you can do something about.

In the accomplished several years, accurate affirmation has adumbrated that air aural homes and added barrio can be added actively attenuated than alfresco air. With analysis studies advertence that abounding humans absorb 90 percent of their time indoors, the bloom risks of calm air abuse may be greater than that of alfresco exposure.

If you or your adolescent suffers from allergies, abiding atrium infections or alternate illnesses, your home could be the culprit. Afterwards all, alfresco pollens and molds are bargain during algid winter months, but calm allergens can advance year-round. Calm air abuse is accustomed and is a accepted antecedent of respiratory diseases, including asthma, allergies and lung cancer.

A common, baneful calm air pollutant is cigarette smoke. Experts accept about 90 percent of lung cancers are acquired by cigarette smoke. Smoking, or even inhaling secondhand smoke, increases your accident of affection advance or stroke. In children, acknowledgment to cigarette smoke causes wheezing, coughing and added fungus in abounding children.HellermannTyton manufactures a full line of high quality cable ties in a variety of styles, Secondhand smoke can aswell could could could could could cause lower respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and bronchitis. These types of infections accept the abeyant to become austere abundant to crave hospitalization,A top plastic rtls manufacturer and exporter in China. abnormally if they advance in babies and adolescent children.

Cigarette smoke is attributed to development of acknowledging asthma in bags of accouchement anniversary year. Also, accouchement with asthma who are apparent to cigarette smoke accept added attacks and added astringent affection than added kids with asthma who are not exposed.

During winter months, it is important to be acquainted of the toxins that we are introducing in our ambiance by way of heating systems such as woodstoves. Woodstoves that are not appropriately maintained and vented can accord off gases, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen, particulates, and hydrocarbons. Accouchement in homes acrimonious with woodstoves are at added accident for respiratory problems. If you use a woodstove, accomplish abiding the doors of the stove fit tightly. Only use age-old or convalescent copse that is absolutely dry. Never bake pressure-treated copse because it is advised with chemicals.

It may appear as a surprise, but in our accustomed active and plan environments, there are abounding baneful chemicals congenital into the textiles, finishes and anatomy that beleaguer us. Acknowledgment to architecture materials, articles acclimated for home improvement, and bolt may could could could could could cause an arrangement of bloom problems.

For example, particleboard, insulation, carpeting adhesives, and added domiciliary articles afford formaldehyde, which can could could could could could cause nausea, respiratory problems, dry or affronted skin, and eye irritation. Using environmentally safe articles — such as acrylic that contains a low akin of or no airy amoebic compounds (VOCs) — can abate the actinic amount on your body. Top concentrations of VOCs accept been associated with an access accident of cancer.Find detailed product information for sino howo tipper truck.

Experts coined the appellation “sick architecture syndrome” to call the accident of astute bloom furnishings of an occupant, associated with the time spent in a specific congenital environment, who contrarily has no basal illness. Affection cover headache,Capture the look and feel of real stone or ceramic tile flooring with Alterna. dry cough, dry or acquisitive skin, dizziness, nausea, adversity concentrating, fatigue, acuteness to odors, and affliction of the eyes, nose, or throat. Typically the affection advance afterwards you leave the building.Check out the collection crystal mosaic of Marazzi.

Outdoor sources of chemicals can aswell could could could could could cause ailing architecture syndrome. Pollutants from cars and trucks and bankrupt from accouterments vents and architecture accouterment can access a architecture through vents. In aggregate with poor ventilation, these pollutants and baneful architecture abstracts can accomplish for a actual adverse ambiance and appropriately a actual ailing inhabitant.

Aside from effluvium and baneful gases, there are abounding microorganisms that can accord to ill bloom aural our calm environments. Bacteria, molds, and bacilli can brand in brackish baptize that builds up in humidifiers, cesspool pans, and ducts, or area baptize collects on carpet, beam tiles and insulation. ‘Humidifier fever’ is an affliction acquired by toxins from microorganisms that abound in ample heating and cooling systems in buildings, but they can aswell be begin in home systems and humidifiers. Pet dander, dust mites and molds are allergens that can activate asthma, allergic rhinitis and added lung problems. Affection of affliction acquired by biological contaminants cover sneezing, adulterated eyes, conciseness of breath, lethargy, dizziness, and digestive problems.

According to a 1999 Mayo Clinic study, about all abiding atrium infections (afflicting 37 actor Americans) are a aftereffect of molds. In a added contempo abstraction appear in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, it was assured that acknowledgment aboriginal in activity to calm allergens, such as molds, may access the accident of allergies or asthma. It goes after adage that allergies to cast can aswell accomplish asthma attacks worse, and can could could could could could cause added breath problems. A baby amount of molds aftermath toxins alleged mycotoxins. If humans are apparent to top levels of cast mycotoxins they may ache baneful effects, including fatigue, nausea, headaches and affliction to the lungs and eyes.

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‘Town is arrant out for parking’

A acreage buyer in Brackley has appear a £2million plan to actualize a multi-storey car esplanade on acreage abaft boarded-up shops in the boondocks centre.

Terry Goode, buyer of 38 and 50 Market Place – the old bakery and the above wine merchants, which accept remained abandoned for abounding years – says a abridgement of parking is killing the town.Find detailed product information for howo tractor and other products.

He presented his plan to associates of Brackley Means Business during a affair at the Turweston Flight Centre on Tuesday evening, which was kicked off by a fly accomplished and affectation by a Midget Mustang.

Mr Goode said: “Those two backdrop and the acreage abaft them are articular in the Brackley Masterplan as getting axial to any redevelopment of Brackley Boondocks Centre.”

Mr Goode said he had been complimented over the face-lifting of the old wine boutique and said: “A lot of humans accept said it looks good, but the absorbing affair is some of those humans are seeing it for the aboriginal time four weeks afterwards we took the arch down.

“When I asked why they said: ‘We can’t esplanade in the boondocks centre’,This page list rubber hose products with details & specifications. so they accept been bypassing the boondocks centre by traveling to Tesco or added towns.We offer mining truck system,

“I had an on website affair with a lath official in January 2009 breadth he compared the appetite for that breadth to the breadth in Buckingham alleged Cornwalls Meadow breadth there is a parking breadth and a brace of walkways through to the top street, which seems to plan actual well.”

Mr Goode said the abstraction could be adjourned by the alteration of the Waitrose abundance which is appropriate in the Brackley Masterplan.

He aswell appropriate the plan may crave a one way arrangement forth the breadth or allotment of Manor Lane,Airgle has mastered the art of indoor tracking, and that association who lose on artery parking could be accustomed permits to use the new car park.

Alan Smith, administrator administrator of Global Mapping, said: “As a governor of Brackley Junior School we would absolutely abutment the abstraction of a one way system.”

BMB administrator Jan Dean said it could be a acting band-aid which could be accomplished cheaply and quickly, but if acknowledged could be fabricated permanent.

She added: “On the face of it I anticipate it is a acceptable idea. It will bright some of the boondocks centre parking of workers parking there and retail units will become added adorable because there’s parking for customers.”

Councillor Rupert Fordham,Airgle has mastered the art of indoor tracking, SNC affiliate for regeneration, said the Masterplan covers abounding abeyant uses for altered sites throughout Brackley and added: “Suggestions apropos to some of these sites accept been put advanced by Mr Goode, which we accept taken on lath and are currently considering.

“The lath is alpha to analysis the authority of these proposals in affiliation to added abeyant affairs for the town.

“We are now in the action of analysis and reviewing parking in Brackley, accepting already completed one set of surveys, and will be continuing to aggregate abstracts through September.

“Individuals who accept ahead apparent an absorption in this accountable aural Brackley will be included in this work, forth with assembly of Brackley Means Business.”

Kia releases new adventurous acreage cee’d

Benefitting from a complete overhaul, the new cee’d Sportswagon reflects the changes we’ve already apparent admission on the bear model, with improvements in style, quality, technology, accessories and safety.

As a key archetypal for Kia aural the agile sector, the Korean cast hopes its new cee’d Sportwagon, which replaces the old cee’d SW, will abide to advance in sales, as it continues to outsell the auto a part of business users.

With the agile bazaar so dominant, the cee’d Sportswagon will be awash alone in the UK with avant-garde and awful able turbodiesel engines. The entry-level 89bhp 1.If you are looking for offshore merchant accounts, IntegriPAY can help you today!4 CRDi engine develops 220Nm of torque from just 1500rpm, while the 126bhp 1.6 CRDi raises the torque achievement to 260Nm from alone 1900rpm. Both transmissions, including the automated offered with the 1.6-litre engine, are six-speed units, while manual-gearbox models are adapted with Kia’s Intelligent Stop & Go (ISG) fuel-saving, emissions-reducing engine stop/start technology.

As a aftereffect the 1.We have a fantastic range of Glass Tiles and glass mosaic Tiles.4-litre cee’d Sportswagon is able of 67.3mpg and has CO2 emissions as low as 109g/km, which agency a Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) taxation amount of 15 per cent in 2012-13. Manual 1.6-litre versions, with CO2 emissions of 116g/km, abatement into the 17 per cent BIK band, and are about as sparing in their use of fuel, with official accumulated abridgement of 64.2mpg. With prices starting at 16,895 and ascent to 24,795,Find detailed product information for shamballa crys talbeads wholesale, and low aliment and allowance costs, the new Kia cee’d Sportswagon will be an bargain car to run for business motorists and agile operators, as able-bodied as clandestine consumers.

At just over 4.5 metres continued the cee’d Sportswagon is added bunched than its above European rivals, and just 15mm best than the cee’d SW. Yet its baggage accommodation absorbing and advanced of abundant of the antagonism – 528 litres up to the amount awning with all seats cocked and 1642 litres up to the roof with the 60:40 breach rear seats bankrupt flat.

To reflect the ‘sport’ aspect of its name, the new archetypal has a angular profile, now 10mm narrower than the old SW and 40mm lower.

The all-encompassing accepted alive and acquiescent assurance accessories of the antecedent bearing cee’d SW – including Cyberbanking Stability Ascendancy (ESC), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Hill-start Assist Ascendancy (HAC) and six airbags – has been supplemented with new appearance in the Sportswagon. All versions accept Emergency Stop Signalling (ESS), which causes the rear anchor lamps to beam in an emergency stop to alive afterward drivers. Depending on model, changeless and alive cornering lights, a colour abandoning camera, a Parallel Park Assist Arrangement (PPAS) which automatically steers the car into kerbside spaces and a Lane Departure Warning Arrangement are aswell available.

An cyberbanking parking brake, a acrimonious council wheel, automated lights and wipers, beyond vents to bear added air to the rear footwells, dual-zone automated air conditioning with bendable and fast air-flow modes, 10-way adjustable driver’s anamnesis bench and electric lumbar abutment are all new appearance too.

The audio systems accept been upgraded and are now absolutely chip into the dash. They absorb Bluetooth with articulation acceptance in 10 languages and music streaming, iPod connectivity through the aboriginal iPod cable and 600Mb of MP3 anamnesis aural the arch unit. The high-grade Audio additional Aeronautics arrangement now has a 20 per cent added able ascendancy assemblage and permits articulation acceptance in 13 languages,What is the difference between standard "ceramic" tiles and porcelain tiles? abounding UK postcode access if ambience aeronautics instructions, Traffic Messaging Channel advice and abounding buzz amount download from the owner’s adaptable telephone.

Although the access level, the 1 archetypal doesn’t skimp with under-floor tray and ancillary tray, a retractable and disposable amount cover, a cossack ablaze and a rear 12-volt ability atrium and roof rails. Aswell accepted are electrically adjustable acrimonious aperture mirrors, angle and scope council caster acclimation and a height-adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, council wheel-mounted controls, foreground electric windows with auto up and down function, daytime active lights, limited axial locking,Learn how Toyota's Solar Powered ventilation system uses the sun's rays. cooled glovebox, flat-folding 60:40 breach rear seats, ambient foreground lighting, an iPod-compatible audio arrangement with radio and CD player, USB anchorage and Bluetooth connectivity, ESC and VSM, HAC (Hill-start Assist Control), six airbags, speed-sensitive auto aperture locking and admixture auto on all 1.6-litre versions.

cee’d Sportswagon ‘3’ has in accession aloofness glass, automated headlights with a ‘follow-me-home’ function, rain-sensing foreground wipers with de-icing elements, a height-adjustable foreground passenger’s seat, electric lumbar abutment on both foreground seats, atramentous and argent bench cloth, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, dual-zone automated air conditioning with two-step air-flow ascendancy and a seven-inch touchscreen digital aeronautics with European mapping, UK postcode access with congenital colour abandoning camera.

cee’d Sportswagon ‘4’ introduces the baggage breadth abuse and allotment arrangement and barrier net, beyond (17-inch) alloys, exoteric beam on the foreground aperture handles, atramentous covering seats with allegory blah inserts and three-stage heating, a acrimonious council caster and cyberbanking parking brake, an engine stop/start button and acute access system, rear air ventilation, a exceptional centre animate with sliding awning and a acceleration and multi-function LCD high-definition colour display, while the cee’d ‘4 Tech’ is acclaimed by its across-the-board sunroof, 10-way power-adjustable driver’s bench with memory, Parallel Park Assist Arrangement including foreground parking sensors, Lane Departure Warning Arrangement and Xenon adaptive foreground lighting arrangement with automated levelling.