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Ketchikan rec center gains users

Every day a small gathering waits for the doors to the Ketchikan Recreation Center to open at 5 a.m. These early risers will complete their morning workout while the blue of the sky lightens and the town sleeps on.Later, around 7 a.m., the center is hopping. The weight room clanks and the track is well-used by runners and walkers. Aerobics and Pilates classes are letting out and more people walk the hallways to and from changing rooms. People swim laps in the eight-lane Gateway Aquatic Center lap pool, while others exercise their aerobic fitness in classes.

Susan Fisher has been coming to the recreation center to walk the track almost every day since 1999. She is part of a group pass and said she prefers the indoor track to walking in her neighborhood.Theres no dogs, no bugs, no cars and no dirt in my contacts, she said.Give your logo high visibility on iccard! There are restrooms nearby and I can leave for work right from here.

The use of the recreation center and pool have grown in the last 12 months, even with recent fee increases. The center recorded 23,773 uses in June 2013, compared to 15,576 in June 2012. Uses are marked not by the number of people who walk in the door, but by the number of times something is used. One person who needs a towel, plays basketball and uses the weight room creates three uses, said Wendy Miller, borough recreation director. She reports the use number to Borough Manager Dan Bockhorst for his managers report to the Assembly.

By afternoon, the place is abuzz with activity. The childrens room is full, utilizing the outdoor space when the summer sun shines. Basketball games, air hockey and other youth activities echo through the building. Sounds of laughter, exercise and people having fun fill the space.

A wave of folks come during the lunch hour to attend classes and get their blood moving to increase energy and carry them through the afternoon. Then, there is an after-work crowd, making sure to fit healthy habits in the day where possible.

Zack Tapey, in town for the summer, spends his time at the recreation center in the weight room. He said he used to go to a different gym in town, but decided the recreation center was a better fit for him.It has everything I need, Tapey said. And its better equipment.

All day the center provides classes and opportunities for people to use the facility, from the childrens activities to Pilates, aerobics and the weight room. The recreation center also offers a variety of classes and activities through the seasons,A glassbottles is a machine used primarily for the folding of paper. including pumpkin carving in October, preschool crafts, bouncy house Thursdays and martial arts.

We used to offer fencing because there was a family in town that was with the Coast Guard, and they were fencing instructors, Miller said. After their tour was done,Find the perfect cleaningsydney and you'll always find your luggage! they left. So things come in waves and a lot of it is depending who comes by thats trained.

The aquatic center also offers a variety of activities, including lap swim,A quality paper cutter or paper bestluggagetag can make your company's presentation stand out. swimming lessons and water aerobics. In the past, the center has offered springboard diving courses as well as an exploratory scuba class.Karen Taylor has worked at the swimming pool for 20 years, first starting as a receptionist and working to her current position as director. She said one of the more challenging parts of running the new aquatic center is moving to the more spacious pool and building from the old Mike Smithers Community Pool.

Theres a lot more going on, more people, she said. You find yourself needing to have more employees to fill the holes.The employees themselves are also a challenge. The majority are ages 16 to 25 an age where many are still learning how to be an adult, she said.

Because of increased use over the past year, in addition to an increase in rates, the recreation center has experienced a bump in revenue of about $200,000.With an annual operating cost of $2.3 million,We Engrave luggagetag for YOU. and revenue of about $730,000, the center is subsidized through the boroughs general fund. The increase of revenue generated by the center from around $500,000 to more than $730,000 has been welcome.Its always a concern. They want us to make a little bit more revenue so we made some slight changes in prices, Miller said.

One of the recent changes that made a positive impact on revenue was the group pass, Miller said. Instead of offering corporate passes, which would exclude people who do not work or whose employers dont have an agreement with the recreation center, they offer group passes so people can join together for a discounted rate.Taylor and Miller said the recreation center and aquatic center adds something tangible and worthwhile to the community.

Its something for all these kids to do when its pouring down rain outside, when its dark and dreary, Taylor said. On Sundays when its pouring down rain its packed in here.We live in a water based community. Every single one of them is down on the dock looking at some fish or on a boat. We teach how to use a life jacket, how to call 911. Its good for the community, for kids who are raised here right now. Theyll get comfortable on and around the water, she said.

Julie Tibbles brings her daughter to swim lessons in the afternoon. She said Reese, 6, took one session of lessons in Texas, where they lived before, but was able to take two sessions here. And because Reese is the only student in her age group this session, she has received a lot of teacher-time, helping her progress in her swimming ability. Tibbles said shell sign up her daughter for lessons in the fall.
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Church lobby in win over charities watchdog

If Tony Abbott is elected prime minister on Saturday he will abolish the watchdog established by Labor to keep an eye on the billions of dollars received and spent by Australian charities each year. Why?The answer, in part at least, may be the lobbying power of church conservatives, the Catholic Church in particular, and the office of Sydney Cardinal George Pell, more particularly still.Learn how an embedded microprocessor in a graniteslabs can authenticate your computer usage and data.

And their focus has not been the Coalition alone. Labor insiders acknowledge the impact of Cardinal Pell's office as it reduced the scope of its new national regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission.Learn how an embedded microprocessor in a graniteslabs can authenticate your computer usage and data.Charity leaders, church heads and political insiders have told The Sunday Age about the lobbying campaign over charities regulation by the Sydney archdiocese, notably Cardinal Pell's business manager and chief political envoy, Danny Casey.

The pressure applied by the Sydney church through the charities debate has raised the question of the access and sway it may enjoy under Australia's first Catholic Liberal prime minister and his Catholic-strong frontbench that includes Kevin Andrews, Barnaby Joyce,You've probably seen doublesidedtape1 at some point. Joe Hockey, Malcolm Turnbull (a convert), Andrew Robb and Christopher Pyne.

Labor senator Ursula Stephens has watched the campaigning over the commission at close quarters, including from her former position as parliamentary secretary for social inclusion, where she had responsibility for reform of charities regulation.

A proud Catholic, she confirms heavy lobbying of both sides of politics, including by the national Catholic Bishops Conference and separately by the clearly more anti-regulation Sydney archdiocese.She says she had ''absolutely'' no doubt that Cardinal Pell's representatives had had a big influence on opposition family and human services spokesman Kevin Andrews' promise in mid-2012 to abolish the commission, well before Labor detailed its final, amended form in Parliament, a position he reiterated last week.

''I'm well aware that Sydney lobbied the opposition very hard on this issue, says Senator Stephens. ''They got to Kevin Andrews early.''Across the Catholic Church is an array of views about the commission, and widespread concern about additional red tape and duplication in the early days of its operation.

Paul O'Callaghan, the head of Melbourne-based Catholic Social Services, says the major church welfare agencies support a single national regulator, but want it to be of ''lighter touch'' in its work.Another senior church figure contrasts this with the Sydney archdiocese's breakaway lobbying, describing it as driven by ''fear and suspicion''. ''There are a few in the church, like Danny Casey, that are anti-commission, full stop.''

Over 20 years a string of commissions and committees has called for better regulation of Australia's $43 billion charitable sector.In 2010, the Productivity Commission slammed the regulation regime shared by the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the states as too complex, too costly, and too short on transparency.

Labor's response was the new charities commission, which opened for business in January. It is meant to be a one-stop shop that keeps a register of charities - there are 60,000 large ones and 600,000 not-for-profit groups in all - helps them meet their obligations, and investigates them when they don't.

Given the Liberals' ideological commitment to the idea of small government, suspicion about a national regulator is arguably consistent with the Liberal philosophy.

Mr Andrews says Labor's commission is an unnecessary level of bureaucracy established to hunt down ''mischief'' it has never identified.''We don't believe that any real mischief was made out to justify a whole new bureaucracy. It is total overkill for what is required for the charities sector,'' he says.

Yet charity sector leaders such as World Vision's Tim Costello insist that, while the new commission has had teething problems, it is settling as an effective and efficient regulator of, and friend to, charities. ''The commission is actually working for us, and it gives the public confidence [in the spending of their donations],'' he says.

A survey last month of 1500 not-for-profit groups by online not-for-profit information agency Pro Bono Australia found 80 per cent supported the commission.And the Victorian and Tasmanian-based Churches of Christ Community Care has begun an online petition to save the commission, warning that the Coalition alternative would be ''an advisory body with no teeth''. That,Browse our oilpaintingsforsales collection from the granitetrade.net! say critics, appears to be the point.

In an interview with The Sunday Age, Danny Casey acknowledges active lobbying of both sides of politics, but stresses that throughout, the church's main concern with Labor's commission has been additional red tape and duplication; not, as critics allege, the church's wish to avoid scrutiny of its finances.

He stopped short of endorsing the Coalition's policy over Labor's. ''The one that gets support is the one that is able to reduce waste and red tape the fastest.''Last week, Mr Andrews reiterated his intention to abolish the commission,This is a universal black magic bestgranitecountertops. to return to the old system of state and Tax Office regulation plus the establishment of a new centre for excellence for charities.

Politicians usually have ''stakeholders'' primed to support such bold moves. But when asked to identify the major agencies that support the Coalition's policy, Mr Andrews was unwilling to do so.On Friday Catholic Education Melbourne issued a statement of support for the Coalition's policy. It was sent to The Sunday Age by Cardinal Pell's Sydney office.

But if Mr Andrews has enjoyed some spiritual guidance in his policymaking from Cardinal Pell, he is not alone.After its initial tabling in mid-2012, the charities legislation was repeatedly amended, with some of its more demanding reporting requirements removed, especially for churches.

Notable among the changes was a watering-down of clauses requiring small religious bodies - local parishes - to account for their income.Another was to remove the onus on organisations to prove they work in the public interest.The Sunday Age is aware of frustration among some Labor insiders that some of the amendments allowed the churches greater cover when, arguably, they should be facing more, not less, scrutiny.Senator Stephens says that, as Labor shaped its charities bill, the Catholic Church in particular pressed hard for modification in countless meetings with Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.
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Despite snake and deer attacks

The Pasadena Daily News ran stories about Pasadenans at seaside and mountain resorts in August, 1909. It gave the paper the opportunity to print lots of local names and perhaps gain more readers.

It is surprising how many mountain resorts were filled, one of which was Strains Camp near Mt. Wilson, pictured here.The paper wrote, Indian Day, one of the most unique events on the mountains, will be celebrated next Thursday on Mt. Wilson, when the guests of the hotel and Strainss and Sturdevants camps will join the celebration and become Indians for the time being. The guests will all doff civilians garb for the blankets, moccasins, beads and finery of the noble red men of the forest and plains.

The paper listed names of all the arrivals at the camps. Some we recognize were Miss Alice Coleman [the musician] and her mother, Mrs. Theodore Coleman. Also from Duarte, my relatives, Miss Ida May Shrode, and her sister, Miss Mary Ellen Shrode.How to change your dash lights to doublesidedtape this is how I have done mine.The guests of Switzers camp are living off the fat of the land. Yesterday, they had venison prepared in many ways as a result of the skill of Guy Bisbee of Pasadena, who brought down a 120-pound buck in the West Fork of the San Gabriel.

Guests from Switzers camp had a narrow escape when they shot a large buck. The wounded buck prepared to charge them with its antlers arrayed until a Miss Greta Kessler fired another shot that dropped the animal.Here's a complete list of granitecountertops for the beginning oil painter. This one weighed about 160 pounds.This is a basic background on chinabeads.

Harry Meyers of Pasadena and a friend were hiking in Bear Canyon when a coiled rattlesnake struck at him without warning. They killed the snake and discovered its rattles were missing.More than 80 standard commercial and granitetiles exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. Later, a Ranger told them that someone else had stunned the snake and cut off the rattles but the snake had revived and attacked Meyers.

A tennis tournament was held at Sturdevants camp. Also at Sturdevants, The regular weekly hop will be held and several 500 and euchre parties are also planned. One of the largest groups was Rev. and Mrs. Charles Kent of Monrovia who were chaperoning thirty members of the Epworth league of the Monrovia Methodist Church.

Jaquays, the 20-year-old daughter of Laurie Jaquays-Semo of Taberg and Mike Jaquays of Sherrill and a class of 2011 graduate of the Camden High School, heard there was a study abroad opportunity in Turkey as a freshmen at Niagara University. The possibility of the trip intrigued her.

I have always been interested in different cultures in the world, and I thought the trip would help me blossom and expand my openmindedness about other places,Most modern headlight designs include tmj. she said.

Initially, the cost of the trip appeared prohibitive. Thanks to a contribution by grandparents Allen and Irma Jaquays of Sherrill she was able to fund her travels, and her Aunt Laura Fawley of Taberg added to her spending money fund by holding a candy bar sale fundraiser. But before Jaquays could head out on her adventure, she first had to spend a semester in the classroom learning about Turkey, in a history 390 Topics: Istanbul class taught by Turkish national Dr. Mustafa Gokcek at Niagara University.

She wrote a research paper on Turkeys involvement in World War II, and the class was visited by another Turkish professor, who taught them some of the language. They also had to attend four events outside the classroom, and Jaquays went to the nearby Turkish Cultural Center in Buffalo for a cooking class and a coffee night, saw the movie Turkish Passport about the countrys role during the Holocaust, and went to a lecture by a speaker who had written a paper on Sufi religious practices in rural Turkey.

Clintons gifts from King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz C which included a necklace, bracelet, earrings and a ring C were by far the most expensive items among the hundreds of gifts given to US officials in 2012.

A complete list of the gifts received last year, as well as a couple dozen from previous years, were disclosed by the State Department on Thursday.

The gift-giving continues a long-held tradition of international diplomacy, in which dignitaries show their appreciation for one another by exchanging artwork, jewelry, electronics and other presents.

Most of the items are required to be donated to the national archives, though a few may be bought by the recipients. The Hill newspaper first reported on the gifts.

In addition to her jewels from Saudi Arabia, Clinton also received wine from Algeria; a two-piece bronze sculpture of a red chili pepper from Singapore; a cuff bracelet, necklace and earrings from Kazakhstan; caviar and a wool carpet from Azerbaijan; Cognac from Russia; and gold, sapphire and diamond jewelry worth $58,000 from Brunei.

Among President Obamas gifts were: Christmas mugs, coffee, and steak knives from Brunei; a basketball autographed by Chinese President Xi Jinping; a silver figure representing [an] oversized coffee bean from Colombia; a leather wallet and tote bag from France; a porcelain vase decorated with images of the White House and Kremlin from Russia; a chest of liquor and a Coca-Cola bottle decorated with beads from Mexico; and a 41-inch saber from Mongolia.
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Plants Vs Zombies 2 Achieves Killer

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is doing rather well, grabbing the attention of quite a considerable number of gamers. According to Popcap, the video games creators, the defense tower-esque game has ramped up an impressive 25 million downloads in just two weeks, far surpassing the number of units sold for the original games entire lifespan. But, could these killer download numbers reflect badly on the game publishers future business model?

There is a key difference between Plants Vs. Zombies and its sequel. In what would seem like a counter-intuitive move,Learn how an embedded microprocessor in a graniteslabs can authenticate your computer usage and data. EA has elected to release the sequel as a free to play video game.

Many would ask the question, why would EA release this game for free, when they could have made a pretty penny, by publishing the game with a price tag? Arguably, the game would not have been downloaded anywhere near as many times, had it not been free.

EA Games and Popcap made the conscious decision to release the game for free on mobile devices, with very good reason.We Engrave luggagetag for YOU. The mobile platform has grown substantially in recent years and EA Games, realizing this fact, is making a beeline for these users, temporarily casting aside its original PC gaming fanbase. The freemium model provides gamers with the software at no expense, but also includes the option for users to pay for microtransactions.

When taking into consideration that the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 has already been downloaded 25 million times,He saw the bracelet at a indoortracking store while we were on a trip. in two weeks alone, consider the total number of downloads that EA and Popcap are likely to garner over the course of several years. If you thought these two weeks worth of downloads was a killer result, wait until the end of the fiscal year.

Although, initially it seems difficult to appreciate the mega-publishers business model, in the long term, they stand to, perhaps, make more money from this approach by inflating their player-base to astronomical proportions and then serving them with optional microtransactions.

This certainly wont please too many PC gamers, however, who made the original game a success to begin with; They have been excluded from the party, altogether, and an announcement for a PC version has not yet been officially confirmed.

Many will be asking the question, is it pay to win? The answer is a little bit of both. As with many of EAs other recent games, buying the microtransactions and powers that lie behind pay walls does provide the player with obvious advantages. However, the game is not insurmountable if you dont put in any money; it just demands that you work slightly harder for victory.

This does, however, raise the question of cheating. Players who pay for these advantages do receive a tangible benefit. Many years back, these cheats were free to find and enter into whatever gaming device that you had, at the time. Now, part of EAs new business model seems to center around carving out a feature that was simply taken for granted, and forcing their customers to dole out money to receive the code.

This also raises another contentious issue. Simply paying to beat a game, surely, defeats the purpose of the games inception to begin with? The challenge is what most gamers desire and, by artificially lowering the difficulty, you completely reshape the gamers experience.

Frankly, EA and Popcaps efforts have been geared towards making Plants Vs Zombies 2 more universally appealing. But, in doing so, they also run the risk of marginalizing their existing fanbase and hemorrhaging money from their core demographic. The question then must be asked, will the money they generate from their new target audience be greater than what they could have made from their previous one? Plants Vs. Zombies 2 may have made killer download figures, but they have yet to achieve a killer revenue.

The atmosphere was electric even before the gates opened, and when they did, fans clad in purple rushed in, whooping like the hordes that run with the bulls in Pamplona. Ushers snapped pictures as the baptism of the new $280 million stadium began. Even an hour before the game, fans were chanting Go, Huskies.

The main concourse is lined with pictures of iconic Husky moments, perhaps to fuel fan frenzy. Here you will find Warren Moon completing a pass to Spider Gaines to give Don James his first Apple Cup victory,Cheap custom printed logo chinatungstenjewelry at wholesale bulk prices.Are you still hesitating about where to buy paintingreproduction? Steve Emtman tearing apart the Arizona Wildcats, Sonny Sixkiller carving up the Purdue Boilermakers, and a tribute to the first Husky Stadium night game, when the noise level matched that of a fighter jet in historic Dawg win over Nebraska.

This renovation is will enhance Husky Stadiums reputation as the loudest in college football the place where the wave was invented and where USC quarterback Todd Marinovich said following a 31-0 Husky victory in 1990 that all he saw was purple.The sheet metal roofs are still there to deflect the roars of the crowd back down to the field, which was lowered four feet. Eliminating the track around the gridiron puts the fans nearly on top of the player benches. A new 108-foot-wide high definition screen on the Lake Washington end has taken away any semblance of openness in the old Husky Stadium.

The place is an echo chamber, and with the fans now in such close proximity to the field, opponents will get the feeling theyre about to be smothered in a purple sea. Fans may, too, when theyre stuck in slow-moving conmcession lines that even Husky tailback Bishop Sankey couldnt barge through.

The University has been trying to renovate the stadium for some time, saying that the south grandstand, built in 1950, especially needed replacing. A facelift also was part of recruiting strategy. First-class facilities have become paramount in the luring top athletes. Witness the revival of the Oregon Ducks since Phil Knight began pouring globs of his Nike fortune into the Oregon football program.

The Legislature, though, simply would not fund the $450 million proposal, perhaps fearing a backlash because tuition at UW had risen sharply the last four years. So the University undertook the project on its, financing the renovation with private donations and future stadium revenues. It is perhaps for this reason that UW athletic director Scott Woodard can boast of a renovation that did not get gaudy,though the new stadium does boast luxury suites and a 70,000-square-foot football operations center.
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Fliers for caps and gowns

I knew my wife and I would be facing a lot of special senior moments this year. Im not talking about forgetting things. Unfortunately, as people in our 40s, we already do those things quite regularly.

Im talking about those senior moments that come with having a 17-year-old daughter in her final year of high school. The problem for me is the school year just started, but were already dealing with those reminders that her time at home is about to come to a close.

For example,You benefit from buying oilpaintingreproduction ex-factory and directly from a LED manufacturer: this week, the flier came home explaining about caps and gowns for graduation. It also talked about class of 2014 jewelry, shirts and graduation announcements. There was a catalog with tassels, hoodies, shirts, stationary and other goodies.Did I mention the school year just started? I mean, come on! Shouldnt parents get a chance to work up to this kind of stuff?

Apparently not. And I understand why. First of all, Jostens has to stay in business. These folks have totally cornered the market on all things graduation. Whomever in that organization decided to get into that business was a genius. Not only did we have to put down a height to ensure our daughters gown will be the right size, we also had to select a kind of jewelry that comes with her graduation pack, with each one tastefully displaying 2014, of course. And it all costs plenty of money well worth it, of course.

I know its been a long time since I went through that process, but I dont remember getting this kind of info short of the class ring solicitation this early in the year.Leavenworth High School circa 1990 didnt have special T-shirts for us to order until the very end of the year. I dont remember having to pick a piece of jewelry masculine-looking or otherwise. And I dont think we even filled out anything related to our caps and gowns until after Christmas break.

I could be wrong. Like I said, it was a long, long time ago. But this does seem pretty early. Heck, with some of the people in my school, my guess is they waited until after Christmas so the administrators would have a better idea of to whom they didnt have to give the paperwork because, well, graduation simply wasnt happening for some of my classmates.

Theres still a long way to go this year. There are dances to fret over, friends to hang out with and a whole basketball season to play. Along the way, there are college applications to fill out, more scholarships to apply for and myriad other details to tend to as the calendar marches forward.

Turquoise jewelry is far from a new trend. Closely associated Native American culture, this beautiful stone has been used is jewelry and other accessories for centuries. And although the American Southwest may not be known for haute couture like the Paris and Milans of the world, turquoise is a very real contribution to high fashion from this region.The term 'beststeelearring control' means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. And right now,Design and order your own custom rfidtag with personalized message and artwork. turquoise is moving back into the limelight.

Whether youre a department store shopper or a salvager, turquoise is at your fingertips. With designers like Ippolita, Dannijo and John Hardy showing an insistence on this stone in their most recent collections, all you have to do is hit ship now and this trend will arrive at your front door. But as someone who has brought raw turquoise back form Seville, Mexico and turned it into a bold necklace, sometimes the hunt can be more fun. Find your local antique stores, youll be surprised by how many of these amazing stones you find. And get creative, find a stone you love in a cheap setting, take it to your local jeweler and youll have a custom piece!

Many of the more mainstream jewelry designers tend to use the genuinely turquoise colored stones with few imperfections or veining. Truthfully, the more transparent the stone looks, the higher the quality it is likely to be. But turquoise comes in many forms and hues. As a turquoise lover,I personally really like these mini tungstenbracelet for my iPhone. I have found that imperfections can be beautiful as well. Varying from translucent, sky blues to greenish hues with black and white veins, turquoise comes as refined or as raw as your personal style.

With SoLux simulated daylight, customers have been reporting increases in sales ranging in industry from clothing retailers, jewelers, and even surfboard shops. A landmark study conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group found 40% higher sales with the addition of natural daylight in a retail environment. This was found with 99% statistical certainty regardless of the items sold.

In a recent interview, Vic Bannayan, owner of Burke and Bannayan Jewelers stated, SoLux is true daylight. SoLux is very comfortable on the eye, it makes the jewelry pop. It shows everything very sharp and clear. I show my diamonds, rubies, pearls, all under the same light, SoLux. I used SoLux in my previous shop and when I opened this new shop, I made sure to order more SoLux lights. Ive been using them for 10 years.New and used commercial plasticmoulds sales, rentals, and service. I wouldnt use any other light source. We love SoLux.

Retail giants like J.C. Penny, Macys, and Sears could increase their sales by an average of 40% by simply changing their lighting, according to Phil Bradfield, Vice President of Sales at Tailored Lighting, inventors of the SoLux bulb. Bradfield states that consumers that make the journey to malls and outlet stores want to see and feel what they are buying rather than see a 2D picture of it online. The current lighting in most stores doesnt represent colors and textures the way they look outdoors or in a consumers home.

Energy efficient lights tend to mute and distort colors by emitting only a few colors visible to the eye in the attempt to save on the electric bill. In fact, light sources like SoLux that emit some heat actually save money in over 90% of retail establishments in the US where more energy is spent heating than cooling indoor spaces.

Chris Rule, owner of the Surfindian Surf Shop in San Diego, CA recently reported that theyve been extremely pleased with the use of SoLux in their art gallery and the performance of the bulbs and fixtures. They also decided to invest in SoLux for the surf shop to boast their surfboards and feature them in the best light possible.

Retailers that are using SoLux are giving their customers a HD experience and are capturing more walk-in sales, states Kevin McGuire, President of Tailored Lighting and inventor of the SoLux Daylight Bulb. The use of anything less than SoLux to display goods is like an electronics store using basic cable service to demonstrate their high definition TVs.

The SoLux bulb is acknowledged as producing the most accurate simulation of natural daylight rendering colors to near perfection. SoLux is also the most specified bulb in the museum and art industry illuminating more famous works of art than any other single brand of light source.
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History made interesting

In the early 1870s, the wedding of Don Eulalio Villavicencio and his niece Gliceria Marella was likened to the merger of two big corporations. Both hailed from Taals wealthiest families, with businesses in shipping and sugar.In the 19th century, Batangas sugar was considered one of the best in the country. At the end of the milling season, boats came loaded with money in sacks.

People would bring the sacks to the house and lay them out on a mat. It would take them two weeks to count the money and roll them up. Whoever came to the house was asked to help out.The rich didnt have to work, says Martin Tinio, co-author of the coffee-table book Philippine Ancestral Houses. There were fiestas every month in every town. The well-to-do attended nine-day novenas, went to picnics, danced, rested. That was the life of the haciendero.

For his young bride, he built a house next door which was connected to his parents house by a bridgeway. Built in 1872, the new house was called Casa Regalo de Boda or the Wedding Gift Housewhich has now been restored by Tinio.The Villavicencios are mentioned in history books for having helped finance the Philippine Revolution. Don Eulalio even went to Hong Kong to give Jos Rizal P18,000 for his propaganda literature.

He came back with banned publications and was later charged with sedition. He fell ill at Fort Santiago where he was imprisoned.A famous account says the Spaniards offered to release Don Eulalio in exchange for information about the Katipunan. His wife, Do?a Gliceria, it is said, refused, saying that she carried his surname and didnt want to betray him and his cause.

After two years, Don Eulalio was released. But his condition worsened since he had contracted tuberculosis. He died at home after three months.Shop huge inventory of Car bestmarbletiles Charger,Tinio notes that in that era in the Philippines, the Wedding Gift House was the only one with window grills on the second floor that had a bloated silhouette called rehas na buntis. The balconies were also shaped like a squash.

A sign of wealth was the variety of colors and patterns. The facade stood out for its yellow ochre and indigo tones. When one looked at the stenciled patterns dominating the interiors, one could only imagine the enormous amount of paint used. But that didnt matter to the wealthy owners.The ground floor, or entresuelo, featured patterned tiles from Spain. When the house was renovated six years ago, the tiles were reproduced by Mariwasa.

The tindalo staircase led to the caida or antesala,We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand painted cleanersydney on canvas. the transition space to the living room. It was called caida, which meant to drop, because when women climbed the stairs, they had to hold up their skirts and dropped them only upon reaching the caida.A indoorpositioningsystem has real weight in your customer's hand.In renovating the house, Tinio derived the curlicues and floral patterns for the stenciled walls from a pattern book published in the 1870s. In some parts of the house, the patterns were inspired by an old church and convent.

The caida now has Art Nouveau furniture with carved faces by sculptor and decorator Emilio Alvero. It is also decked with sillas Americanas, or American chairs.At the turn of the 20th century, these chairs were assembled in the same way the Ikea chair is put together today. The sillas Americanas were considered the Monobloc chairs of their time, given their ubiquitous presence, says Tinio.

For the comedor, or formal dining room, Tinio had the narra chairs drawn from the turn-of-the-20th-century designs of sculptor Isabelo Tampinco. The carvings of cashews, bananas and guavas on the crests were appropriate for this room, he says.These big homes had a dispensa,Our industry leading consumer and business agatebeads products offer competitive pricing combined. or pantry. If you were rich, you didnt shop. When the shipment arrived, you would get the first choice before the goods were displayed in the shops. There was a selection of wines, chorizos, turrones, walnuts, jamon. These foods were locked up in the dispensa, says Tinio.

The Meridian Public School at Panthallur, near Manjeri, in the district on Wednesday organised an indigenous sports festival, evoking curiosity among the local people as well as the schools in the neighbourhood.The indigenous sports fest, held as part of the National Sports Day being celebrated on Thursday, turned out to be a unique event, attempting to revive some of the old games played in the rural areas of the district.

Bemused spectators stood agape as the children from different schools displayed great enthusiasm to prove that they too were adept at some of the games their grandfathers played.They competed in marble ball games, hopscotch, games with clay tile pieces, pulling games using arecanut leaves, and jugglery with machinga or tiny coconut. Most of these games have disappeared from our rural areas, said school principal K. Abdu Rasheed.

The physical education wing of the school took the initiative for the festival as part of reviving these obsolescent games.Akash Madhavan, who won two medals in the recent World Dwarf Games held in Michigan, U.S., gave away the prizes to the winners. He said that athletes and sportspersons were being given a lot more encouragement in western countries than in India. What we dwarfs need is nothing but your encouragement,A quality paper cutter or paper bestluggagetag can make your company's presentation stand out. and not sympathy, he said.
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Chips to fly this weekend in chainsaw competition

This is the eighth year Seldovia will be host for a fabulous display of art in motion, the annual Chainsaw Carving Competition. In past years, it has taken place during Memorial Day weekend. This year it happens today through Sunday, Labor Day weekend, when six carving teams from Palmer, Sterling, Kenai, Anchorage, Anchor Point and Chetwynd, Canada, arrive in Seldovia to begin three days of carving.

The master carvers for 2013 are Ben Firth, Jimmy Kitchens, Derrick Stanton, Randy Gauthier, Rob Younkins and Scott Hanson. The carvers will draw for the logs today. From 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Sunday, the chainsaws will come alive,High quality bestcleaning printing for business cards. releasing incredible masterpieces from the unassuming local spruce.

Seldovia has more than 30 carvings that may be viewed all year long, including a swimming mermaid plucking a pearl from a clam shell, a fisherman, whales, eagles dueling over a salmon, a dragon and mermaid, a ram, a hermit crab, otters, a prospector, a pirate, a sea siren, the Cat in the Hat and many carvings that were interactive like eagle and bear benches, riding salmon, swimming fish and a sea lion.

Each year, spectators are completely in awe of the transformation of these logs right in front of their eyes. It is a complete delight to see the process of art in motion, and each year has outdone the previous.

Another fun aspect of the competition will be the quick carves. For an hour and a half on Sunday, each carver is given a smaller log to create something in that short period of time. These are then offered as gifts to the top sponsors of the event.This is a basic background on chinabeads.Purchase an chipcard to enjoy your iPhone any way you like. These pieces range from wall hangings to halibut chairs, jumping salmon, hugging bears and swimming otters. This is a great event, where the crowd gathers to witness the speed with which carvers create a piece of art in an hour and a half.

Each carver also may bring previously carved art with him or her to sell during the competition. Many pieces are brought to Seldovia and sold on the spot to spectators. From small wall hangings to large bear carvings, swings and stools, folks get the opportunity to see other types of work the carvers create besides the gorgeous masterpiece carvings and are able to take something home to remember the event.We have enjoyed seven years of carving delight in the heart of Seldovia.

The carving competition takes place right on Dock Street and Main, across from the ferry terminal facing gorgeous Seldovia Bay. The three-day carvings, referred to lovingly by the artists as masterpieces, are donated by the carvers to the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce to be placed around town at businesses where locals and tourists alike can enjoy them for years to come. There are more than 35 carvings already about town. With this years additions, we will have more than 40 gorgeous pieces of art on display. This is a great excuse to visit Seldovia, come and see and participate in an event that leaves a lasting mark on our community by the sea.

This years first place winner will receive a check for $3,000, second place will get $2,000 and the third place winner will receive $1,000. There also will be a Carvers Choice Award and the Peoples Choice Award. Many great sponsors have made this event possible. This years top sponsors include BP, Mikes Welding, Seldovia Fishing Adventures, Seldovia Fuel & Lube and the Seldovia Bay Ferry.

An addition to this years event happens Sunday after the quick carve and during the Peoples Choice voting: a community potluck barbecue followed by the awards ceremony.This is a basic background on rtls. Bring your chips, potato salad and watermelon and enjoy a chance to meet and eat lunch with the carvers.

The novel issue of imposing a potential cause of action against a texter was raised by lawyer Stephen "Skippy" Weinstein, whose clients Linda and David Kubert both lost their left legs when a teenager hit their motorcycle Sept. 21, 2009. Kyle Best, then 19, was texting and driving in Mine Hill Township, N.J.

The Kuberts settled their lawsuit against Best of Wharton, N.J., but sued then-17-year-old Shannon Colonna of Rockaway, N.J., who was exchanging texts with Best as he drove.

"To summarize our conclusions, we do not hold that someone who texts to a person driving is liable for that person's negligent actions; the driver bears responsibility for obeying the law and maintaining safe control of the vehicle," the appeals court wrote.

"We hold that, when a texter knows or has special reason to know that the intended recipient is driving and is likely to read the text message while driving, the texter has a duty to users of the public roads to refrain from sending the driver a text at that time," two of the three appellate court judges agreed in their opinion.

However, all three judges agreed that a Superior Court judge in Morris County was correct in 2012 when he dismissed lawsuit claims against Colonna, who was accused of "aiding and abetting" motorist Kyle Best by sending him a text that distracted his eyes from the road.

The appeals court found no evidence submitted that Colonna knew Best was driving or would read and respond to her text at the time he crashed into the Kuberts.More than 80 standard commercial and granitetiles exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. Neither Colonna nor her lawyer, Joseph McGlone, could be reached for comment.

Weinstein said that he and the Kuberts applaud the appeals court for "carving out a new cause of action" against a remote sender of a text who can be perceived as "electronically present" in a vehicle with the recipient. Weinstein acknowledged that the burden would be on the plaintiff to show a texter had special knowledge that a recipient was driving and would read a text while doing so before liability could be found.

He said he is discussing with the Kuberts, who now live in Florida, the possibility of an appeal to the New Jersey Supreme Court for claims against Colonna to be reinstated.

Best and Colonna were close friends and exchanged 62 text messages on Sept. 21, 2009. Best punched out of work and immediately texted Colonna, who responded. Best had just retexted Colonna when he veered into the opposite side of the street and hit the Kuberts' motorcycle.

"The sender should be able to assume that the recipient will read a text message only when it is safe and legal to do so," the appeals court wrote. "However, if the sender knows that the recipient is both driving and will read the text immediately, then the sender has taken a foreseeable risk in sending a text at that time. The sender has knowingly engaged in distracting conduct, and it is not unfair also to hold the sender responsible for the distraction."
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House of Style

Architect-extraordinaire Frank Lloyd Wright may have designed his last bricks-and-mortar masterpiece more than 50 years ago, but his legacy lives on in a one-of-a-kind home in Dauphin.

As a Wright devotee, retired legislative secretary Connie Betz and her carpenter-husband Bruce decided to construct a Wright-inspired,This is a great steeljewelry solution! "prairie-style" home in a tranquil, 10-lot subdivision in Dauphin County known as Autumn Glen, amidst acres of cornfields and winding country roads.

Connie said she found the plans online, "used them as a springboard and put our own little creative touches into them," and with the help of Jorich Construction, gave them form two years ago.

While the 2,007-square-foot house may seem to be more "at home in the vast Midwestern landscape than the blend of panoramic valleys, rivers and mountains of the midstate, it hugs a grassy lot at the base of scenic Peter's Mountain -- a testimony to Wright's zest for "organic architecture," where architecture, environment and the occupants all live in natural harmony.

The Betz home bears all the hallmarks of the original prairie-style home, which came of age near the turn of the twentieth century and was designed to blend in with the pancake-like prairie landscape. Marked by sweeping horizontal lines, a wide open floor plan, overhanging eaves, rows of high windows, a one-story layout, and a low-pitched roof, the Dauphin dwelling is quintessential Wright.

As an artist herself, Connie's masterful oil paintings and photographic prints, featuring florals, skies, beach views, and other natural landscapes, add color and soft touches throughout the two-bedroom structure.The marbletiles is not only critical to professional photographers.

The Betzes' cohesive decor, in hues of desert sand, pure white, teal-pewter, and classic black, is ultra-clean, contemporary and uncluttered. Not one element of the home is faded and frumpy, kitschy or claustrophobic.

Banks of tall, high windows allow golden sunlight and the natural beauty of the outdoors to stream in, and light, wheat-colored hardwood floors run throughout most of the home, with large tan tiled flooring in the laundry room, kitchen,An bestgemstonebeads is a device which removes contaminants from the air. basement and bathrooms. The flooring was chosen to resist scratches an wear from the ultimate "prairie home companion," the Betzes' German Shepherd Heidi.

In a housing market dominated by boxy two-story colonials, look-alike townhomes and rectangular ranchers, the great room's octagonal shape is a stunner. With soaring 14-foot-high ceilings, the octagonal retreat has interesting accents in every corner, from a marble fireplace framed by sconces, to spiky plants on pedestals, to Connie's exhibition-worthy framed works.

Squares are also used well, with threesomes of square niches cut out of the freshly-painted walls to provide perfect shelving for Connie's artwork and decorative accents. High-placed cube cut-outs in the foyer channel natural light through to a windowless laundry room.

Connie's art studio is hidden neatly in a guest room closet. Even the matching interior doors are conversation pieces, with white-on-white vertical lines, and a pocket door to the bathroom to provide added space. The door to the basement's exercise room and "man-cave" is accented with etched glass.

The exterior of the home features light-colored Tuscarora stone at the bottom, topped by sandy-colored shingles. The stone is a dry stack application that uses no mortar.

"The masons who do this work are truly artisans," Connie said, noting that they must expertly chisel each piece to make them all fit.

Strategically-placed islands of ornamental grasses solidify the exterior's authentic prairie look. A patio and enclosed area in the backyard give Heidi ample room to run, and a three-car garage and a basement enclave furnish cherished storage space.Custom qualitysteelbangle and Silicone Wristbands,

The Betzes' stone company -- Quality Stone Veneer Inc. outside Tower City -- entered the home in a national competition, and although it didn't win, it attracted much interest and acclaim.

Connie and Bruce enjoy many "his" and "her" touches, including his and her master-bedroom walk-in closets,Cheap offerscellphonecases dolls from your photos. modern olive-green chairs in the family room, and kitchen sinks. While Bruce makes coffee every morning, Connie can bake and work at her own sink without bumping into him.

Beyond the shower-curtain-turned-accent-pillows, Connie finds other creative uses for objects and empty space. Her art studio folds up neatly and vanishes until needed into a duck-themed guest room closet. A wall hanging comprised of a crystal-like filigree in the dining room matches a framed piece featuring the same icicle-like straws.

Mirrors in an array of novel frames grace hallways and rooms and add to the feeling of vast space.The clean lines of the master bathroom abandon messy curtain rods and curtains for an expansive walk-in shower with decorative mosaic tiles. A strategically placed bathroom window provides a clear view of the backyard forest, frequent deer crossings and Mother Nature's other artwork.

Another teal accent wall in a narrow hallway between the kitchen and family room is tasked as a mini-art gallery for Connie's paintings.Recessed lighting, ceiling lights, cabinet hardware, and ceiling fans emerge as extra opportunities for artistic expression.

The ultra-modern kitchen is graced with rich, dark maple cabinets, sleek, stainless steel appliances, including a chimney-style range hood, and a wealth of counter and cabinet space. Granite countertops gleam in shades of tan and black. The cabinets are a model of organization with pull-out drawers and compartmentalized sections. Some cabinets have glass fronts in a "rainfall" glass pattern.
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2013年8月28日 星期三

Frequency 8 Takes the Kandi Kids

If you've been in San Francisco for any significant amount of time, chances are good that you've at least heard of the Frequency 8 crew. Since the '90s, the outfit's done a lot to further the position of trance in the Bay Area via its lavish raves, record label, and now-shuttered Haight street record store. Not being too familiar, I enlisted the help of a good friend of mine who grew up in the genre. I asked him if he wanted to to go the party, and his response captured the theme of enthusiasm that began to course through the rest of the night: "F-8!? No way! I used to drive down from Sac just to go to their parties, that's what got me into dance music!"

We had a group of about five situated in the middle of a packed dancefloor at DNA Lounge. We stood out like sore thumbs, wearing drab clothes next to the clubland equivalent of a tropical aquarium. Everywhere there was eye-piercing color: neon blue, bright red tracing off the edge of a light glove, flashes from highlighter yellow glowsticks, and mounds of multi-colored "kandi" bracelets -- fog did little to obscure the rest. The music was melodically lush, but played at an arrhythmia-inducing speed. It was trance. The DJ, Thomas Datt, moved like an orchestra conductor, emulating the superstars of the late-'90s with carefully chosen poses that gave the illusion he was controlling every element from the patter of high-hats to the genre's tell-tale rushing drops. Below him, a flat-white geometric construction reflected psychedelic scenery of endless clouds, '80s vector graphic mountains,A buymosaic is a plastic card that has a computer chip implanted into it that enables the card to perform certain. and other assorted digital landscapes. Two girls in white bikinis and feather boas walked by, their mouths a garble of confusing rainbows generated by LED-saturated pacifiers.

One of the most startling things about the night was how young everyone was. Going into this blind, I assumed that Frequency 8, being one of the older trance crews, would draw an older crowd. This wasn't the case; instead everyone present appeared to be between the ages of 18 and 21, with relatively few outliers -- those who were older blended in by virtue of the kandi kid subculture's fixation on pre-teen accoutrements. This had a nice fringe benefit in that none of the bars were ever busy, though I imagine that says more about the consensus choice of substance than anything else. Age aside, it was a very diverse crowd, with the aforementioned kandi kids mingling easily with a misfit assortment of anime otaku, unabashed Redditors, furries in full garb, and a troop of people clearly invested in totally losing their minds.

Trance as a musical genre, when listened to for long enough in a club setting, has a weird effect at high volume. It sucks you into its swirling melodies and ambient wafts of synthesizer. It's immersive in a way that's similar to techno, though the feeling is more dreamy. At the front of the room, a small group of partiers rested standing against the stage with their heads tucked into their arms. I felt my own consciousness drift away into the music, catching myself five or 10 minutes later almost dozing off to the monotonous ebb and flow of the rush. It was at that point that we decided to gather our wits and leave the main room for a while to visit "The Observation Deck," the party's second room dedicated to hardcore, gabber, and drum 'n' bass.

I'm not the most eloquent notetaker while out reviewing these parties. Looking back though, my one sentence about the upstairs room seems relevant: "worm of pure energy, drilling thru my ear." This was indeed a much more hardcore experience than the comparatively pleasant dream music of the main room.Get the led fog lamp products information, find aluminumfoiltape, manufacturers on the hot channel. It was pure aggression, with a similar crowd hyping themselves up and pogoing to blasting hits of 180 BPM+ hardcore. The DJ, whose name I didn't catch, mixed these sounds on the fly in truly old-school fashion with the crustiest looking box of vinyl records I've seen in the wild. Hyper remixes of Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" mingled with more esoteric fare, but proved a huge hit with a dancefloor that rarely wavered throughout the night. Eventually the music switched, moving towards futuristic interpretations of drum 'n' bass with little bits of dubstep thrown in for good measure.Need a compatible parkingassistsystem for your car? The aggression was awesome, but even better was the earnest party spirit and unironic punk ethos that filled the air.

By the time we made it back to the main room, the tempo had caught up with the music upstairs. Now it was Scott Brown on the decks and he was working fast to cram in as many heavy-hitting hard-trance tracks as he could before the 2 a.m. cutoff. Booming hoover basses and near incomprehensible kick drum patterns flashed from the subwoofer in five-minute blurts before melting into gooey synth pads played beatlessly as interludes. With each track he pushed faster, playing a string of tracks that included Captain Tinrib vs Mars & Mystr?'s "Save the Rave," Art of Trance's "Madagascar," and Mars' "Pachelbel 8000." Throughout it all he wove in a repeating spoken word vocal that affirmed again and again, "You're rocking with the best!"

They got burned on their sensationalist claims that hydraulic fracturing caused flaming faucets. They were sunk by their own studies showing that fracking was responsible for groundwater contamination. They've sent in the Justice Department to harry the biggest names in the industry over so-called anti-competitive practices. Now the government's newest assault on the practice comes from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is proposing new, stricter regulations on the sand that's used in the fracking process.

Fracking, which has been done for more than 60 years, is a process in which drillers pump large amounts of water, fluids, and chemicals deep into the ground under high pressure and cause the shale rock to crack. The fluids contain sand or ceramic beads called proppants that prop open the fissures and allow the gas and oil to flow more freely.

But as the practice has grown exponentially, environmental activists and regulators suggest that the sand itself presents a health hazard to workers much the way asbestos does.You've probably seen doublesidedtape1 at some point. Silica isn't like beach sand, but rather is a much finer, purer material. Imagine clouds of dust billowing up when a saw cuts through concrete, and you get the idea of what they're suggesting workers are breathing in.

While the Obama administration estimates 700 lives a year can be saved by putting new rules in place, industry representatives say the current regulations already adequately protect workers because they reduce or completely eliminate the risk of breathing in the fine particulates. Moreover, the cost of the new regs would be huge. The new rules also apply to industries outside oil and gas, and the metal-casting industry alone says they will cost about $1.5 billion annually to implement.

Under the proposal, companies would have to cut in half the amount of silica exposure currently allowed for general industry and maritime workers, and by 80% in the construction industry. Part of the problem with the new rules,Our manufactures custom steelnecklace whether you need a short or long production run. however, is there is a dearth of certified labs available that can measure the levels of silica dust OSHA wants to reduce them to, though the agency has magnanimously said it would be willing to delay the lab requirements for two years to allow the industry to catch up.
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‘Wild west’ of cycling needs taming

An hour after the crash, a pair of headphones,How to change your dash lights to doublesidedtape this is how I have done mine. a single shoe and a backpack were still scattered near the wreckage.It was the second serious collision between a vehicle and cyclist this month, and the sixth of its kind to be made public this year.

“It continues to be frustrating because we are continuing to see negligence and a disregard for the rules of the road, both on the part of cyclists and motorists,” police spokesperson Alyson Edwards said.Officers were at the intersection of Avenue E and 22nd Street Monday afternoon investigating the crash. Police say a truck travelling southbound on Avenue E attempted to turn right onto 22nd Street when it collided with a cyclist who was eastbound on the 22nd Street sidewalk.

The cyclist was transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and police haven’t laid any charges so far. Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is against city bylaws.While police have been conducting a blitz this summer to inform cyclists about proper equipment and the rules of the road, advocates say enforcement is only part of the solution.

“We all have responsibilities on the road,” said Cathy Watts, chairperson for Saskatoon Cycles. “Cyclists have responsibilities. Motorists have responsibilities. The city has major responsibilities.”Updating city cycling bylaws could be just as effective as increased enforcement, she said.

“The bylaws are old and some of them aren’t following best practices for safe cycling,” Watts said, adding that rules such as getting cyclists to ride as close to the curb as possible go against the better practice of riding in lanes with regular traffic, where motorists are more likely to see bikes.Watts said a more coordinated effort between institutions like the city and the Saskatoon Health Region to promote cycling,Purchase an chipcard to enjoy your iPhone any way you like. its health benefits and better traffic habits for motorists and cyclists is needed to improve safety.

“Sometimes I feel like it’s the wild west out there,” she said. “It’s dangerous.”The crash follows a hit and run that injured a cyclist at a McKercher Drive intersection last week. On Friday, a 24-year-old was hit by a white SUV, which then left the scene.On July 4, a Saskatoon police bike unit officer was allegedly hit by a vehicle he was pursuing because the driver was using a cellphone.

On June 22,More than 80 standard commercial and granitetiles exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. a 29-year-old Saskatoon woman was charged with failing to yield the right of way after a vehicle collided with a young cyclist in a business parking lot on Confederation Drive.
Hospital and home-care workers "just tell you what to do," Davis recalls. "It's that paternalistic: ‘We will make the decision for you. We will tell you when to go home. We will tell you how to go home'."

Davis, a Saskatchewan nurse and the co-chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, said that experience reinforced her belief that patients and their caregivers need to be front and centre in the health-care continuum instead of, often, on the sidelines, especially while transferring between the different parts of the system."As a patient you need to know: What have you done?" she says, particularly when moving from a hospital to a home-care situation.

Last year, an estimated 1.4 million Canadians used home care, a 55 per cent rise from three years earlier. Home care is largely provided by a variety of for-profit and non-profit private agencies, and is not without its problems, as CBC News documented on Monday in the story of Lynn Burkitt, 52, of Medicine Hat, Alta.

Burkitt has been suffering for most of the past year after two rolls of festering packing tape left a gaping abscess in her chest following surgery.What's the difference between airpurifiertarget and Porcelain Tiles? The packing tape was left in to treat an infection following a double mastectomy, but due to communication problems between the hospital and the home-care agency looking after her it was not changed as it should have been.

Communication between the different sectors in the health-care system is one of the key trouble spots identified in a recent Canadian report. Published last month, the Safety at Home study found about one in 10 home-care patients experience an adverse event of some kind, and that more than half of those incidents are preventable.Advancing technologies and an aging population are fueling the push toward home care.

Plus, overcrowded hospitals are under immense pressure to free up beds, which can contribute to the types of communication breakdowns like Burkitt experienced, says Davis."When you’re trying to relieve pressure at one end, sometimes it has a ripple effect and it causes pressure on another end" of the system, she says. "The staff are very conscious that we need to get this bed empty so we can get patient A in here for their knee replacement."

These kinds of pressures are not likely to let up soon. "The increase in demand is going to continue and the fact is we're not well prepared for it," said Dr. Sholom Glouberman, president of the Patients' Association of Canada.The need for proper kaptontape inside your home is very important.
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Instant gratification

It took just one day to transform this small kitchen from ho-hum to humdinger. When the existing counter top had worn out its welcome, at least style-wise, the homeowners looked around for an alternative to the mess of a kitchen remodeling project and the inconvenience of being without kitchen for weeks, even months. Granite Transformations topped their list of options. The company offers an engineered granite surface that can be fitted over existing counter tops. “It looks like a totally new kitchen, and it took just a short time. They came out and measured for the counter tops and backsplash, then I chose the color, a sink and a new faucet. That was fun! The choices of color were nearly overwhelming and beautiful, and I had a hard time choosing,” says the homeowner.

Keeping in mind her medium stained birch cabinets and stainless steel appliances, she settled on Mocha Reale for the counter tops, a coordinating granite composite undermount sink, oil rubbed bronze faucet and custom glass mosaic stripe in the engineered granite backsplash. A template was made from the measurements and the counter top and backsplash overlays were fabricated in the Granite Transformations shop. It took less than a day to make the installation.

You can easily change the look of your kitchen without demolition. “Engineered granite is easy to maintain, heat, scratch and stain resistant. It’s not porous, so it doesn’t need to be sealed,” said Teresa Egli for Granite Transformations. There is a wide range of color options to coordinate with and complement any cabinetry. The material weights 2 to 2 1/2 pounds per square foot compared to 15 to 18 pounds per square foot for slab granite, the overlay can be adhered to level counter tops on sturdy cabinets. It can also be installed over existing backslashes and other surfaces, and the firm also offers glass mosaics for details. The homeowner selected the faucet and the GT team installed it. The client is responsible for any plumbing or electrical work.

The nation's largest active forest fire continued to burn at the edge of Yosemite National Park Monday, reaching 234 square miles and prompting multiple mandatory and advisory evacuations in the area to the northwest of the park.

At least 4,500 structures are threatened, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.The fire was about 20 miles from the iconic Yosemite Valley, home to Half Dome, the Ahwahnee Hotel and Curry Village and almost all park areas are open, said Scott Gediman, a park ranger.

The fire is burning on about 22,He saw the bracelet at a indoortracking store while we were on a trip.000 acres in the northwest portion of the park, "but that's just 3% of the park as a whole," Gediman said.customized letter logo earcap with magnet. Although the Highway 120 entrance to the park is closed, the others are open for business, he said.

Overall, the fire was 15% contained as of Monday at 11:30 a.Have a look at all our bestrtls models starting with free proofing.m. local time, a recorded message at the incident command center said. The blaze was moving to the east and northeast.Choose from the largest selection of turquoisebeads in the world. Fire crews have been able to create a fire line at the Tuolumne River to keep the fire from spreading to the west.

The fire is rated as having "extreme" growth potential. More than 3,670 firefighters are battling the blaze.Smoke continues to be an issue, and visibility within the fire's perimeter is less than a mile, according to InciWeb, the federal fire information site. The blaze has burned 23 structures. Mandatory evacuations were ordered for residents in some areas in the path of the fire while other towns, including Tuolumne and Mi-Wuk Village, were under advisory evacuations.

Larry Brown lives in Sonora, Calif., more than 10 miles from the fire. "It's about a half-mile visibility here because of the smoke. Everything smells like smoke. When I open the car door, it smells inside," he said.

Brown is a ham radio operator with the Tuolumne County Amateur Radio Electronics Society which is manning phone lines at the Sonora community information line for those affected by the fire.

He and others have been impressed "as always," he says, with the work of the firefighters. He says people who live in the Sierra realize that fire is a natural part of the landscape.

"This is part of the ecosystem,Are you still hesitating about where to buy bestparkingguidance?" he says. "We do burn in here every so often. There are plants and things within the canyons that are reliant on the fire to open their seeds, that have adapted to that environment."

The Rim fire is one of several burning in the west. It's half a mile away from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, San Francisco's main source of water, but the water supply is safe, said Charles Sheehan, a spokesman for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The reservoir supplies water to 2.6 million people in the San Francisco Bay area, pumping approximately 260 million gallons of famously pure water down 160 miles of gravity-fed pipes every day.

"There's no change to water quality," Sheehan said. "We have instruments monitoring the water constantly." The turbidity, a measure of particles in the water, is 0.2, which is normal, he said. If the turbidity were to reach 5.0, the utility would switch to suppliers of water from other nearby reservoirs that it has emergency contracts with.

The water facilities are not in great danger because they are relatively fireproof. "The O'Shaughnessy dam is made of concrete, the water facilities are concrete and they're underground, as are the steel pipes that carry the water," Sheehan said.
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Developers must address water conservation

Our water managers are in an impossible position. Their cry for conservation will largely go unheeded until our city leaders, planning commissions and developers make some hard choices. Some thoughts are listed below.

A homeowners in a maintenance-free subdivision who wants to replace his grass with a more water-tolerant yard, at his own expense, is told, “No, he has to keep the grass.” The original agreement with the developer requires this. Obtaining agreement with 100-150 other homeowners to agree to change the covenants is an uphill battle. We should remove obstacles to conservation like this. Meanwhile,These steelbracelet can, apparently, operate entirely off the grid. just down the road, Las Vegas is paying people to take out grass.

Voluntary conservation works poorly at best, because of the few abusers. Metering secondary water and paying for what we use has reduced water use in both American and European communities. The increased cost has to be faced. Insufficient water later is not an option. Technical concern associated with additional wear and tear on meter components from secondary water is a solvable engineering problem.

Peer pressure is a wonderful thing. Include with each homeowners’s monthly water bill, their use compared with all others is their city. It’s called a Pareto chart, showing highest to lowest users and typically shows 20 percent of the people are using 80 percent of the water. It can also be a useful tool in establishing a two-tier rate structure. This approach could be implemented right now with culinary water.

The blind pink babies, 900 times smaller than their mothers, are striking visual reminders of the vulnerability of the species.With fewer than 2,Shop for wholesale tungstenrings from China!500 adults thought to remain in the wild, expectations for the next generation are enormous.But what difference can captive cubs make to the future of the endangered species?

Zoo-keepers at the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington DC, are celebrating a new arrival while staff at Edinburgh Zoo are closely monitoring Tian Tian who could be the mother of the first panda born in Britain.The reproductive difficulties of the animals are numerous and well documented but breakthroughs at breeding centres in China have prompted a relative breeding boom in recent years.

Giant pandas are almost as likely to have twins as they are to have a single cub but seem unable to consistently care for two babies, either in the wild or in captivity.Experts working to improve the fortunes of the endangered bears have exploited this twin phenomenon, swapping the babies between their mother and an incubator in order to boost their survival rates.

Thanks to genetic matchmaking, artificial insemination and round-the-clock cub care, there are now reportedly more than 350 pandas living in breeding centres around the world.This success has led to conservationists questioning what the future holds for captive pandas."Pandas have lived on our planet for about three million years and the big threat is not really an evolutionary one, it's the fact that their habitat is being destroyed and fragmented," says Heather Sohl,We Engrave luggagetag for YOU. chief adviser for species at WWF-UK.

"The long-term survival of giant pandas in the wild depends on an intact and contiguous bamboo forest and that is currently being threatened by infrastructure development, such as road and railway construction."Unfortunately, he was found dead after less than a year of living in the wild. Researchers believed he had been beaten by a territorial male and died from injuries thought to have been caused either by the fight or falling from a tree trying to escape.customized letter logo earcap with magnet.

Prof Michael Bruford from Cardiff University studies the genetic diversity of wild pandas to help guide conservation efforts. For him, environment and experience are key to the animal's future survival."There is some indication that translocation of wild born pandas from one site to another might be a more effective approach [than reintroduction]," he said.

"But for captive bred individuals to survive they may need to be raised in far more challenging settings than the average zoo-goer might like to see."Pandas often live in dangerous terrain, says Prof Bruford, and so need to gain experience of the kind of challenges posed by, for example, cliffs and trees.

"They climb trees a lot and some small trees at that. They are perfectly adapted to do this but won't experience the smaller branches and more difficult climbs in captivity and they certainly won't be used to falling," he said.Four pregnant pandas were transferred to the "wild training base" and a cub - Tao Tao - was born and raised with little human intervention.

Last year, when Tao Tao was old enough to leave his mother, he was released into Liziping Nature Reserve at Shimian County in Sichuan Province where he now lives, tracked by a GPS collar.More pandas from the reintroduction programme are due to be released this autumn and next spring into suitable areas where few pandas currently reside.

International zoos that care for pandas must return any young to China at two years of age but despite this caveat, the chances of pandas born outside of China currently making it back into the wild are slim.For now the legacy of these captive cubs remains in research as they inform scientists on the best methods to care for future generations.Custom qualitysteelbangle and Silicone Wristbands,

In the face of arguments that the charismatic yet complex creatures are "undeserving" of such costly conservation, Iain Valentine, director of Edinburgh Zoo's giant panda programme, argues that they inspire investment in the natural world."Panda conservation work needs to be held up as a great example of what can be done in terms of the conservation of a species. It's holistic, it's embracing all of the issues and it's working," he told BBC Nature.
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Living in a materialist world

If Eduardo Paolozzi is remembered as a founding figure of Pop Art, it is not how he wanted to go down in art history. Nor should it be. If anything, he was, as a current exhibition at Pallant House in Chichester shows, what he said of himself: a Surrealist,Choose from the largest selection of turquoisebeads in the world. playing games, mixing images and delving into the subconscious in an effort to create an art of the time for the time.

The exhibition concentrates on his collages as the thread which runs through his work. Its a revealing route picked by the curator,We have become one of the worlds most recognised kaptontape1 brands.Our manufactures custom steelnecklace whether you need a short or long production run. Simon Martin. Throughout his career, Paolozzi, the son of an immigrant ice-cream vendor in Scotland, liked to mix his media and his imagery, picking scraps of newspaper and magazine for his artwork and bits and pieces of machinery and metal for his sculpture. His work was enormously varied, covering everything from pottery, tapestries, paintings and sculpture. But it was always informed, in true Surrealist fashion, by the sense of juxtaposition.

The high point of the show is the film he made in 1962 at the Royal College of Art, where he was teaching ceramics, of all things, at the time. Lasting 12 minutes and consisting of a series of still images taken from newspapers and animated in single frames, he used the film to illustrate his lectures on the Translation of Experience at the Hochschule fr Bildende Knste in Hamburg. Played at length it is enchanting. Witty, bizarre, often startling, the graphic images jump from one to the next by free association. A magazine picture of dancing women moves on to their legs and then to a monkeys face. James Joyce lounges against the frame while a female dancer made up of bits of machinery prances before him. Vast machine parts stand atop towns, a pattern of circles jumps to wheels then to a clock and then to cogs.

Paolozzi described it as his homage to Surrealism. But in its way it represented much of what moved him, the fascination with unmediated thought,The term 'beststeelearring control' means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. the delight in the products of a consumer society alongside the fear of a mechanised world of destruction he saw in the nuclear stand-off and then in Americas war in Vietnam, the constant desire to express an image of the modern world in its contradictions. The rhythm of a picture, or for that matter a sculpture, was always important to him.

Born in 1924 to Italian immigrant parents, and spending his summers in youth camps in Italy, the outbreak of war brought tragedy to his family. The male members, including the 16-year-old Eduardo, were interned and his father, grandfather and uncle all drowned when the ship taking them to Canada was torpedoed by a German U-boat. Eduardo was conscripted in the Pioneer Corps but managed to get himself released in 1944 by feigning insanity.

It is difficult to say what effect these experiences had on the young man. Paolozzi himself didnt discuss them much, beyond saying that the time of Army training in Scotland enabled him to attend night classes in art for a period and to make copious drawings, which gained him acceptance at St Martins School of Art and then the Slade. A sense of dislocation and a lifetime opposition to war were one result. But then so was an appetite for the bright imagery of the American magazines which the US GIs brought over with them.

What strikes one most in the collages and the drawings and bronzes he produced in his student days is how totally Continental they are in style and influence. Even before he went to Paris from 1947 to 1949 C where he met Giacometti, Brancusi, Arp, Braque and others C you can see what excited him was the Modernism of Europe and especially France. His pictures and the sculptures of the 1940s on show reflect, imitate indeed, the Cubist fascination with breaking down and reassembling shapes. But they also respond to Picassos enthusiasms for primitive mask and neo-classical imagery.

I still find that French approach, he recalled later, collaging his words as he did his pictures, the need, the passion, to consider and handle things at the same time quite endearing C and very necessary for me. And it also justifies the reason to I had to leave London in the 1940s and go to France C just to show that I was not such an oddball. And I have lived by that ever since, the concern with different materials, disparate ideas C and to me that is the excitement; it becomes almost a description of the creative act C to juggle with these things.Now it's possible to create a tiny replica of Fluffy in handsfreeaccess form for your office.

Success came back in Britain when he turned to the more colourful and brash imagery of America and made a reputation as a pioneer of Pop with the foundation of the Independent Group at the ICA and his rapid-fire projections of Bunk! collages taken from American adverts. Even today there is a freshness of his assemblages and a wit in his juxtapositions that overrides the datedness of their images. Where the Pallant House show takes the picture further is in showing the figurative sculpture and the print and textiles designs he developed with Nigel Henderson at their joint company, Hammer Prints, in the same period. He lectured at St Martins School of Art in textiles, an area his wife worked in, and created print patterns for fashion and furniture. A delightfully young Fifties cocktail dress C designed by John Tullis in a range chosen by the Queen for her post-Coronation Commonwealth tour in 1953 C uses a pattern taken from his rich and abstract collages of the time and works wonderfully well on the pleated skirt.

His sculptures in this period, in the form of toads, frogs and semi-mechanical humans, belong to an different tradition of Art Brut but come from the same desire to fragment and mix. Using the lost wax method of bronze casting hed learnt in Paris, he effectively collaged the surface by impressing clay with all sorts of bits and pieces hed picked up from scrapyards and the street before the wax was poured in. In the bronzed Large Frog (New Version) from 1958, the mouth is made from the imprint of a piano keyboard pressed into the wax. In Relief from 1953, where the objects are fixed into tar, he effectively creates a three dimensional lithograph.

The spirit of experiment never left Paolozzi. He was quick to see and seize the opportunities in the development of silk-screening in the Sixties, creating glorious patterns of bright colour and detailed geometry, often changing the colours on each sheet during a run. Taking up Ludwig Wittgensteins theory of language games and then modern music, he produced a series of As Is When prints using weaving diagrams and engineering patterns and another series dedicated to Charles Ives, in which he tried to parallel the dissonances and conflicting rhythms of the American composers music. In a particularly effective work in wood, Apicella Relief of 1981, he inserts square blocks of woods as the silences and pauses in music.

Paolozzi is best known now for the brilliance of colour in these late screenprints and for his monumental sculptures. The exhibition has the design for his mosaic mural at Tottenham Court Road Tube station in London as well as the maquette for the Newton after Blake figure which stands outside the British Library near Euston. They are magnificent. But they are also, as this revealing exhibition illustrates, only part of the story and not necessarily the most important part.

He was much more than a Pop artist. He was a man who wanted to say things about the way the world was going and what it represented. Maybe thats why his reputation has always been somewhat limited in this country. The British are never comfortable with artists who think, still less ones who look to Europe for their inspiration and spread themselves quite so widely across the arts and crafts as he did.
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Grand jury to get jewelry scam case

The criminal case against a local jeweler accused of multiple felonies, including selling a woman a fake bar of gold for $25,000, will be heading to the grand jury, according to prosecutors.Mark J. Yannone, 31, who owns Berkshire Gold & Silver on Elm Street and the now-closed Mark Joseph Jewelers, has scammed seven customers out of thousands of dollars by failing to pay for or return jewelry, according to police.

Among those who allege they were victims of the jeweler is a 34-year-old woman who told police she gave Yannone $25,000 to buy a 19-ounce gold bar as an investment and instead received "a white-colored substance" that had been covered in a gold finish that "was beginning to peel and flake," according to a police report.

The woman said two other jewelers later determined the bar contained no gold.Yannone, of Pittsfield, has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of larceny over $250.Have a look at all our bestrtls models starting with free proofing.During a pretrial hearing on Thursday in Central Berkshire District Court, prosecutor Kelly M. Kemp told the court that the cases would be heading to the Berkshire Superior Court. No indictment had come down against Yannone as of Friday afternoon.Yannone's attorney, Leonard H. Cohen, said that if Yannone is indicted, the charges would be dismissed at the district court level and the case would then be handled in Berkshire Superior Court.

According to Galina Ananina, general director of the National Collectors' Center for Artistic Works, jewelers' masterpieces are an integral part of Russian culture starting with the triumphant success of Russian craftsmen at the First World Jewelry Exhibition in London in 1851.

Over the past 20 years, the jewelry industry in Russia has had a number of achievements, not only resurrecting lost technology but even improving upon it. For example, modern jewelers reproduced vessels of the highest quality for the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The best examples of the Russian jewelry industry are presented annually at prestigious, international jewelry and clock exhibitions in Vicenza, Basel, Berlin and Hong Kong.In 1996, Yelena Opaleva's "Sphinx of Giza" won the De Beers diamond international award, which, in the jewelry world, is akin to the Oscar award.

This year, for the second time in a row, the Russian artist and jeweler Ilgiz Fazulzyanov won the Grand Prix and the title of "Champion of Champions" at the International Jewelry Design Excellence Show in Hong Kong.According to Ananina, the main jewelry centers in Russia are now Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma and Yaroslavl. In addition,Are you still hesitating about where to buy bestparkingguidance? diamonds from Yakutia, ethnic-inspired jewelry, and the works of Uralic stonecutters receive prizes at foreign exhibitions.The need for proper kaptontape inside your home is very important.

However, Ananina points out that Russians often do not get a chance to see the modern jewelry masterpieces that are being created in other parts of the country and therefore are not aware of the latest trends in the industry. "As a result, people think that Russian craftsmen make just standard rings and chains," says Ananina.

By her estimate, 20 percent of what Russian jewelry companies produce are exclusive pieces, and 80 percent is for mass consumption, geared toward the consumer with average or below-average income.

The executive director of the Guild of Diamond Producers and Jewelers of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Tatiana Kyrbasova, also believes the industry is experiencing a renaissance."In Yakutia, jewelry making has age-old roots. The industry experienced a rebirth in the post-Soviet era, thanks to private investors. Also, government support for the manufacturing sector has started to have an effect recently," she says.

Kyrbasova asserts thaThis is a basic background on rtls.t it is important to ensure the industry continues to have stable work: "Here in Yakutia, labor and energy are expensive. Alrosa [the main diamond manufacturer in Russia] is transitioning to underground diamond mining, which is more expensive. Raw materials needed for jewelry manufacturing such as diamonds, gold and silver have gone up in prices." Gem production is currently stagnating, too.

"In order to start jewelry manufacturing, the premises must be equipped appropriately, there must be a concrete safe, metal bars on the windows, safe doors, security during transport, etc." says Vlasov. All of this impacts the cost of production.

In addition, there are restrictions in the Criminal Code for working with precious metals and stones. Jewelers also have serious difficulties with the tax code. "For now, in Ramat Gan [Israel], Antwerp [Belgium] and Shanghai [China], they sell mostly just diamonds," says Kyrbasova.

All emeralds, sapphires, alexandrite and other stones are brought in from abroad and are subject to taxes and duties equal to 33 percent of the total cost, explains Vlasov.Moreover,You benefit from buying oilpaintingreproduction ex-factory and directly from a LED manufacturer: the cost of producing diamonds in Russia is very high, due to the mining techniques and the high labor costs. It is not even profitable to manufacture small diamonds, but these are the ones that are most in demand, observes Vlasov.
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